The materials like water, carbon (as carbon dioxide) and nitrogen (as minerals) are taken up by the plants from soil, air and also water bodies, etc., and also made into food. This food is climate passed on come the animals like herbivores and also carnivores in a food chain.

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After the death and also decay of plants and animals, the products like water, carbon and nitrogen present in their bodies are returned to soil, air and water, from wherein they were taken originally.

These materials have the right to then be reused for the development of new plants. In this way, the same products are supplied again and again, the materials are not lost from the environment. So, the circulation of products like water, carbon and also nitrogen, etc., in the ecosystem is claimed to be cyclic. This is not so in the case of energy.

The circulation of power in the ecosystem is unidirectional (or one-directional). The energy enters the tree (from the sun) through photosynthesis during the make of food. This energy is climate passed on native one organism to an additional in a food chain.

Energy offered out through the biology as warmth is lost to the environment, it does not return to be offered by the tree again. This renders the flow of power in ecosystem ‘unidirectional’. Thus, the flow of power in the ecosystem is claimed to be unidirectional since the energy lost as heat from the life organisms of a food chain cannot be reused by plants in photosynthesis.

Ten per Cent Law:

During the transfer of energy through succeeding trophic level in an ecosystem, over there is a loss of power all follow me the path. No move of power is 100 every cent. The researches of deliver of power in various food chain in a large number of ecosystems have actually revealed a uniform sample of move of energy, i m sorry is provided by 10 per cent law.

The 10 every cent regulation which was offered by Lindeman in the year 1942 is among the most advantageous generalisations around the magnitude of lose of energy in food chains. Follow to ten every cent law, just 10 every cent that the energy entering a specific trophic level of biology is easily accessible for transfer to the next higher trophic level.

All the power transfers in food chains monitor the 10% law which in straightforward terms means that the energy available at each successive trophic level is 10 every cent the the ahead level. Thus, there is a progressive decrease (gradual reduction) in the lot of energy easily accessible as us go indigenous producer level to the higher trophic levels of organisms. Let united state take one example to recognize the 10 every cent law an ext clearly.

Suppose 1000 joules of light energy emitted by the sun drops on the plants (called producers). We understand that the plants convert only one per cent (1%) that the light power falling ~ above them right into chemical power of food. So, the power which will certainly be obtainable in plant issue as food will be just 1% of 1000 joules, which pertains to 10 joules.

The remaining 1000 – 10 = 990 joules the light energy or solar power which is not used by the tree is reflected earlier into the environment. Please note that the ten every cent legislation will not use at this stage. The will apply only in the deliver of power in the food chain.

We will certainly now use the 10 every cent law to the food chain: Plants—— > Herbivores ——> Carnivores. The tree or first trophic level has 10 joules of energy in it. Now, follow to ten every cent law, only 10% that 10 joules of energy (which is 1 joule) will be accessible for deliver at the next trophic level, so the the herbivore (deer) will have actually only 1 joule of energy stored as food in ~ the 2nd trophic level.

Applying the ten every cent legislation again we find that 10% the the continuing to be 1 joule (which is 0.1 joule) will be transferred to 3rd trophic level the carnivore (lion). So, the energy available in the lion together food will be just 0.1 joule. We will now solve some problems based on ten every cent law.

Sample difficulty 1:

Calculate the amount of energy accessible to lion in the following food chain if plants have 20000 J of energy available from the sun:

Plants ——– > Deer ——– > Lion


(i) Plants deserve to trap just 1% the the sun’s energy falling on them. Now, 1% that 20000 J is 200 J, therefore the plants have actually 200 J of energy available in them as food (The 10 per cent legislation does not apply at this stage).

(ii) The plants are consumed up by deer. Now, according to 10 every cent law, 10% of 200 j, that is, 20 J of energy will be available in deer as flesh food.

(iii) The deer will move 10% the its 20 J power to the lion. Thus, the food energy available to the lion will be 10% that 20 J which concerns 2 J.

Sample problem 2. Think about the following food chain:

Grass —— > mouse —— > snake —— > Peacocks

If in this chain, 100 j of energy is accessible at the producer level, then calculate the power transferred come the peacocks as food. State the regulation used in the calculations.


The producer level in this food chain is grass, for this reason 100 J of power is accessible in grass as food. We have now to apply 10 per cent legislation to the above food chain:

(i) according to ten per cent law, 10% of the energy of grass will certainly be available as food in mice. Thus, the energy easily accessible to mice will certainly be 10% of 100 J, which is 10 J.

(ii) The energy obtainable to snakes will be 10% that 10 J i m sorry is 1 J.

(iii) and also finally, the energy obtainable to peacocks will be 10% that 1 J, which is 0.1 J.

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