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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

El shade de la Pasión (ECDLP) #79. Tuesday January 3, 2017. Killing By Pill-Snatching

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy brand-new Year! My ideal wishes come you and your love ones because that 2017!
At the fábrica, the moment of truth has finally arrived. At long last! After much dilly-dallying, soul-searching and going ring to Nazario’s residence for Lala Milk and also self-serving advice, Marcelo watch Alonso directly in the eyes and delivers his confession. The reality gushes out of him prefer word-vomit: Sudden, brusque, nauseating and in a copious flow. Marcelo declares the he relocated come Puebla v the sole objective of revenge-boinking Alonso’s cheating wife due to the fact that he deems her responsible of resulting in the self-destruction of she toyboy lover, his so late lamented son brother, Federico. Marcelo also admits that he take it Rebeca come bed and nearly danced the mattress mambo v her, however he changed his mind in ~ the last minute since he is in luuurve v Lucía! Oh and Lucía knows about all this and was his accomplice in concealing the fact from Alonso! So, to sum up: ns infiltrated her life under false pretenses, betrayed her trust, enamored every the females in your family, turn your home into an asylum and made her darling daughter, mine fiancée, covering up all my lies! You can go ahead and also clutch your chest now!Alonso is shocked and wounded by these revelations. That can’t believe Marcelo turned the end to be such a shameless rascal (un cínico) that outdouched Puebla’s favourite douche: Rodrigo Zúñiga. Alonso accuses Marcelo of coldly devising his devious revenge arrangement by gradually gaining closer come the Gaxiola family, acquiring employment at your fábrica and also earning Alonso’s full trust, only to seduce his wife and his daughter! Amador Zúñiga to be so best to warning Alonso around Marcelo’s nefarious intentions! Moreover, Alonso can’t believe that Lucía has welcomed Marcelo’s proposal despite knowing all this. He vow to personally for sure (de mi cuenta corre) that Marcelo’s marriage to Lucía never takes place. Before getting chucked out of Talavera Gaxiola forever, Marcelo has actually one critical knife come twist right into Alonso’s weak ticker: Rebeca offered a false identity when she was affiliated with Marcelo’s brother. The so late lamented Federico knew her as Adriana Murillo and died reasoning Adriana was the married mrs he dropped in love with. Alonso’s love audibly shatters into a million piece upon hear this. He physically throw Marcelo the end of his office, screaming his head off and also ordering Normita to alert security that Mr. Escalante can no longer collection foot in the fábrica. Normita gives Marcelo a «Duuude, what did friend do?» look.

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Marcelo phones Lucía in ~ the hospital to notify her the her daddy has survived the fact bomb explosion yet he gets a busy tone. He asks a nurse to inspect his fiancée’s hospital room landline. Why isn"t there ever before a cellphone within a 3 mile radius of this girl?At Marcelo’s apartment, mommy Terror cradles Federico’s photo and cries. She head is complete of questions around the Plot Gun and Marcelo"s insistence top top concealing the identity of her dead boy lover.Alonso roars into Lucía’s hospital room prefer a freight train. A dance mad, heartbroken and sorely disappointed freight train. That insists on taking her home right away however Nazario stops him. She can’t leave without her doctor’s authorization because that would jeopardize her health. Fine! Alonso agrees come wait because that Lucía’s doc come officially discharge her. In the meantime, he is going come the home to settle scores with Rebeca (ajustar cuentas). Hell come back later to take Lucía home. And also she had better say her goodbyes to that jerk Marcelo ‘cause she will never see the again, allow alone marry him! over my dead body! (¡Sobre mi cadaver!). Lucía tearfully pleads through her father to hear to her yet he storms out. Nazario records up to him and tries to safeguard Marcelo. The young guy committed a mistake yet he luuurves Lucía above and beyond everything rather in this world. Alonso is disappointed that Nazario knew the fact all along and covered increase Marcelo’s