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1. What is an outcome of connecting 2 or even more switches together?

The variety of broadcast domains is boosted.The size of the broadcast domain is raised.*The variety of collision domains is reduced.The dimension of the collision domajor is enhanced.

Explain:When 2 or even more switches are associated together, the size of the broadactors doprimary is enhanced and also so is the variety of collision domain names. The variety of broadcast domain names is boosted only as soon as routers are added.

2. Refer to the exhilittle. How many broadactors domains are there?



Explain:A rexternal is provided to path web traffic between different netfunctions. Broadactors website traffic is not allowed to cross the rexternal and also therefore will be consisted of within the corresponding subnets where it originated.

3. What are two reasons a network administrator might want to create subnets? (Choose 2.)

simplifies netjob-related designimproves network performance *less complicated to implement security policies*reduction in number of routers neededreduction in variety of switches needed

Explain:Two reasons for producing subnets include reduction of as a whole network-related web traffic and improvement of network-related performance. Subnets additionally permit an administrator to implement subnet-based protection policies. The number of routers or switches is not impacted. Subnets perform not simplify network style.

4. Refer to the exhibit. A firm offers the resolve block of for its network. What subnet mask would carry out the maximum number of equal size subnets while giving enough hold addresses for each subnet in the exhibit?


Explain:The largest subnet in the topology has actually 100 hosts in it so the subnet mask need to have actually at leastern 7 organize bits in it (27-2=126). has actually 8 hosts bits, yet this does not fulfill the need of offering the maximum number of subnets.

5. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator has actually assigned the LAN of LBMISS an attend to variety of This resolve array has actually been subnetted utilizing a /29 prefix. In order to accommodate a brand-new structure, the technician has actually determined to use the fifth subnet for configuring the brand-new netjob-related (subnet zero is the initially subnet). By company policies, the router interconfront is constantly assigned the first usable organize deal with and also the workgroup server is given the last usable hold deal with. Which configuration have to be gone into right into the properties of the workteam server to permit connectivity to the Internet?


IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway: address: subnet mask:, default gateway: address: subnet mask:, default gateway:*IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway: address: subnet mask:, default gateway:

Explain:Using a /29 preresolve to subnet outcomes in subnets that increment by 8: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

6. If a network-related device has a mask of /28, just how many IP addresses are accessible for hosts on this network?


Explain:A /28 mask is the exact same as This leaves 4 hold bits. With 4 host bits, 16 IP addresses are possible, however one address represents the subnet number and one deal with represents the broadactors deal with. 14 addresses deserve to then be offered to assign to netjob-related tools.

7. Which subnet mask would certainly be provided if 5 host bits are available?*

Explain:The subnet mask of has actually 8 host bits. The mask of results in 7 hold bits. The mask of has actually 5 host bits. Finally, represents 4 organize bits.

8. How many kind of host addresses are available on the network-related via a subnet mask of


Explain:A mask of is equal to a preresolve of /22. A /22 presettle offers 22 bits for the network portion and leaves 10 bits for the hold percent. The 10 bits in the organize percent will certainly carry out 1022 usable IP addresses (2^10 – 2 = 1022).

9. How many type of bits must be obtained from the hold percentage of an address to accommoday a rexternal via five connected networks?


Explain:Each netoccupational that is straight connected to an interface on a rexternal requires its very own subnet. The formula 2n, wright here n is the number of bits obtained, is offered to calculate the accessible variety of subnets when borrowing a certain variety of bits.

10. A netoccupational administrator wants to have the exact same network mask for all networks at a specific small website. The website has actually the following networks and also variety of devices:IP phones – 22 addressesComputers – 20 addresses neededPrinters – 2 addresses neededScanners – 2 addresses neededThe network-related administrator has reputed that is to be the network used at this site. Which single subnet mask would certainly make the most reliable use of the easily accessible addresses to usage for the four subnetworks?*

Explain:If the exact same mask is to be offered, then the netjob-related via the a lot of hosts should be examined for the variety of hosts, which in this situation is 22 hosts. Therefore, 5 organize bits are necessary. The /27 or subnet mask would certainly be appropriate to use for these networks.

