With less than 2 months till the start of the 2016 training camp, footsphere fans approximately the country have began their prep for the upcoming fantasy football season. Over the following 2 weeks, I’ll be rolling out my preliminary fantasy footround ranemperors for 2016, based on Points Per Reception scoring.

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Today I’ll be featuring my wide receiver ranqueens. Obviously, a lot is going to adjust in the next 2 months or so once actual footsphere starts up aobtain. That’s why it’s necessary to realize that these rankings are strictly preliminary. Without further aperform, below we go.

1. Antonio Brown


Jones is not just one of the ideal fantasy receivers, yet one of the height three as a whole fantasy players.

3. DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins broke via big-time in 2015, launching himself right into the conversation of ideal receiver in the NFL. Here’s a solid video breakdvery own of Hopkins’ biggest asset: his capacity to gain open. (through BlackHoleAnalysis)

I think Evans is going to break via in 2016. Anvarious other year of chemistry via quarterearlier Jameis Winston, who I think will be a lot better with a year of experience under his belt, merged via the reality that Evans is a physical freak, bodes well for his fantasy stock.

8. Alshon Jeffery

9. Allen Robinson

10. Keenan Allen

I’m probably going to get some backlash for this one. Ranking Allen ahead of Dez Bryant, that is a prcooktop stud. However, Allen flamelted indicators of being an elite wide receiver last seaboy prior to obtaining injured. Allen just played in eight games in 2015, yet he captured 12+ passes in virtually fifty percent of those games. If he have the right to remain healthy, I think the rapport he proved through quarterback Phillip Rivers in 2015 will proceed right into 2016.

11. Dez Bryant

12. Demaryius Thomas

13. Amari Cooper

14. Golden Tate

15. Julian Edelman

16. Brandin Cooks

17. Jeremy Maclin

18. Sammy Watkins

19. Jarvis Landry

20. Randall Cobb

21. T.Y. Hilton

Bounce back year for Andrew Luck. Hilton need to reap the benefits.

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22. Doug Baldwin

23. Kelvin Benjamin

24. Emmanuel Sanders

25. Jordan Matthews

Something that concerned mind as soon as producing this list. Has the NFL ever before had actually as many kind of talented wide receivers as it does heading right into 2016? Arguably the deepest it’s ever been.