lies. Alonso doesn’t recognize if that can ever forgive Nazario for this betrayal.Marcelo lastly gets ahold of a devastated Lucía. She wants to see him prior to her dad takes her away. However, Marcelo should swing through the Ministerio Público to display them the Plot Gun’s permit. That asks his ladylove to try and patience down. « don’t forget that i love you and that soon we will be with each other again. You re welcome don’t forget this!» Nazario comes earlier and announces the Alonso is for this reason infuriated, he can not be reasoned with appropriate now. «Hay que esperar a que se amansen las aguas. We should wait for the waters to calm down.» «What am i going to do if that doesn’t readjust his mind, padrino?» Nazario reassures her the her father’s ire will at some point subside and also he will adjust his mind around her wedding plans. Alonso i will not ~ risk shedding his daughter’s affection over this.At Casa Gaxiola, Rebeca flashbacks come the minute she asked she daughter what she can do for she to it is in happy again and also Nora replied: « I want you to stay away indigenous me!» She check on her spawn and also finds her quick asleep. Nora looks so peaceful, choose a sweet and innocent baby demon. ~ above her way out that the house, Rebeca bumps right into Tere, that is looking all spruced up and ready for her day with Lalo. Rebeca seems to have actually forgotten that her housekeeper it s okay a half-day off on Saturdays, so she asks she to stay a wee while much longer until she comes back or until her husband return from seeing Lucía at the hospital. Nora can’t stay all alone in the house. Her level of crazy requires consistent supervision. Tere reluctantly agrees.Comandante Juárez verifies the Plot Gun’s permit and also asks Marcelo to please «refrain from lending it to others to avoid additional problems!» Marcelo acquiesces yet it’s for sure to assume that the Plot gun will continue to carry out the rounds and also cause chaos in Colorlandia for the forseeable future. Juárez enquires about Marcelo’s partnership with the Gaxiolas. Marcelo replies that he functions at the fábrica that Don Alonso and also that, really soon, he will certainly be marrying his boss’s daughter. Not after today, girlfriend won’t! Juárez is particularly interested in Marcelo’s opinion that Mrs. Rebeca Murillo de Gaxiola. Marcelo ponders his answer and also opts because that this cryptic description: Rebeca is «una mujer muy particular, a very special woman», the sort he wouldn’t have the ability to get follow me with. Juárez prompts him come elaborate but Marcelo marvels if the is gift interrogated. Juárez assures him the this no an interrogation. The detective is simply trying come enlist his assist as a girlfriend of the Gaxiola household to decipher (descifrar) Rebeca’s character, so to speak. The asks Marcelo if he knows Ricardo Márquez. V hearsay (de oídas) only. Why the question? due to the fact that of a couple of incidents the Ricardo has had with Rebeca and for which Juárez is make the efforts to gather (recopilar) some information, it is all. Marcelo is intrigued by this golden nugget of dust on his archnemesis.Speaking of Tricky Ricky, the is at home receiving one earful indigenous his landlady for gaining behind top top his rent yet again! Daniela bumps right into her in ~ the door and wonders why she looks therefore cross. Ricardo cases that that hasn’t paid his rental yet due to the fact that his money is tied increase in permanent investments and also he is enduring some cashflow troubles at the moment. Daniela falls for this due to the fact that she no fluent in deadbeat. She uses to loan him the rental money. He acts all proud however says he’ll think around it.Alonso goes come Casa Gaxiola, looking to square off through Rebeca. Tere informs him the his wife has gone out. He speak Tere she have the right to leave; he’ll take care of Nora himself. He no look good and Tere offers to continue to be and aid out but he curtly orders her to leave. He checks on Nora who asks how Lucía is doing. She seems worried about her sister in she usual Not-sorry-I-did-it-but-terribly-sorry-I-got-caught way. She perceives that something is wrong v her dad and also he confides to her the some changes are comes to this house. What changes? hell tell she all about it as soon as he’s done gouging she mother’s eye outwhen the moment comes. Till then, he