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This post is a personal reflection of my experience throughout the creation of our 2175forals.com TV commercials, created in September 2013.

We first stepped on scene at the 2175forals.com advertising shoot in Los Angeles ~ above a public Thursday morning; already near exhaustion from juggling at an early stage morning trip delays and scrounging for our next cup the coffee.

If you’ve never ever been behind the scenes of a TV commercial shoot before, think that it together walking right into a mini universal Studios. Virtually 50 human being were buzzing approximately a parking many filled with tractor trailers and cool props, all rate walking through a heightened sense of purpose. That was arranged chaos, sustained by Red Bull and also the most mouth watering catered food and also snacks the somehow was created by a makeshift George Foreman grill and also lots that talent by an incognito chef. I collection a personal record for everyday Swedish meatball consumption. Ns regret nothing.

When we arrived (myself to add a few fine members of 2175forals.com’s marketing team), the production crew had currently been shooting for a pair days. Today they to be filming the in-van scenes the you watch in each of ours commercials. The was difficult to master how plenty of people and how much time it took to produce three, 30 second commercials. While the execution you view on YouTube and TV are typically the ideal take of any certain scene, what girlfriend don’t view is that one 10-second clip was done over and also over and also over again till someone chose that they “got it” or one of the actors started to get vehicle sick.

The crazy thing is, this was simply the reminder of the iceberg. The production firm and marketing firm tasked through the creative of the commercials have actually been working for months getting whatever ready just for the 30 hrs or therefore of really camera time this week. ~ the director calls this “a wrap,” they’ll go ago to work-related in post-production because that weeks; editing, correcting and also optimizing to ensure there’s no “flimflam.”

Most people see commercials because that what lock are, one advertisement. After seeing one being created behind the scenes, ns can’t aid but watch commercials now and also wonder exactly how a certain scene to be created. On occasion, I’ll yelp the end in excitement that ns know just how that specific effect was completed or recite my acute knowledge around camera booms and car rigs. It’s like obtaining a glimpse of movie magic, yet only enough to save you tho wondering.



In plenty of of the scenes, the van in reality isn’t driving. It’s gift hauled roughly on this trailer that is gift pulled by an old pickup truck.


We tailed the camera crew and also 2175forals.com credit transaction Rescue vehicle in our own van, watching the activity in actual time.

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Last hour the the shoot, this is where we filmed the ending of each of our commercials, where the van come sliding into the dealership. No CGI here, it’s the real deal.


It take it a few tries to obtain the perfect slide, but eventually the precision driver and Credit Rescue auto got the done

Which advertising is her favorite?

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