Dry eye is a usual condition that occurs as soon as the eyes space insufficiently moisturized, causing itching, redness and pain from dry spots on the surface ar of the eye. The eye may become dry and irritated since the tear glands don"t develop enough tears, or because the tears themselves have actually a chemistry imbalance.

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Patients v this condition often endure irritating symptoms and also can endure from more serious vision damage if this problem is left untreated. It is necessary for patients through this problem to take it special treatment of your eyes in stimulate to minimize symptoms and prevent complications. Her doctor can diagnose dry eye ~ a thorough review of her eye and tear manufacturing through a Schirmer tear test.

Causes of dry Eye

People usually start experiencing dried eye symptoms together they age, however the condition can also result from details medications, conditions or injuries. Dried eye has tendency to impact women much more often than men, together the hormonal changes that take it place during pregnancy, menopause and also with the effects of dental contraceptives can influence the consistency of tears. That is also an ext common in people over the period of 50. Other causes may include:

Medications such as antihistamines, decongestants, blood pressure medications and also antidepressantsConditions such together rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and thyroid problemsEnvironmental conditions such as smoke, wind and also dry climatesLong-term contact lens useRefractive surgery

These determinants can impact the frequency or consistency that tears, both that which have the right to lead to dried eyes. Our organic tears need a certain chemical balance in bespeak to successfully moisturize the eyes.

Symptoms of dry Eye

Patients through dry eye may experience specific symptoms from this condition, usually affecting both eyes, which may include:

Stinging or burn sensationIrritation from smoke or windEye fatigueSensitivity to lightDifficulty wearing call lensesExcessive tearing

Dry eye is not just painful; that can likewise damage the eye"s tissues and impair vision. Fortunately, plenty of treatment options are available to help relieve symptoms and also restore health earlier to the eye to ensure clean vision and long-term health.

Treatment for Dry Eye

Treatment because that dry eye relies on the cause and severity the the condition, and also the patient"s all at once health and an individual preference. Non-surgical treatments are often effective, and also may incorporate blinking exercises, enhancing humidity at residence or work, and use of synthetic tears or moisturizing ointment. Prescription eye drops are also accessible to rise tear production.

If these techniques fail, small punctal plugs might be inserted in the corners that the eye to border tear drainage, or the drainage tubes in the eyes may be surgically closed. Eyelid surgical procedure is likewise a systems if one eyelid condition is leading to your dried eyes. Dealing with the underlying cause of dry eyes can also assist relieve the symptom of this condition.

Preventing dried Eye

There are particular steps patients can take to avoid the symptom of dried eye from occurring, which space especially beneficial for those at an boosted risk for occurring these symptoms. Basic life adjustments such as keeping a humidifier at house or at work, put on glasses on public days, offering your eyes a break during reading or various other strenuous tasks and also avoiding smoking can all effectively reduce the frequency and severity the symptoms.

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Your doctor will carry out you with particular instructions regarding how you can specifically avoid symptoms based upon your individual condition.