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1. What is a an outcome of connecting two or an ext switches together?

The number of broadcast domain names is increased.The dimension of the transfer domain is increased.*The variety of collision domain names is reduced.The dimension of the collision domain is increased.

Explain:When two or much more switches are connected together, the size of the transfer domain is increased and also so is the number of collision domains. The number of broadcast domain names is boosted only as soon as routers space added.

2. Describe the exhibit. How plenty of broadcast domains are there?



Explain:A router is used to path traffic between different networks. Broadcast traffic is not permitted to cross the router and therefore will be had within the particular subnets where it originated.

3. What room two reasons a network administrator might want to produce subnets? (Choose two.)

simplifies network designimproves network power *easier to implement security policies*reduction in number of routers neededreduction in variety of switches needed

Explain:Two reasons for developing subnets incorporate reduction of overall network traffic and advancement of network performance. Subnets also allow an administrator come implement subnet-based protection policies. The number of routers or switches is no affected. Subnets do not simplify network design.

4. Refer to the exhibit. A agency uses the address block that for its network. What subnet mask would carry out the maximum variety of equal size subnets while providing enough host addresses for each subnet in the exhibit?


Explain:The largest subnet in the topology has 100 master in it so the subnet mask must have at least 7 host bits in it (27-2=126). has 8 master bits, but this does not accomplish the necessity of offering the maximum variety of subnets.

5. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator has actually assigned the LAN that LBMISS an address selection of This address variety has been subnetted utilizing a /29 prefix. In order come accommodate a brand-new building, the technician has made decision to use the 5th subnet because that configuring the new network (subnet zero is the first subnet). By company policies, the router user interface is always assigned the first usable host deal with and the workgroup server is provided the last usable host address. Which configuration must be gotten in into the nature of the workgroup server to permit connectivity to the Internet?


IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway: address: subnet mask:, default gateway: address: subnet mask:, default gateway:*IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway: address: subnet mask:, default gateway:

Explain:Using a /29 prefix come subnet results in subnets the increment through 8: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

6. If a network an equipment has a mask of /28, how plenty of IP addresses are easily accessible for master on this network?


Explain:A /28 mask is the exact same as This pipeline 4 organize bits. V 4 hold bits, 16 IP addresses are possible, but one resolve represents the subnet number and one deal with represents the transfer address. 14 addresses can then be provided to entrust to network devices.

7. I m sorry subnet mask would certainly be used if 5 host bits are available?*

Explain:The subnet mask that has actually 8 host bits. The mask the outcomes in 7 hold bits. The mask the has 5 organize bits. Finally, represents 4 organize bits.

8. How countless host addresses are obtainable on the network through a subnet mask the


Explain:A mask the is equal to a prefix that /22. A /22 prefix provides 22 bits because that the network part and leaves 10 bits because that the hold portion. The 10 bits in the host portion will provide 1022 usable IP addresses (2^10 – 2 = 1022).

9. How many bits must be borrowed from the host portion of an deal with to accommodate a router v five connected networks?


Explain:Each network that is directly associated to an user interface on a router requires its very own subnet. The formula 2n, wherein n is the number of bits borrowed, is provided to calculate the available variety of subnets when borrowing a specific variety of bits.

10. A network administrator wants to have actually the exact same network mask for every networks at a particular little site. The site has the complying with networks and variety of devices:IP phones – 22 addressesPCs – 20 addresses neededPrinters – 2 addresses neededScanners – 2 addresses neededThe network administrator has actually deemed the is to it is in the network supplied at this site. Which solitary subnet mask would make the most efficient use that the easily accessible addresses to usage for the four subnetworks?*

Explain:If the very same mask is to it is in used, then the network through the many hosts have to be examined because that the number of hosts, i m sorry in this case is 22 hosts. Thus, 5 organize bits space needed. The /27 or subnet mask would certainly be suitable to usage for this networks.