11. A agency has a network-related attend to of through a subnet mask of The company desires to produce two subnetfunctions that would certainly contain 10 hosts and 18 hosts respectively. Which two networks would certainly attain that? (Choose 2.)**

Explain:Subnet /27 has 5 bits that are alsituated for organize addresses and therefore will certainly have the ability to assistance 32 addresses, but only 30 valid organize IP addresses. Subnet has 4 bits for organize addresses and also will certainly be able to assistance 16 addresses, but only 14 valid hold IP addresses

12. A network-related administrator is variably subnetting a network-related. The smallest subnet has a mask of How many kind of usable organize addresses will this subnet provide?


Explain:The mask is equivalent to the /29 preresolve. This leaves 3 bits for hosts, offering a complete of 6 usable IP addresses (23 = 8 – 2 = 6).

13. Refer to the exhilittle bit. Given the netoccupational attend to of and also a subnet mask of, how many type of complete host addresses are unused in the assigned subnets?



Explain:The netoccupational IP deal with with a subnet mask of provides 30 usable IP addresses for each subnet. Subnet A needs 30 hold addresses. There are no addresses wasted. Subnet B uses 2 of the 30 easily accessible IP addresses, because it is a serial connect. Consequently, it wastes 28 addresses. Likewise, subnet C wastes 28 addresses. Subnet D requirements 14 addresses, so it wastes 16 addresses. The complete wasted addresses are 0+28+28+16=72 addresses.

14. Refer to the exhilittle. Considering the addresses already used and having actually to remain within the network range, which subnet deal with might be assigned to the network containing 25 hosts?


Explain:Addresses through are taken for the leftmany network. Addresses via are supplied by the center network.The resolve area from 208-255 assumes a /28 mask, which does not permit sufficient hold bits to accommoday 25 host addresses.The attend to varieties that are easily accessible encompass and10.16.10.128/26. To accommoday 25 hosts, 5 hold bits are essential, so a /27 mask is vital. Four feasible /27 subnets could be developed from the available addresses between and

15. Refer to the exhibit. Given the network address of and also a subnet mask of for all subnets, exactly how many complete host addresses are unoffered in the assigned subnets?



16. A netjob-related administrator needs to monitor netjob-related website traffic to and also from servers in a file facility. Which attributes of an IP addressing plan need to be applied to these devices?

random static addresses to enhance securityaddresses from various subnets for redundancypredictable static IP addresses for less complicated identification*dynamic addresses to alleviate the probability of duplicate addresses

Explain:When security servers, a netoccupational administrator needs to have the ability to quickly identify them. Using a predictable static addressing plan for these gadgets makes them less complicated to recognize. Server protection, redundancy, and duplication of addresses are not functions of an IP addressing plan.

17. Which 2 factors generally make DHCP the desired strategy of assigning IP addresses to hosts on large networks? (Choose 2.)

It eliminates the majority of deal with configuration errors.*It ensures that addresses are only used to tools that need a long-term attend to.It promises that eextremely gadget that needs an address will gain one.It provides an resolve only to gadgets that are authorized to be associated to the network.It reduces the burden on network-related assistance staff.*

Explain:DHCP is mostly the wanted approach of assigning IP addresses to hosts on huge networks bereason it reduces the burden on network-related assistance staff and also practically eliminates entry errors. However before, DHCP itself does not discriminate in between authorized and also unauthorized devices and will assign configuration parameters to all requesting gadgets. DHCP servers are typically configured to assign addresses from a subnet array, so tright here is no guarantee that every gadget that needs an deal with will get one.

18. A DHCP server is used to assign IP addresses dynamically to the hosts on a netjob-related. The attend to pool is configured through Tright here are 3 printers on this netjob-related that need to usage scheduled static IP addresses from the pool. How many type of IP addresses in the pool are left to be assigned to other hosts?


Explain:If the block of addresses alsituated to the pool is, tright here are 254 IP addresses to be assigned to hosts on the netjob-related. As tbelow are 3 printers which must have actually their addresses assigned statically, then tbelow are 251 IP addresses left for assignment.

19. Refer to the exhilittle bit. A firm is deploying an IPv6 addressing plan for its network-related. The agency architecture record indicates that the subnet percentage of the IPv6 addresses is used for the brand-new ordered netoccupational architecture, with the website subarea to represent multiple geographical sites of the firm, the sub-website area to reexisting multiple campsupplies at each site, and also the subnet area to indicate each netjob-related segment separated by routers. With such a plan, what is the maximum variety of subnets achieved per sub-site?


