The No 1 rated television game display in the US makes its regional debut ~ above following month

March 11, 2020, Johannesburg, southern Africa– is proud come announce the start of the widely renowned international television game show FAMILY FEUD on display screens next month. The southern African debut will air top top Sunday 5th April at 6pm.

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Hosted by award-winning entertainer, businessman and also philanthropist STEVE HARVEY, who has been hosting the American version of family Feud with massive success due to the fact that 2010, the 26-episode series runs till 27th September.

“I think Family Feud will become a family name for local South afri families,” said Mr Harvey. “This is simply the beginning. I suppose this display to result in multiple media and also business jobs in and throughout the continent the Africa.”

Against the background of a video game show, FAMILY FEUD is really a household comedy v funny-man STEVE HARVEY embarking ~ above a trip to learn about South Africa and its people, while 2 families contend to surname the most popular responses come survey concerns related to the country. The family that benefit the most points walks away v the compensation money. takes their household values come the display screens as the headline sponsor. In enhancement to a many serious cash to it is in won, will ensure that no-one walks away empty-handed and also is providing away R10 000 in vouchers every week come the losing family.

“ has always been a household brand - a brand the brings households together. Ours iconic bucket has actually for generations been the conduit for so plenty of families coming with each other to re-publishing a meal. Our cooperation with family FEUD is a perfect right for us as a brand because we both storage families… all species of families. Households may fight, family members may difficulty each other but at the end of the day, family members is family and for us at, families are constantly welcome,” said Marketing manager Suhayl Limbada.

“We have had actually the pleasure of airing the American version of household FEUD on, and the solution to it to be phenomenal. This year provides us the gold opportunity to administer the show that we recognize resonates with our audience, one authentically southern African twist. We believe that family FEUD SA will carry out well,” said managing Director Marlon Davids.

“We look forward to the people that comprise the very fibre of our society reliving memorable moments and also seeing themselves on their screens interacting with the one and also only Steve Harvey. Viewers should also anticipate celebrity-driven episodes that incorporate talent from two of our regional flagship productions, Scandal! and also Rhythm City,” break up Davids.

G2 Connection, i m sorry is top up through industry experts Virginia Hollis and Gail Hoffmann Parrish, is controlling the neighborhood integration and sponsorships, and have partnered with production firm Rapid Blue TV.

“G2Connection is an live independence media agency that it is provided authentic, integrated and also holistic solutions,” described Hollis. “Our primary focus is to develop tangible sponsorship methods that are beyond a once-off investment and also we ensure the our solutions leverage all touchpoints that are compelled to maximise worth for ours clients.”

Award-winning executive Producers of fast Blue Duncan Irvine and also Kee-Leen Irvine might not contain their excitement once talking around the neighborhood version of household FEUD.

Kee-Leen claims she was many blown away by the bag rocket the is Steve Harvey, that is a formidable mix of non-stop comedy, jaw-dropping work-related ethic and consummate professionalism. Kee-Leen loves the Mr Harvey undertook a cultural journey the left him generally amused, periodically bemused, but constantly enriched.

Duncan is famed as a trailblazer in the industry, responsible for bringing many of the world top formats to south African display screens such as SA’s acquired Talent, job Runway, X-Factor, Bachelor SA and also Shark Tank, among many others.

It is Duncan and Rapid Blue’s call locally and internationally that made this partnership possible. Duncan said he is most excited by mr Harvey’s passion for Africa and also the relationship in Steve Harvey partnering with rapid Blue to develop a vast slate that memorable entertainment. Household FEUD SA is simply the beginning.

The southern African season the FAMILY FEUD will air every Sunday at 6pm top top from fifth April until 27th September, through a repeat on eExtra top top Friday nights.


About Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey formed Steve Harvey an international (SHG) in 2017, come consolidate and also expand his huge business and media interests. Steve Harvey worldwide is focused on creating and also delivering entertaining, an effective and motivational content, products and experiences to inspire audiences around the world.

The household Feud Africa organization deal was negotiated and executed through FreemantleMedia Ltd. Senior Vice president Anahita Kheder, and also by Steve Harvey Chief operating Officer and Chief legitimate Officer, Brandon R. Williams.





About is south Africa’s biggest independent free-to-air tv channel. With over 16 million viewers, appeals to all races, ages and also income groups and is the most viewed English language channel in the country. It’s the absolute location for local and also international entertainment.

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About fast Blue TV

Founded in 1993 by Duncan and Kee-Leen Irvine, fast Blue is a boutique, pioneering production firm with one impeccable reputation for emerging high-end regional concepts and also executing international styles to world-class standards. As a multi-award winning agency with a enthusiasm for Africa, the team space relentless in their quest to entrench fast Blue’s position as a producer that quality, digitally-integrated content for multiple platforms throughout Africa.


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