Developer: Koei Tecmo GamesPublisher: Koei Tecmo GamesGenre: action Beat-"Em-UpRelease: Feb 24, 2015Platform: playstations 3ESRB: Teen

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Ways that Life titles

Complete the shown task come unlock the equivalent title. They will certainly make brand-new strategies and stratagems accessible in empires mode and likewise determines just how that personality acts when managed by the CPU. There space 35 tiers that titles. Only one method of Life every tier can be earned per saved game file.

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Friend cannot earn a ways of Life less than your current tier. Additionally, if her opinion need to be adopted during a war council to knife a title, you should not be the ruler, yet a maid of them and also request a new tactic.

0Ordinary ManStarting location for tradition Officers
1Calm TraitorWin 1 assassination quest
1General amid ChaosWin 1 infiltration quest
1Loyal WarriorWin 1 extermination quest
1Many Faceted GeneralWin 1 raid quest
2Raging ComanderWin 1 invasion
3Precise IntellectWin 1 defensive battle
4Pinnacle that SplenderHave end 99,999 gold
5Humble RetainerBe a free officer because that 3 years and also use rest 5 times
6Loyal GeneralWin 5 defensive battles
7Wandering WarriorTransfer kingdoms 3 times
8Rising StarGet a big promotion as a cost-free officer
9Heroic UnifierHave 15 territories and over 99,999 troops
10Unprincipled ThugHave -1000 or less karma and also use Slander once
11Lord"s best HandNegotiate a treaty with an additional kingdom and also have her opinion adoptedat a battle Council
12Elite WarriorHave 10 territories and also 3 happy regions
13General that the LandHave 15 territories and also do not lose territory because that 2 years
14Devil May care WarriorIncrease karma by 1000 in a year, decrease karma by 1000 in a year,reach both 3000 and also -3000 karma
15Undefeated VeterenWin 5 defensive battles and also 3 escort quests
15High Spirited CommanderWin 5 invasions and also have 10 officers with high friendship ratings
16Trustworthy HeroWin 1 escort and have 10 police officers with high friendship ratings
17Honest and also HandsomeBe inquiry to join a group/kingdom 3 times and get 3 confessions indigenous women
17Fair FlowerBe asked to sign up with a group/kingdom 3 times and get 3 confessions from men
18Stormy LifeLose a rebellion/betrayal, invest 5 years together a totally free officer, gain a promotionas a cost-free officer, and successfully rebel as a strategist or marshal
18Diamond in the roughHave 15 territories and also 10 year pass
19Keen Eyed GeneralHave 8 happy territories and also recruit 5 officers
20ImmortalRest 10 times, spend 5 years together a free officer and 10 year pass
21Life of Ups and also DownsFail a rebellion, have 50,000 troops, have 50,000 gold, and also spend 1 yearas a complimentary officer
22Unmatched Under HeavenWin 10 invasions and 3 exterminations
23Close AdviserBe inquiry to sign up with a group/kingdom 3 times and also have her opinion adoptedduring a war council 3 times
24Unpredictable SchemerTransfer kingdoms 5 times, start 1 rumor, and also win a battle at a 5,000troop disadvantage
25Wiley TacticianPerform a rebellion as a Marshal/Strategist and make 5 treaties
25Unmatched IntellectDo not lose a are for 5 years and also make 5 treaties
26Ruler of the MidlandsConquer 5 areas in 1 year and also spend 1 year as a free officer
27Outstanding TalentDo not lose a region for 5 years, recruit 5 officers, and make1 diplomatic treaty
28Tyrant of ChaosHave -3000 karma, 3 regions that space unhappy, expropriate 1 bribe, andexecute 1 person
28Benevolent RulerHave 3000 karma, 10 police officers with high friendship ratings, 3 regionsthat room happy, and also donate 5 times
29Seductive BeautyTransfer kingdoms 5 times, finish 5 infiltration missions, have both3000 and -3000 karma, 3 confessions native men, and be asked to sign up with a group/ki
29Tall and HandsomeWin 5 invasions, 5 escorts, have actually 10 friendly officers, 3 confessionsfrom women, and be inquiry to sign up with a group/kingdom 5 times
30God that WarWin a battle at a 20,000 convoy disadvantage, victory 10 defensive battles,5 escort quests, and be request to sign up with groups/kingdoms 5 times
31Bold and BraveWin a fight at a 20,000 troop disadvantage, 10 invasions, 5 exterminations,and have 10 police officers with high friendship
32Flying GeneralWin a battle at a 20,000 troop disadvantage, 10 invasions, 5 raid missions,and have 20 policemans with short friendship
33Tyrannical King3 parties, -3000 karma, 20 it is not kind officers, 3 bribes, 5 police officers leave 8 dissatisfied regions, 15 executions, 99999 gold
33The small ConquererWin 5 invasions, perform not shed territory for 2 years, take it 5 territoriesin 1 year, fight through 2 kingdoms at once, have 3 happy regions, and also 3 years free
33Unparalleled StrategistHave her opinion embraced 5 times throughout a war council, reconnaissance 3 officers,start 3 rumors, and rebel as a strategist/marshal
33Unrecognized GeniousDo not lose a region for 5 years, negotiate 10 treaties, spend 5 yearsas a cost-free officer, and also get a big promotion from being a free officer
33Aide come KingsDo not lose a territory for 2 years, negotiate 10 treaties, have actually youropinion adopted 5 times during a war council, and also make 5 alliances
33Hero the Chaos15 territories, 5 areas in 1 year, struggle two enemies at once, fiverecruits, 3000 and -3000 karma, 99999 troops
33King that Hanzhong15 territories, 5 recruitments, 3000 karma, 20 trusted officers,8 happy regions, 15 donations, 99999 materials
33Duplicitous JokerWin a battle at a 10,000 convoy disadvantage, success 5 assassinations, start3 rumors, and transfer kingdoms 5 times
34Great Authority10 treaties, opinion embraced 5 times, enlightenment 3 times, 3 rumors, 5 recruits,5 alliances, 5 invites, alienate 3 times, rebel together Strategist/marshal
34Fiendish Beast10 invasions, 5 assassinations, 3 rumors, 3 parties, 20 enemies, 3 bribes,8 unhappy areas, 15 executions, -9999 karma
34Virtuous Saint10 defend, 5 escort, 5 alliances, 20 friends, 8 happy regions, 9999 karma,15 donations
34Mighty WarriorsWin a 20,000 troop disadvantage, 5 defenses, 5 areas in 1 year, no lossesfor 5 years, 5 infiltrate and assassinate, 5 raid and also exterm, 30 invasions
35All Encompassing5 assassinate, infiltrate, raid, exterminate, 30 invasion, 20 defense,10 treaties, 9999 and also -9999 karma, 5 transfers, 5 year complimentary officer, 30 years