Explain:Since only one hexadecimal character is supplied to reexisting the subnet, that one character deserve to recurrent 16 different worths 0 via F.

20. What is the presettle for the hold resolve 2001:DB8:BC15:A:12AB::1/64?


Explain:The network portion, or preresolve, of an IPv6 address is identified through the presolve length. A /64 presettle size indicates that the initially 64 bits of the IPv6 resolve is the netoccupational percent. Hence the prefix is 2001:DB8:BC15:A.

21. Consider the adhering to variety of addresses:

2001:0DB8:BC15:00A0:0000::2001:0DB8:BC15:00A1:0000::2001:0DB8:BC15:00A2:0000::…2001:0DB8:BC15:00AF:0000::The prefix-size for the range of addresses is /60
Explain:All the addresses have the component 2001:0DB8:BC15:00A in widespread. Each number or letter in the attend to represents 4 bits, so the prefix-length is /60.

22. Match the subnetwork to a organize address that would certainly be had within the subnetwork-related. (Not all options are provided.)QuestionAnswer
Explain:Subnet will certainly have a valid hold range from – with the broadactors address as will have actually a valid organize array from – with the broadcast deal with as will have a valid hold selection from – via the broadactors resolve as

23. Refer to the exhibit. Match the netoccupational via the correct IP deal with and also predeal with that will satisfy the usable hold addressing demands for each network. (Not all choices are used.) From best to left, netjob-related A has actually 100 hosts connected to the rexternal on the appropriate. The router on the appropriate is linked via a serial attach to the router on the left. The serial link represents network-related D via 2 hosts. The left router connects netoccupational B via 50 hosts and also network-related C with 25 hosts.



Explain:Network A demands to use /25 which yields 128 host addresses.Network-related B needs to usage /26 which returns 64 host addresses.Network C demands to usage /27 which returns 32 organize addresses.Network D requirements to usage /30 which returns 4 hold addresses.

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24. How many kind of bits are in an IPv4 address?


25. Which two components are components of an IPv4 address? (Choose two.)

subnet portionnetoccupational portion*logical portionhost portion*physical portionbroadactors portion

26. What is the prefix size notation for the subnet mask


27. A message is sent to all hosts on a remote network. Which kind of message is it?

restricted broadcastmulticastdirected broadcast*unicast

28. What two statements describe features of Layer 3 broadcasts? (Choose 2.)

Broadcasts are a risk and also customers should protect against utilizing protocols that implement them.Routers develop broadcast domains. *Some IPv6 protocols use broadcasts.Tright here is a broadcast domain on each switch interconfront.A limited broadcast packet has a location IP resolve of*A router will certainly not forward any kind of type of Layer 3 broadactors packet.

29. Which netoccupational migration technique encapsulates IPv6 packets inside IPv4 packets to lug them over IPv4 netjob-related infrastructures?


30. Which two statements are correct about IPv4 and IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.)

IPv6 addresses are stood for by hexadecimal numbers.*IPv4 addresses are stood for by hexadecimal numbers.IPv6 addresses are 32 bits in size.IPv4 addresses are 32 bits in length.*IPv4 addresses are 128 bits in size.IPv6 addresses are 64 bits in size.

31. Which IPv6 resolve is a lot of compressed for the complete FE80:0:0:0:2AA:FF:FE9A:4CA3 address?


32. What are two types of IPv6 unicast addresses? (Choose two.)

multicastloopearlier *link-local*anycastbroadcast

33. What are three parts of an IPv6 international uniactors address? (Choose 3.)

an interchallenge ID that is supplied to determine the regional network-related for a specific hosta worldwide routing preresolve that is used to identify the network percent of the resolve that has actually been gave by an ISP *a subnet ID that is provided to determine netfunctions inside of the neighborhood enterprise site*a worldwide routing presolve that is provided to recognize the percent of the network address offered by a local administratoran interchallenge ID that is offered to identify the regional hold on the network*

34. An IPv6 enabled gadget sends out a data packet with the location attend to of FF02::1. What is the target of this packet?

all IPv6 DHCP servers * all IPv6 enabled nodes on the local link * all IPv6 configured routers on the regional link * all IPv6 configured routers across the network *

35. When a Cisco router is being relocated from an IPv4 network-related to a finish IPv6 atmosphere, which series of commands would correctly enable IPv6 forwarding and interface addressing?

