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THE WORLD’S most BARBARIC COFFEE™Did anyone really drink indigenous the skull of their enemies?In the time of Herodotus, it was was said that the Issedones decorated v gold the skulls of your dead relatives and also then had actually used them together drinking cups. The Anglo Saxons had drank the blood out of the skulls of their dead foes and also it is in Valhalla, that Thor and Odin proclaim they will certainly drink blood from the skulls of their slain enemies.Pretty extreme , similar to our Dark Roasted Sumatra MandehlingOur dark roast is a more traditional Indonesian coffee that is edgier and smokier accentuating the earthy factor. This supplying is a large strong prime instance of a classic Indonesian Sumatra coffee. Really thick, creamy and chocolaty. Girlfriend may also find note of strong cedar, sweet tobacco, wine & spice.

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Iron Bean"s "Drink indigenous the Skull of her Enemy" is a dark roast coffee made with 100% Arabica beans to give you the edge and also confidence come slay the day.USDA Certified Organic and also Fair profession to for sure you’re getting the highest-quality beans availableTaste smooth, never ever bitter seasonings with ethereal notes that earth and chocolateLow in mountain without acquisition away any kind of strength or flavor100% natural. We do not comprise anything with additives or smell oils.Available in floor or totality bean so you have the right to grind it new or merely open the bag and also start brewing

Just breathe in the well-off smell that those Luscious Dark beans right from the bag. Drink native the skull of your enemy and also fight for the good life i love this coffee! Iron p coffee firm is awesome!

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This is my go to bean. An initial of all ns love the name, but much more importantly i love the odor of this bean.I use this p to make my bullet Coffee and also to obtain started every morning. Every morning “I Drink indigenous The Skull of mine Enemy” and also love it. Semper Fi.