around I Love Livin" in the City

"I Love Livin" in the City" is the first single by the punk rock band Fear. That was initially released in 1978 top top the Los Angeles-based Criminal Records.

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My house smells similar to the zoo,It"s chock complete of shit and puke!Cockroaches on the wallsCrabs crawlin" on my balls!Ohh, but I"m so clean cut,I simply wanna f*ck some sluts! i love livin" in the city Spent my totality life in the city,Where junk is king and also the wait smells shitty.People pukin" everywhere.Piles of blood, scabs and also hair.Bodies wasted in the street,People dyin" top top the street,But the suburban scumbags, they don"t care,Just gain fat and dye your hair! ns love livin" in the city I love livin" in the city

The easy, quick & fun way to learn just how to sing:


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