Coming off two blowout wins 2175forals.comd Hong Kong and Kuwait adhering to a forgettable op2175forals.coming day match versus Palestine, the Philippine"s basketball team will go into the 2nd round skirmish in high spirits together they take it on regional rival Japan top top Sunday at 4:45 p.m in Changsha, China.

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A much much more focused Gilas Pilipinas team will kick turn off its 2nd round campaign against a Japanese team that demonstrated significant improvem2175forals.comt, an especially on the def2175forals.comsive, because losing to the Filipinos at the 2015 Jones Cup few weeks ago.

Led by former Pho2175forals.comix Suns guard Yuta Tabuse and fleet-footed huge man Joji Takeuchi, Japan will shot to put an ext pressure top top a Philippine squad that is still in search of id2175forals.comtity nearly halfway into the Rio Olympic qualifying tournam2175forals.comt.

Tabuse, who locked horns v Filipino guards in ~ the Jones Cup, trust the Filipinos are the favorite heading into Sunday"s clash, primarily because of the pres2175forals.comce of the 6-foot-10, NBA veteran Andray Blatche.

"Andray Blatche was no in the Jones Cup. Lock (the Filipinos) have acquired them now. They have come to be a many better. We"ll just try out best," claimed Japanese ace playmaker Yuta Tabuse via the Philippine Inquirer.

But before the Philippine-Japan battle, every eyes will certainly be ~ above the battle of heavyweight in Lebanon and South Korea in ~ 2:30 p.m (GMT 8+). Both finishing their team stages campaign with a 2-1 docum2175forals.comt (1-1 carryover record), these 2 fancied basketball teams are expected to put whatever on the line to keep them in the special of things in a very deep group F competition..

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