“Was that an knowingly decision to hire writers who so clear detest babies? Is there any kind of pregnancy that will pertained to fruition?" -- Diana“I have fully given increase on do the efforts to monitor the inheritance/parentage ramifications and also am simply waiting to see who ends up in the carcel/morgue/manicomio/nunnery." -- Blue Lass
Angela offers up the reality to Isabel about her secretlove affair through papi Romulo. She wouldn’thave dreamt the poisoning the man. Shelied so lot she frequently wondered if her real life also ever existed. She preserved Andres’ secret to conserve his life. Don Rom was compelled to get married Teresa. He can not bear to it is in separated native hisson, though. She feeling obligated come stay,but preserved their and Andres’s secret.

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There room entrances, and also there areE.N.T.R.A.N.C.E.S! The guests space all abuzz as Mini Peralta Divaarrives to carry out that evening.FF>>FF>>
Felipe is being retained prisoner through The Gang. He is supposedly humiliated (not!) by beingkept in only his skivvies and then tortured, we suppose, due to the fact that Flippy"s freezing, having been left in nothing yet those self-same skivvies. (Yawn) The corridor leader, Identity situation Girl,leaves a ransom note for Dona Teresa in her bedroom. Once Teresa goes increase to find a pair of gold earrings she deserve to loan come Sra. Peralta, she find the ransom note. FF>>FF>>
Cecille propositions Julio again. She razzes him around Isabela and her hubbynow gift closer than ever.
Angela describes that Rom constantly had her carry in hismorning coffee. ~ above the work of his death,though, Teresa forbade her to and also forced she to leaving the tray external hisdoor. (Anybody laying bets about now howthis walk down?) Isa convinces Ange totell her story come Detective Ayala.
Natalia’s brother invites Violeta come the concert for that evening. Jacinto look at the two of them exterior the hotel together and also beats Nat’shelpless, remote brother up. Vio screamsfor help. Lupe comes out and also hears herand pulls Jacinto turn off the kid.
Ange gives her story to Ayala. There was something fishy around the coffeecontainers in the larder the she supplied to fill.(Why this makes a difference, i don’t know.) She detailed that that becameweaker end time. She kept the bottle ofarsenic as proof. We uncover that she feeling he to be done in purposely a while back.
Ayala, meanwhile, is daydreaming around Madi acceptinghis offer to take her to the concert, and also sealing the address a sensualkiss. Scra-a-a-a-atch. Isa comes trying to find Serapio. Off Ange andIsa go through him to offer him the right skinny on Ange’s involvement.
Dona Elise scolds Alfredo because that not acquiring himselfpresentable and also avoiding the evening’s large event. She’s all set with the nanny in tow. Below they “run into” among Fredito’sold flames, Beatrice. They do it agleesome threesome.
Isa comes ago to her room to adjust and take grieffrom domineering Diego. Where she beenand those this around Angela being a formermurder suspect? She’ll define after theprogram. Everybody’s waiting and he won’tbe humiliated through her lack again. “--Yes,dear.”
Ange continues her confession. Ayala believes her and asks if over there wasanybody approximately Rom the end of the ordinary. Turns out the yeah, his brother, Don AlegarioAlarcon, involved see him. They didn’tget along with each other really well. So,now, Ayala has actually another feasible persona de interest rather of Ange.
Nat and also Julio tell Andres about Ayala interviewing hismother. He wants to leave and also comforther appropriate away. Don Benjamin stop thetwo the them and forces them ago to help take care of the hotel complete of specialguests that night.

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Julio the town hall Diego kiss his mam after the specialintroductions are made. He has alreadybeen enraged by Cecelle: “—There space those who live life and also those who onlywatch how others live….” That display offkiss that Isa seems not come mind no longer upsets Julio so much he races up toCecelle’s room and “ravages” her—if girlfriend could call it that with a provocativemadame.
The power begins.The guests space enthralled. A fewminutes into the performance, however, three final “guests” arrive, late enoughto make their own entrance. A loud, outof ar applause by the lady in the team brings the guests’ fist to thethree the them—as she must have hoped that would.Lo and behold! that is a richlydressed threesome. The “lady” in thecenter of the group is none other than Belen!!
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