11. A company has a network address of through a subnet mask the The agency wants to produce two subnetworks that would certainly contain 10 hosts and also 18 hosts respectively. Which two networks would achieve that? (Choose two.)**

Explain:Subnet /27 has actually 5 bits that are allocated for organize addresses and therefore will have the ability to support 32 addresses, however only 30 valid organize IP addresses. Subnet has actually 4 bits for host addresses and will be able to support 16 addresses, however only 14 valid host IP addresses

12. A network administrator is variably subnetting a network. The smallest subnet has actually a mask of How plenty of usable hold addresses will this subnet provide?


Explain:The mask is equivalent to the /29 prefix. This pipeline 3 bits because that hosts, giving a total of 6 usable IP addresses (23 = 8 – 2 = 6).

13. Refer to the exhibit. Provided the network address of and a subnet mask of, just how many full host addresses space unused in the assigned subnets?



Explain:The network IP resolve through a subnet mask the provides 30 usable IP addresses because that each subnet. Subnet A needs 30 organize addresses. There are no addresses wasted. Subnet B supplies 2 of the 30 obtainable IP addresses, because it is a serial link. Consequently, the wastes 28 addresses. Likewise, subnet C wastes 28 addresses. Subnet D requirements 14 addresses, so that wastes 16 addresses. The full wasted addresses room 0+28+28+16=72 addresses.

14. Refer to the exhibit. Considering the addresses currently used and having to remain within the network range, i beg your pardon subnet attend to could it is in assigned come the network comprise 25 hosts?


Explain:Addresses with room taken for the outward network. Addresses through are supplied by the facility network.The address an are from 208-255 assumes a /28 mask, which walk not allow enough host bits come accommodate 25 hold addresses.The resolve ranges that are available include and10.16.10.128/26. Come accommodate 25 hosts, 5 organize bits are needed, so a /27 mask is necessary. Four possible /27 subnets might be produced from the obtainable addresses between and

15. Refer to the exhibit. Offered the network deal with of and also a subnet mask of for every subnets, how many complete host addresses space unused in the assigned subnets?



16. A network administrator requirements to screen network website traffic to and also from servers in a data center. Which features of an IP addressing scheme need to be applied to this devices?

random static addresses to enhance securityaddresses from various subnets because that redundancypredictable static IP addresses for simpler identification*dynamic addresses to reduce the probability the duplicate addresses

Explain:When monitoring servers, a network administrator requirements to be able to quickly recognize them. Utilizing a predictable static addressing plan for these devices makes them less complicated to identify. Server security, redundancy, and duplication the addresses are not features of one IP addressing scheme.

17. Which 2 reasons generally make DHCP the preferred method of assigning IP addresses to master on large networks? (Choose two.)

It eliminates most address configuration errors.*It ensures the addresses are only used to gadgets that call for a long-term address.It promises that every maker that needs an attend to will get one.It provides an resolve only to gadgets that space authorized come be connected to the network.It reduces the burden on network support staff.*

Explain:DHCP is typically the preferred method of assigning IP addresses to master on big networks due to the fact that it reduces the burden on network support staff and also virtually eliminates entrance errors. However, DHCP itself does not discriminate in between authorized and also unauthorized devices and also will assign configuration parameters to every requesting devices. DHCP servers room usually configured to entrust addresses from a subnet range, so over there is no guarantee the every device that needs an address will acquire one.

18. A DHCP server is supplied to entrust IP addresses dynamically to the hosts on a network. The resolve pool is configured with There are 3 printers ~ above this network that should use booked static IP addresses indigenous the pool. How numerous IP addresses in the pool room left to be assigned to various other hosts?


Explain:If the block of addresses allocated to the swimming pool is, there room 254 IP addresses to be assigned to hosts on the network. Together there space 3 printers which need to have their addresses assigned statically, then there are 251 IP addresses left because that assignment.

19. Describe the exhibit. A company is deploying one IPv6 addressing plan for that network. The company design record indicates that the subnet part of the IPv6 addresses is used for the new hierarchical network design, through the site subsection to represent multiple geographical sites of the company, the sub-site ar to represent multiple campuses at each site, and the subnet ar to indicate each network segment separated by routers. V such a scheme, what is the maximum variety of subnets accomplished per sub-site?