requirements her to be relaxed and to remain in her room. She tearfully asks him to forgiver she for no being a great daughter. You deserve to say the again! In the immortal words of Fred Sanford: «Everytime ns look at you, it renders me wish the birth control was retroactive!» Alonso provides her a look brimming with fatherly love: «Mi amor, you room an incredible daughter! A marvelous one! and let me be clear here, i love friend with every one of my soul!» «As much as friend love Lucía?» «Exactly together much!» This seems to soothing her tension a bit. Prior to leaving, Alonso gives his daughter a sweet smile and blows she a kiss. Earlier at Puebla’s favourite hospital, Lucía is a distressed and also hysterical crying mess. Nazario is worried about her. That goes looking for Dr. Sara Ezquerra or some steed tranquilizer, whichever he encounters first. Get in Dr. Román Andrade in every his indecent yumminess. That is here to check on Lucía and inform her the he won’t worry the doctor’s note attesting to Nora’s cuckooness there is no Lucía"s front consent. Lucía has actually bigger difficulties right now. She breaks into sobs and Dr. Andrade offers her a comforting hug, perfectly time to coincide with Marcelo’s arrival. The jealousy galán screens his best sourpuss confront in response. Dr. Andrade bring away his leave and also asks Lucía to contact him if she requirements anything. Marcelo interjects the she i will not ~ be needing anything, many thanks a lot, you deserve to pish aff now. As quickly as Dr. Andrade procedures out, Marcelo turns to his tearful ladylove : « those this guy doing here and why to be you glued come him and crying ? (¿porqué estabas colgada de él llorando?)». Really, Marcelo? Really? it is too countless strikes, buddy. Fetching Papasito card revoked. Lucía replies the this is no time to it is in jealous. Marcelo reluctantly concurs however let the record show that the headshrinker has actually the hots for Lucía. Nazario brings Dr. Ezquerra that tells Lucía that she is totally free to go home. She additionally offers come prescribe medication to patience the young woman’s exalted sensibility. At Casa Gaxiola, Alonso is obtaining restless and also Rebeca is still a no-show. He starts cram Rebe’s clothing on the bed, while breathing heavily like one amped up bull prepared to charge. Or a bull ready to have actually a heart attack. Gloria goes to Casa Ezquerra come tell Lety TMZ all the gossip from Mario’s wedding but she’s yes, really there to uncover out whether she frenemy is interested in Sergio. Lety dismisses her and also calls Rodrigo to fulfill up for coffee and a chinwag. Sergio overhears Rodrigo do plans v his lover chismosita and gets jealous.Dr. Andrade goes back to his practice and also finds Rebeca wait for him. She wants to know if he have the right to really aid her daughter obtain out of her funk. The asks she if she is all set to it is in in therapy. She retorts that she is all set to offer her heart to the devil for she daughter"s sake. Lucía is quiet wailing on she hospital bed. Bad thing have to be dehydrated by now. Nazario and Marcelo try to contain the waterworks: We should wait, her daddy is a wise man (un hombre sensato), he’ll involved his senses eventually. Yada yada yada. Marcelo tells Lucía the the thing that influenced her father the most was finding the end that Rebe supplied Adriana’s name in she sexcapades. Nazario wonders what"s taking Alonso therefore long. He must be battling it out v the old battleaxe. Rebeca is at church and the walls room not bleeding. She prays come God by method of challenge: If you really exist then aid me gain my daughter back, since you"re all an effective and whatnot. Milagros encounters she there and remarks that she never ever pictured her as a devout woman. In other words, what room you doing here, you heathen vitch? I deserve to ask the same of you, mother Terror! I"m here to visit Federico"s ashes. After Milagros leaves, Rebeca goes under to the crypt to say "What"s shaking?" to her toyboy lover"s ashes. Padre Samuel spots her and also introduces himself. That asks if he deserve to be of any assist but Rebe replies "No, thanks" and scurries away. It’s night time. Alonso dropped asleep on the heap of Rebe’s clothes. Lucía phone call him to ask him come come acquire her at the hospital. She to know he is disappointed in her but wonders if this changes his