Everything that lives is designed to end. We space perpetually trapped in a never finishing spiral that life and also death. Is this a curse? Or some type of punishment? I regularly think around the god who blessed us through this cryptic puzzle… and wonder if we’ll ever before get the possibility to kill him.

Through the records of well-known history, you will do be tough pressed to find a time where faith in a large sense wasn’t as muted as it is today. Much more people than ever before identify as either atheist or as non-believing in a God of part description. This has actually served come popularize the principles presented in existential ideology in many forms, and also sets the basis because that what NieR Automata explores and also questions.

As an opened statement, 2B’s monologue waxes fairly philosophical. Indigenous the jump, if you have ever before thought top top why we exist, why we live and also die or what is the actual allude to living, Automata set a connection up with you in ~ a foundational level indigenous the outset. Questioning ours existence, the very basic why,is both something we basically do as curious person beings and also is something the is went back to again and again throughout her time through this game.

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On a superficial level, Automata’s characters do have actually physical Gods that they follow and also worship that were the genesis of their creation. Androids were designed especially in the image of and also to defend humans ("a God worth fighting for") if the maker lifeforms were developed as a weapon through invading aliens (their core directive: "destroy the enemy"). Following literally hundreds of years that nothing yet fighting and destruction, it is natural for individuals to inquiry the nature of the creation; and also from that, harbour some resentment for the creators themselves.

While questioning the nature of creation is ephemeral and also doesn’t yes, really pose any method to discover a true answer, the an extremely physical action of “kill him” is something known by 2B together both something achievable and also straightforward, as well as something familiar to her together a character created solely for, and because of, war. Even in a meta-physical sense, channeling her frustrations towards some theoretical “him” currently up v her character and also helps attach us as a player to her very human believed process.

When bring away physically, this opening statement - particularly the last sentence - to adjust up vital question in the football player mind. When 2B ponders, whoexactly is she referring to? In his terrific 4 component analysis that NieR Automata, YouTube doubter Clemps theorizes that 2B has actually a very details “him” in mind for whom she wonders if she’ll acquire the chance to kill.Superimposed with 2B’s very first lines, 9S’s room striking:

“Better make sure he’s actually dead following time. That was dangerous, ma’am."

When beginning the video game for the first time, this heat seems very literal - 2B walk just virtually get crushed by a giant buzz-saw eight - those play a second time can see something a bit an ext insidious in ~ the surface. After ~ the words space spoken, the camera lingers top top 9S because that justa small longer 보다 you would expect from an advent to a character. This is particularly telling, specifically offered 9S’s potential for already knowing his previous with 2B.

Far be it indigenous being specific to 9S however, the definition gets murkier the much more you dig into the lore behind the game and characters. Without gaining too deep under the rabbit hole, the personalities of 2B and 9S are androids based upon the individualities of prototype Number 2 and also Number 9 respectively, androids the were the original genesis the the production of job YoRHa alongside their creator Zinnia. In short, this Number 9 android is responsible because that the production of the backdoor in the YoRHa server, and also by extension the an extremely need because that 2B to death 9S over and also over again - in a never finishing spiral of life and death. despite they don’t understand it, 2B and 9S were doomed to this cycle from the beginning, by the prototype android 9S is base on.

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On a more comprehensive note, this opened statement has another underlying an interpretation seperate native the characters itself, and more toward the meta context explored by ending E. 2B is not simply an android developed to struggle for humankind in this game, but likewise a construct developed to it is in guided v this inevitably disastrous story by players worldwide. Because that her, this never ending cycle is repeated advertisement nauseam, for the amusement of millions. A cryptic puzzle beyond the master of she programming, yet seen as a curse, felt as punishment.

The “him” 2B desires the possibility to death in this situation is none various other than Yoko Taro himself. The creative mind behind the game, the misery she and her fellow personalities are inflicted with would not have concerned pass to be it not for him. When the game itself was the production of many an ext people and also not just a solitary man, if the wasn’t because that his creations in the DrakenNier franchise, none of this would exist. His really specific form of informing stories through the enduring of his characters is a distinct design flourish employed by the Japanese video game director. A NieR Automata developed by one more could perhaps leave these personalities with a happy finishing after encountering a few hardships - yet not under Taro.

Through finishing E, 2B eventually is able come find response to her ponderings - through one of her newest friends, the player. Together you rebel and reject the role of the stories finish being that every one of your girlfriend die, you gain the possibility to fight against and damage the credits themselves.

The very an initial name to show up on screen, as you start taking on the entire team and dismantling the development of this world, is video game Director Yoko Taro.