Explain:Because just one hexadecimal personality is offered to represent the subnet, the one character deserve to represent 16 various values 0 with F.

20. What is the prefix for the host deal with 2001:DB8:BC15:A:12AB::1/64?


Explain:The network portion, or prefix, of one IPv6 resolve is identified through the prefix length. A /64 prefix length indicates that the an initial 64 bits of the IPv6 deal with is the network portion. Thus the prefix is 2001:DB8:BC15:A.

21. Consider the following selection of addresses:

2001:0DB8:BC15:00A0:0000::2001:0DB8:BC15:00A1:0000::2001:0DB8:BC15:00A2:0000::…2001:0DB8:BC15:00AF:0000::The prefix-length for the selection of addresses is /60
Explain:All the addresses have the part 2001:0DB8:BC15:00A in common. Each number or letter in the attend to represents 4 bits, therefore the prefix-length is /60.

22. Complement the subnetwork come a host attend to that would certainly be had within the subnetwork. (Not all options are used.)QuestionAnswer
Explain:Subnet will have a precious host variety from – through the broadcast attend to as will have a valid host variety from – with the broadcast attend to as will have actually a valid host range from – through the broadcast address as

23. Describe the exhibit. Enhance the network through the correct IP deal with and prefix that will satisfy the usable organize addressing requirements for each network. (Not all options are used.) From right to left, network A has actually 100 hosts linked to the router on the right. The router ~ above the appropriate is connected via a serial attach to the router ~ above the left. The serial link represents network D with 2 hosts. The left router connect network B with 50 hosts and also network C through 25 hosts.



Explain:Network A requirements to usage /25 which returns 128 hold addresses.Network B needs to usage /26 which returns 64 host addresses.Network C requirements to use /27 which yields 32 host addresses.Network D demands to usage /30 which yields 4 host addresses.

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24. How countless bits space in an IPv4 address?


25. I beg your pardon two parts are contents of one IPv4 address? (Choose two.)

subnet portionnetwork portion*logical portionhost portion*physical portionbroadcast portion

26. What is the prefix length notation because that the subnet mask


27. A article is sent out to all hosts top top a far network. Which type of post is it?

limited broadcastmulticastdirected broadcast*unicast

28. What two statements describe attributes of great 3 broadcasts? (Choose two.)

Broadcasts space a threat and users must avoid using protocols that implement them.Routers produce broadcast domains. *Some IPv6 protocols usage broadcasts.There is a transfer domain on each switch interface.A limited broadcast packet has actually a location IP resolve of*A router will not forward any kind of class 3 broadcast packet.

29. I beg your pardon network migration method encapsulates IPv6 packets within IPv4 packets to carry them over IPv4 network infrastructures?


30. Which two statements room correct around IPv4 and IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.)

IPv6 addresses are stood for by hexadecimal numbers.*IPv4 addresses are represented by hexadecimal numbers.IPv6 addresses are 32 bits in length.IPv4 addresses room 32 bits in length.*IPv4 addresses space 128 bits in length.IPv6 addresses are 64 bits in length.

31. Which IPv6 resolve is most compressed because that the complete FE80:0:0:0:2AA:FF:FE9A:4CA3 address?


32. What room two varieties of IPv6 unicast addresses? (Choose two.)

multicastloopback *link-local*anycastbroadcast

33. What room three components of one IPv6 worldwide unicast address? (Choose three.)

an user interface ID that is offered to determine the local network for a certain hosta an international routing prefix that is supplied to determine the network portion of the attend to that has actually been provided by an ISP *a subnet ID that is supplied to identify networks within of the regional enterprise site*a worldwide routing prefix that is used to determine the portion of the network address listed by a regional administratoran interface ID that is supplied to identify the local organize on the network*

34. An IPv6 enabled device sends a data packet v the destination address of FF02::1. What is the target of this packet?

all IPv6 DHCP servers * every IPv6 permitted nodes on the regional link * all IPv6 configured routers ~ above the local connect * all IPv6 configured routers across the network *

35. When a Cisco router is being moved from one IPv4 network to a complete IPv6 environment, which series of commands would correctly permit IPv6 forwarding and interface addressing?

