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"You Don"t recognize Me" is a song written through Cindy Walker based upon a title and storyline offered to she by Eddy Arnold in 1955. "You Don"t know Me" was an initial recorded through Arnold the year and released as a solitary on April 21, 1956 ~ above RCA Victor. The first version of the song to make the Billboard charts was by Jerry Vale in 1956, peaking at #14 on the popular music chart. Arnold"s version charted two months later, released together an RCA Victor single, 47-6502, backed with "The Rockin" Mockin" Bird", which got to #10 ~ above the Billboard country chart. Cash box magazine, which an unified all best-selling versions in ~ one position, included a variation by Carmen McRae the never showed up in the Billboard optimal 100 political parties listing.more »

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You provide your hand come me and then you speak helloAnd I deserve to hardly speak My heart is beating soAnd anyone have the right to tell you think you understand me wellBut you don"t know meNo you don"t understand the one Who dreams of you at nightAnd longs to kiss your lips Longs to hold you tightOh ns am simply a friend That"s every I"ve ever been"Cause girlfriend don"t know meI never knew the arts of make loveNo my love aches through love for youAfraid and shy ns let my chance go byThe opportunity that you might love me tooYou give your hand come me and also then you speak goodbyeI clock you go away beside the lucky guyOh you will never understand The one who loves girlfriend soWell girlfriend don"t recognize meYou provide your hand come me and then you say goodbyeI watch you go away next to the happy guyOh you will never know The one that loves friend so"Cause girlfriend don"t know meOh no friend don"t recognize meOohh girlfriend don"t know me

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Eddy Arnold Richard Edward "Eddy" Arnold (May 15, 1918 – may 8, 2008) to be an American nation music singer that performed for 6 decades. He was a so-called Nashville sound (country/popular music) innovator of the so late 1950s, and also scored 147 song on the Billboard country music charts, 2nd only come George Jones. The sold more than 85 million records.

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A member of the grand Ole Opry (beginning 1943) and also the nation Music hall of call (beginning 1966), Arnold ranked 22nd on country Music Television"s 2003 list of "The 40 greatest Men of country Music." the co-wrote the country and also pop traditional "You Don"t know Me". Much more »