Please BOOK in advance. (no, I"m not totally free this week, sorry!) i am booked increase quickly! If I provided you a date for one appointment, it method I perform not have any earlier date obtainable but cancellations do happen and also I will certainly announce that on Facebook.

If you are requesting because that a dreadlock expansion service, i will need a deposit the 25% that the expense for the service, no including extensions (two various payment) it takes 2-3 weeks to develop a complete head of person hair or synthetic dreadlocks (10-12 inches).

I expropriate Cash, Debit/credit cards, Paypal, venmo.

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$70 an hour because that Dreadlock Maintenance. Touching up deserve to take between 2-3 hours on a complete head the locks. Ns recommend maintenance every 2-3 month for brand-new dreads until they are much more matured to come back whenever you feel they require love.

Dreadlock Maintenance contains :

Tightening roots

Smoothing out loops, bumps

Weaving/tucking in loose hairs

Thickening slim spots


Separating dreads

Some dread removed to begin over

I collect loosened hairs that is advantageous for pour it until it is full up thin roots of the lock.



Starting new dreadlocks :

I do price quotes for starting brand-new dreadlocks, so you don"t have to worrying about paying an ext than the quote. Prices do readjust for anyone with various hair length or texture. Email me pictures of her hair and also dreadlocks you desire to accomplish in the Contact page.

Starting new dreadlocks without crochet an approach takes less time ( simply backcombing or twist and rip) This is good for loose/messy dreadlock look, much less maintained. 4-6 hrs to start.


Keep in mind:

Thick Hair texture v the length passed shoulder knives (15 customs or more) is at the very least 12-16 hours of work to develop a complete head of natural dreadlocks there is no extensions. This is a 2 day process. Remember, I"m one human being doing all the work, it takes TIME perfecting every lock. For this kind of service, prices variety between $500- 1000.


Dreadlock Extensions

To download permanant dreadlock extensions

Shorter well hair, will certainly take much less time come takes to install extensions. (4 inches is the shortest length I deserve to work with) Thick directly hair can take an ext time, an ext sectioning to produce the dreads.

This additionally applies for people who have brief dreads or anything that demands extending. Save in mind, prices are different for everybody for those who want synthetic extensions or human hair extensions. Call me because that price estimate and also pictures of preferred dread length. Can"t decide which is best for you? check out this attach to find out more. Http://

Synthetic dread expansions will always be cheaper however can cost an ext for longer size wise.

Anything 20 inches or longer for a complete head of dreads will expense you around $300+ to make them. This is life changing transformation from quick hair to lengthy dreads in one day!

Created Serena 45 dreadlock permanent fabricated extensions to affix to her curly brief hair. This process took us 6 hrs including sectioning, backcombing, and crocheting.

$35 an hour to braid in man-made dread expansions (temporary dreadlock look). You have the right to buy any set of dreadlock extensions from Etsy or asking a custom made collection from me! (make certain you watch carefullybetween the distinction of twisted dreads and crochet dreads)

Whole head deserve to take up to 3-4 hrs of 50-60 solitary enders or 25-30 dual enders.

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25 thick double enders

Partial single enders dread extensions

Single and dual enders mounted in 4 hours.


Dreadlock removals - i can help you speed up the procedure of removing dreadlocks. This relies on thickness of dreads. $80 an hour.