When friend think the eBay, friend likely photo consumers frantically bidding top top items ranging from electronic devices to vintage clothing. I might have actually begged my mommy to bid ~ above a Nintendo game Boy Color earlier in the job (more specifically, the atom purple video game Boy Color).

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In enhancement to that auction-style listings, eBay once had a website committed to local, classified listings: eBay Classifieds. But if girlfriend tried to find eBay Classifieds today, you will do be the end of luck.


What taken place to eBay Classifieds?

Do a fast search because that “eBay Classifieds” in the eBay Community and also you’ll uncover threads of puzzled eBay customers wondering whereby eBay Classifieds has gone.

In 2010, eBay presented a dedicated site for classified listings, eBayClassifieds.com. It to be a free, easy-to-use marketplace connecting neighborhood buyers and also sellers. Listings could be created for jobs, cars, services, and pets -- similar to Craigslist.

Unfortunately, a 2016 Tweet from the eBay Classifieds Twitter account announced the website was shutting down.

While eBay Classifieds no much longer exist, users have the right to still produce Classified Ads, which space listings that room searchable native eBay"s homepage. Since eBay at this time has end 175 million energetic users, producing a Classified ad for her product or company gives that the exposure it requirements to sell.

Here are the categories an eBay Classified ad can be created for:

Business & IndustrialConstruction > Buildings, Modular & Pre-FabGeneral Office > Trade show DisplaysWebsites & Businesses because that SaleSpecialty ServicesTravelEverything ElseeBay User ToolsFuneral & CemeteryInformation ProductsReward Points and Incentives program > Other

Ready to start selling with eBay classified Ads? Here’s just how to acquire started.

How to create an eBay divide Ad

1. Log right into your eBay account

Start the end by logging into your eBay account. If you nothing yet have actually an account, friend can produce one here.

2. Go to the progressed listing form

The progressed listing type can it is in accessed as soon as you sign in. Or you deserve to click “Sell” in the top right-hand corner of any eBay page, and select “Advanced Tool” to the height right that the page. Both that these options bring you come the progressed listing tool.


3. Get in your item’s details right into the find bar

Search for her product name or carry out a summary of what product or service you’re selling, and also click the "Get started" button.


4. Fill the end listing details

Give your ad an eye-catching title and also thorough description, and include photos to offer the the person who lives a much better idea that what you selling.


5. Select the Classified ad format and fill out marketing details

Scroll down to “Selling Details,” “Format,” and select “Classified Ad.” choose the term of your ad, point out the asking price, and select one or an ext payment choices you’ll accept.


6. Double check the items location and also fees

Finally, check the place of her product or service. A standard $9.95 insertion fees is applied, yet final prices for eBay divide Ads vary relying on the duration and category of the listing. Click the “Fees” amount because that a price breakdown.

7. List your eBay Classifieds Ad

When your advertisement is prepared to go, click the “List Item” button to take it it live.

Tips for eBay Classifieds

Whether you’re a the person who lives or a seller, right here are a couple of tips to gain started with eBay Classifieds. If you selling, eBay share Ads could be a an excellent fit for you if:

The product is too huge to be shippedYou’d favor to be paid in cashYour posting is exclusive to your details areaYou’re offering a service

If she a buyer, eBay Classifieds can be the appropriate fit if:

You want to acquisition a company or product the can’t it is in shippedYou’d choose to fulfill the seller in personYou don’t desire to address the time meeting of an eBay auction

If eBay classified Ads room what you need to discover a regional product or service, here’s exactly how to start your search.

How to find eBay Classifieds

Visit eBay and search because that a product or business in among the following categories: “Business & Industrial,” “Specialty Services,” “Travel,” or “Everything Else.” top top the left-hand next of the results page, filter the ads by selecting “Classified Ads” under “Buying Format.” check out the resulting classified ads.

In addition to trying to find classifieds, you have the right to specify the ar you’d favor to acquisition from. ~ above the left next of the search results page, under “Item Location,” choose the “Within” choice to search for classified listings situated near her zip code.

The capability to post and search for neighborhood classified listings in eBay simplifies the procedure of connecting local sellers and also buyers top top a platform with numerous users. Ns hope this guide has motivated you to provide eBay classified Ads a try.

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