Bex recorded the highs and lows of living through OCD for several months for BBC Newsbeat and the 24-year-old has written an exclusive diary detailing why the takes together a long time simply for she to leave the house.

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Today's task is to 2175forals.comllect medication from the pharmacy, 2175forals.comntinue with my day-to-day exercises and ensure I have a kind meal, three unexciting tasks however essential for my mind.

Last night's broken sleep no really help my stress or mental wellness for the matter, but only waking up three times in the night isn’t as well bad.

It's morning medicine time, ns take three through the day, i have taken one currently so it has time to kick in and also hopefully protect against my tension from striking as soon as I have to go out later.

OCD is damaging Bex's life (
Bex tries to define what life is favor in this diary (
She periodically thinks she is being adhered to which reasons anxiety (

I’m top top this medication for my overwhelmingly extreme anxiety, which provides me have really severe anxiety assaults which I struggle to obtain under 2175forals.comntrol and calm down from.

'The anxious Hug Monster', which is what ns name my anxiety renders my totality body trembles, I struggle to catch my breath, mine memory and 2175forals.comncentration would certainly fly the end the window along with my capacity to wire a sentence together, mine heart would certainly pound like it’s about to jump out of mine body and also my chest would certainly feel 2175forals.commpressed and also painfully tight.

I start my morning exercises. I feel much better after law exercise, if only for a couple of short moments, I offered to go out jogging although ns finding that especially challenging when ns feel together though i’m being complied with wherever i go.

I absence 2175forals.comnfidence in exactly how I look, i’m afraid of placing too lot weight on, for this reason I carry out what I have the right to to eat healthy, exercise, frequently skipping meals.

Before leaving to 2175forals.comllect my medicine I must do mine checks, the safety and security checks together I’ve to be calling them.

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I go roughly every room transforming all the electric switches off, making sure the straighteners space unplugged, the thermostat is set to an also number, Zac the cat is inside, the backdoor is locked, the cooktop is turned turn off at the wall and every the windows space closed and locked, I’ve excellent my checks, every little thing is safe.