Season 11 Finale, April 25, 2017:G-Star graduate Emily Serpico came close, but won’t be going home with the height prize native SyFy’s FaceOff Season 11 all-star special impacts makeup competition.

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That respect – and also a $100,000 compensation – saw an artist called Cig Neutron, who completed previously in Season 7. This season brought back artists from previous season and let them compete in bag for most of the season.

Serpico didn’t win, but her initiatives in this last episode earned high praise. The contestants called the final challenge the Kung-Funale because it compelled each to produce a pair of characters that would film a martial arts fight in costume.

Judges admired Serpico’s nod to oriental aesthetics and also the ying-and-yang auro of her duo, The Crane and also The Mantis.

“I’m therefore proud the myself,” Serpico claimed as the show wrapped. She thanked her partner, Tyler green from Season 6. “This experience has changed my life.”

For those who aren’t acquainted with this details competition, this is one in i beg your pardon gifted makeup artists battle to watch who have the right to pull off the ideal special effects makeovers. In season 8, Serpico to be the youngest contender to sign up with the FaceOff actors – and also holds that title still.

Tuesday night, three artists remained. Every was assisted by a team of former castmates indigenous this season.

Serpico now calls Orlando home. She’s a card-carrying member of theThe global Alliance that Theatrical stage Employees or IATSE.

SyFy’s cast profile of Emily:

The youngest contestant of face Off to date, Emily Serpico started experimenting with makeup at the age of 14. She ended up being a IATSE union member at 18, and now is a hair technician co-owning a wig service with her mother. Emily credits she success to she mother, who taught she hair maintenance and wig ventilation as a small girl. Within the special effects industry, Emily is passionate around painting, sculpting, and character development.

The semi-finals, April 18, 2017: after two unstable weeks, Emily not just survives but wins the round and also is the first to be named as a finalist this season. The challenge was to produce a gargoyle to match an architecture style and also Emily drew art deco. Her gold, eagle motivated creature impression the judges in every way.

The funny thing was, because that the first half of the show, Emily was in panic. At the end of job 1, she didn’t have actually a face or a wing assembled. On day 2, the three other semi-finalists proved a lot of of course by collection to sell advice top top what she’d come up with so far.

“I’m so thankful they’re spending your time come help,” Emily says after your chat.

The work-related paid off. Judges’ take aways included:

“Beautiful lines”, “graceful flow”, “It really does convey the aesthetic.”

Episode 12, April 11, 2017: Emily soil in the bottom 2 looks through her Hawaiian goddess that fire, yet manages to remain in the competition. She is the last woman standing and also one of the last 4 artists heading right into the last two episo: des.

Emily to be frustrated at an early stage in this episode, and predicted she’d be in the bottom two. Her attempt to revolve her model right into a face of lava looked amateurish, she said. The judges agreed, calling it “sloppy” and detailed that it lacked elegance. Yet it to be he various other all-star from season 8, Logan, that was sent residence when his god that the harvest dropped flat.

Emily will need to pull it with each other after two unstable weeks if she plans to do it to the finals.

Episode 11, Season 11, April 5, 2017: Emily battles in this an obstacle to provide her member of an Intergalactic Congress. She delegate is supposed to be a protector of an idyllic planet, however her people doesn’t rolls together smoothly. She switches gears easily from plans to create beautiful princess to fashioning a difficult military man. After practically giving up end one stumble, she plows on eventually delivering she character. She doesn’t win, that goes come Tyler. While another artist, Evan, go home.

Episode 10, Season 11, march 29, 2017:Once again Emily floor on the winning side of display down, this one pitting she team of 3 artists versus the other remaining four. Both sides were claimed to develop a coven that cursed witches – each artist responsible for their own witch.

Emily worried the her witch was also blah, too basic. “This is definitely the many worried I’ve remained in the competition,” she says.

But by show’s end, she team had won.

Though that was her teammate Tyler whose job-related threw the decision their way, judges has actually some flattering comments because that Emily’s creation: “She is yes, really scary.” and this judge also liked “the creepy goiter” – this grey bulbous growth on Emily’s ashen witch.

Four much more episodes to go. Have the right to the G-Star grad make it?

March 15: Emily and also her companion Tyler room still in the to victory it. Critical night, they pulled off no one but two personalities – an ‘odd couple’ of sorts – that impressed the judges and also fell just hairs quick of winning.

Check earlier later this morning for complete recap and also pics native the show.

Kind of famous G-Star institution of the art graduate Emily Serpico has actually returned to the little screen for a 2nd run at the SyFy Channel’s FaceOff peak prize.

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Season 11 finished its seventh of 14 episodes this week, and also once again Serpico is wowing the judges, earning the height look and also immunity from following cut.