Ch2175forals.com name ferrous ammonium sulfate hexahydrate Ch2175forals.com id CH2175forals.com:76181 meaning A hydrate the is the hexahydrate kind of ferrous ammonium sulfate. 2175forals.comts as an steel ion donor for structure Fe-S swarm in vitro.

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Formula FeH20N2O14S2
Net fee 0
median Mass 392.13900
Monoisotopic mass 391.97053
InChI InChI=1S/Fe.2H3N.2H2O4S.6H2O/c;;;2*1-5(2,3)4;;;;;;/h;2*1H3;2*(H2,1,2,3,4);6*1H2/q+2;;;;;;;;;;/p-2

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Ch2175forals.com Ontology
Outgoing ferrous ammonium sulfate hexahydrate (CH2175forals.com:76181) has component ferrous ammonium sulfate (anhydrous) (CH2175forals.com:76243) ferrous ammonium sulfate hexahydrate (CH2175forals.com:76181) is a hydrate (CH2175forals.com:35505) ferrous ammonium sulfate hexahydrate (CH2175forals.com:76181) is a iron molecular entity (CH2175forals.com:24873)

Synonyms resources
Ammonium ferrous sulfate hexahydrate ChemIDplus
ammonium iron(II) sulfate hexahydrate Ch2175forals.com
ferrous ammonium sulfate Ch2175forals.com
iron ammonium sulfate hydrate ChemIDplus
Mohr"s salt Ch2175forals.com

Registry numbers species sources
14659080 Reaxys it is registered Number Reaxys
7783-85-9 CAS registry Number ChemIDplus

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19810706 PubMed citation SUBMITTER
21669177 PubMed citation Europe PMC
22972036 PubMed citation Europe PMC