love because that her. Certain not! he assures her the his love because that her will certainly never readjust even if he is disappointed in the male she chose to marry. He insists the she must never doubt her father"s love. After she hangs up, Marcelo says goodbye for the seventeenth time and also finally leaves. Lucía cries in she godfather’s arms. Every little thing will it is in fine, child.Alonso knocks on Nora’s door come let her know that he is going to carry Lucía back home native the hospital yet Nora is no in her room. She went to see Lucía at the hospital. Nora tells her sister she is sorry about shooting her and also it was not her on purpose to injury her. She likewise lets her recognize that your dad appears angry and is acting strange. He was asleep as soon as Nora left the house. He stated that things will change. Lucía asks whether he spoke through Rebeca. No, that didn"t. Those going on? Lucía replies that they’ll all talk when they are at home.Rebeca ultimately makes it earlier to Casa Gaxiola. Alonso orders her to pack her crap and get the hell out. «I warned you that if you ever before besmirch Adriana’s name, I would certainly kill you!» he confronts her around everything the he has actually discovered around her today. And also don’t shot to refuse it, I have actually a Plot Earring come prove it! AHA! He screens the Plot Earring and also Rebeca tries to take it it far from him however ends up knocking it out of his hands. The Plot Earring floor under the bed, ready to be discovered and to expose Rebeca once the time comes. Whora significant admits her guilt: Yes, ns did it! i cheated top top you through Federico and I slept my method through the 32 states of our glorious mexican Republic because I needed to feel prefer a woman, which is something that you could never offer me! Alonso doesn’t care around her whoring ways. What damages him the many is that she used Adriana’s name. Why did she sully his wife’s name? because she bloody fine felt like it, that’s why! This is the critical straw for Alonso, who deserve to no much longer contain his utter disdain: «I can not wait till the divorce is finalized! You get the heck out of right here right now and also I’ll send you your $hite later! Out!» that forcefully drags her all the method to the vestibule. «Get out! okay tell her daughter what you truly are!» «This is my residence too!» she protests. « No, the isn’t! This is Adriana’s house! I built it because that her, because that the only woman ns have ever before loved and will ever love in this life!» Rebeca paris off the handle and also screams repeatedly: «Adriana is dead! Dead! Dead! and you recognize why she is dead? ¡Porqué yo misma la aventé de ese barandal! due to the fact that I personally threw her over the balustrade!» Alonso look at up at the point out Rebeca is pointing at, entirely flabbergasted. Rebe continues to spew the end her venom: «And ns didn"t execute it due to the fact that she discovered my fling through Ricardo but because she uncovered out the I remained in love v you. She want to different me native you and I no gonna enable it. That’s why I killed her!» «The one who gonna die is you!» yells Alonso together he starts come choke her at the bottom that the staircase. Alas, one inopportune heart strike stops that from finishing his good deed. Clutching his chest, that stumbles towards his study and Rebe adheres to him heavy saying: «You married she without also looking at me, without even realizing that ns loved you. I remained in love with you and also I couldn’t was standing the idea that the 2 of you to be so happy together and that you were around to have a daughter that ns hate! it is why! that’s why I killed her!» he fumbles in his workdesk drawers for his pills. When he lastly finds them, Rebeca snatches the party away native him. «I’m no going come leave even if I need to kill you!» the collapses to the ground climate looks up at her, his pleading rigid begging her to reconsider, his prolonged hand waiting for her to give him earlier his pills. She eyes to fill up v tears as she witnesses the love of she life take it his last breath. Sweet, loving, soft-spoken Alonso lived most of his adult life an unhappy and also deceived man and also died a disappointed and also betrayed man. Thank you TN karma!Thank you for visiting our patio.

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