Router# configure terminalRouter(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0Router(config-if)# ip deal with no shutdownRouter(config-if)# exitRouter(config)# ipv6 unicast-routingRouter# configure terminalRouter(config)# user interface fastethernet 0/0Router(config-if)# ipv6 address 2001:db8:bced:1::9/64Router(config-if)# no shutdownRouter(config-if)# exitRouter(config)# ipv6 unicast-routing*Router# configure terminalRouter(config)# user interface fastethernet 0/0Router(config-if)# ipv6 address 2001:db8:bced:1::9/64Router(config-if)# no shutdownRouter# configure terminalRouter(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0Router(config-if)# ip attend to 2001:db8:bced:1::9/64Router(config-if)# ip address no shutdown

36. Which 2 ICMP message are offered by both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols? (Choose two.)?

router solicitationroute redirection*neighbor solicitationprotocol unreachable*router advertisement

37. As soon as an IPv6 enabled host demands to find the MAC resolve of an to plan IPv6 destination, i beg your pardon destination attend to is provided by the source host in the NS message?

all-node multicast addresssolicited-node multicast address*link-local resolve of the receiverglobal unicast attend to of the receiver

38. Once will a router drop a traceroute packet?

when the router receives an ICMP Time gone beyond messagewhen the RTT worth reaches zerowhen the hold responds with an ICMP Echo answer messagewhen the value in the TTL ar reaches zero*when the values of both the Echo Request and also Echo answer messages with zero

39. What is suggested by a effective ping come the ::1 IPv6 address?

The hold is cabled properly.The default gateway deal with is appropriately configured.All master on the local connect are available.The link-local resolve is properly configured.IP is properly installed on the host.*

40. Which 2 things can be identified by using the ping command? (Choose two.)

the variety of routers between the source and destination devicethe IP deal with of the router nearest the location devicethe median time it takes a packet to with the destination and also for the response to return to the resource *whether or not the destination machine is reachable through the network*the typical time the takes every router in the path between source and location to respond

41. To fill in the blank.The decimal identical of the binary number 10010101 is 149

42. Fill in the blank.What is the decimal identical of the hex number 0x3F? 63*

43. Open up the PT Activity. Execute the jobs in the task instructions and then prize the question. Which message is displayed on the net server?

You did the right!Correct configuration!*IPv6 attend to configured!Successful configuration!

44. Match each IPv4 deal with to the appropriate resolve category. (Not all alternatives are used.)



45. Enhance each summary with an ideal IP address. (Not all choices are used)


* -> a link-local address192.0.2.153 -> a TEST-NET address240.2.6.255 -> an speculative address172.19.20.5 -> a private address127.0.0.1 -> a loopback address

46. Enhance each summary with an ideal IP address. (Not all choices are used.)

* -> a legacy class C address198.256.2.6 -> an invalid IPv4 address64.100.3.5 -> a legacy class A address224.2.6.255 -> a legacy class D address128.107.5.1 -> a legacy course B address

47. Which three addresses could be supplied as the destination address for OSPFv3 messages? (Choose three.)


48. What is the an outcome of connecting many switches to every other?

The variety of broadcast domains is increasing.The variety of collision domains decreases.

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The dimension of the broadcast domain is increasing.*The size of the collision domain decreases.

49. I m sorry wildcard mask would be supplied to advertising the network as part of one OSPF configuration?*

50. Media description: an IPv6 network attend to with 64 little bit network mask is shown. The first three blocks space 2001, DB8, and 1234. The fourth block shows four zeros. The first zero is labeling SIte, the 2nd and third zeros space labeled with each other as Sub-site, the last zero is labeling Subnet.Refer come the exhibit. A agency is deploying one IPv6 addressing system for that network. The company design document indicates the the subnet portion of the IPv6 addresses is used for the new hierarchical network design, through the site subsection to represent multiple geography sites that the company, the sub-site ar to represent multiple campuses at each site, and the subnet section to suggest each network segment be separate by routers. Through such a scheme, what is the maximum variety of subnetsachieved per sub-site?