Router# configure terminalRouter(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0Router(config-if)# ip resolve no shutdownRouter(config-if)# exitRouter(config)# ipv6 unicast-routingRouter# connumber terminalRouter(config)# interchallenge fastethernet 0/0Router(config-if)# ipv6 deal with 2001:db8:bced:1::9/64Router(config-if)# no shutdownRouter(config-if)# exitRouter(config)# ipv6 unicast-routing*Router# configure terminalRouter(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0Router(config-if)# ipv6 address 2001:db8:bced:1::9/64Router(config-if)# no shutdownRouter# configure terminalRouter(config)# interconfront fastethernet 0/0Router(config-if)# ip resolve 2001:db8:bced:1::9/64Router(config-if)# ip address no shutdown

36. Which 2 ICMP messeras are provided by both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols? (Choose two.)?

rexternal solicitationroute redirection*neighbor solicitationprotocol unreachable*router advertisement

37. When an IPv6 permitted hold requirements to find the MAC deal with of an intfinished IPv6 destination, which destination resolve is used by the resource organize in the NS message?

all-node multiactors addresssolicited-node multiactors address*link-local attend to of the receiverworldwide unicast address of the receiver

38. When will a router drop a traceroute packet?

once the rexternal receives an ICMP Time Exceeded messageas soon as the RTT worth reaches zeroonce the organize responds with an ICMP Echo Reply messagewhen the value in the TTL field reaches zero*as soon as the values of both the Echo Research and also Echo Reply messeras reach zero

39. What is shown by a successful ping to the ::1 IPv6 address?

The organize is cabled correctly.The default gateway deal with is correctly configured.All hosts on the local attach are easily accessible.The link-local address is properly configured.IP is correctly installed on the hold.*

40. Which 2 things can be determined by using the ping command? (Choose two.)

the number of routers between the source and location devicethe IP address of the rexternal nearest the destination devicethe average time it takes a packet to reach the location and for the response to return to the resource *whether or not the destination device is reachable via the network*the average time it takes each rexternal in the path in between resource and location to respond

41. Fill in the blank.The decimal equivalent of the binary number 10010101 is 149

42. Fill in the empty.What is the decimal identical of the hex number 0x3F? 63*

43. Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the task instructions and then answer the question. Which message is presented on the web server?

You did it right!Correct configuration!*IPv6 address configured!Successful configuration!

44. Match each IPv4 resolve to the appropriate deal with category. (Not all options are offered.)



45. Match each description with an correct IP attend to. (Not all options are used)


* -> a link-regional address192.0.2.153 -> a TEST-NET address240.2.6.255 -> an speculative address172.19.20.5 -> a exclusive address127.0.0.1 -> a loopearlier address

46. Match each description with an appropriate IP deal with. (Not all choices are offered.)

* -> a heritage course C address198.256.2.6 -> an invalid IPv4 address64.100.3.5 -> a heritage class A address224.2.6.255 -> a heritage class D address128.107.5.1 -> a legacy class B address

47. Which 3 addresses might be provided as the location resolve for OSPFv3 messages? (Choose three.)


48. What is the result of connecting multiple switches to each other?

The number of broadcast domains is enhancing.The variety of collision domain names decreases.

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The dimension of the broadactors domajor is enhancing.*The size of the collision domain decreases.

49. Which wildcard mask would be provided to advertise the network-related as part of an OSPF configuration?*

50. Media description: An IPv6 netjob-related deal with with 64 little bit network-related mask is presented. The initially three blocks are 2001, DB8, and 1234. The fourth block shows four zeros. The initially zero is labeled SIte, the second and also third zeros are labeled together as Sub-site, the last zero is labeled Subnet.Refer to the exhilittle bit. A agency is deploying an IPv6 addressing plan for its network-related. The company design document indicates that the subnet percent of the IPv6 addresses is supplied for the brand-new ordered network style, with the website subarea to represent multiple geographical sites of the agency, the sub-site section to recurrent multiple campprovides at each website, and the subnet section to indicate each network segment separated by routers. With such a scheme, what is the maximum variety of subnetsaccomplished per sub-site?