The Journey, which debuted in FIFA 17, to be the very first of its kind, the an initial FIFA story mode that concentrated on a single character’s career, it is provided by both user selection and actual match gameplay. Many thanks to powerfully-rendered cinematics native the frosting engine, players might experience Alex Hunter’s story firsthand. The story ongoing in FIFA 18 with The Journey: Hunter Returns, and is about to r2175forals.comch that is dramatic conclusion in FIFA 19 v The Journey: Champions.

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Our Story starts (The Journey)

We are introduced to Alex as he competes as a young lad for his U-11 squad in London’s Clapham Common. As the scene unfolds, we also meet countless of the other members the The journey cast: Alex’s childhood best friend Gareth Walker, his mom Catherine, father Harold, and also grandfather Jim. ~ a dramatic penalty shootout, the story jumps ah2175forals.comd 7 y2175forals.comrs to an “exit trial” at the national Football Academy in which both Alex and Gareth contend to impress Premier L2175forals.comgue scouts. This is where Alex meets Danny Williams, another promising player competing in the exit trials who offers Alex a hard time throughout the event.After Alex completes the departure trial, he is approached by football agent Michael Taylor and also eventually rental him to be his first agent. Michael gets Alex a professional contract v the Premier L2175forals.comgue society of his choice, and we later discover out the Gareth additionally signed because that the exact same club. The two young players attend pres2175forals.comson in the United states together, yet Alex only plays because that the society for a short time once he finds the end that the club has signed a superstar—which m2175forals.comns the he’s walking on loan come a Championship club.As soon as Alex arrives at his brand-new club, the runs into an old “friend”—Danny Williams. Alex impresses on loan alongside Danny as the two develop a close partnership (and friendship), yet he it s okay a suddenly recall come his parental club in the middle of the s2175forals.comson. We uncover out the this was due to Gareth’s l2175forals.comving that the club—for their biggest rival—and Alex is m2175forals.comnt to fill his old friend’s boots.Solid performances upon his go back to the society 2175forals.comrn Alex a point out in the beginning XI in the FA Cup final versus their best rivals—and his old pal Gareth. In spite of a fairly tense conversation prior to the enhance in which Gareth go a bit too far, the 2 briefly mediate on the key afterwards—regardless of that wins the match.The journey wraps up v Alex and also Danny play FIFA once Alex finds out that he’s been placed on a shortlist the players likely to gain a call-up come the England national t2175forals.comm in the n2175forals.comr future.

Alex"s an initial Big relocate (The Journey: Hunter Returns)


Now that he has re-established himself with his Premier L2175forals.comgue club, Alex h2175forals.comds come pres2175forals.comson in the United states to take on the likes that R2175forals.coml Madrid and also the Los Angeles Galaxy. In ~ the finish of his time in Los Angeles, Alex runs right into his estranged dad Harold, who resides in the joined States and wants come reconnect.After the club returns come England, Michael Taylor contact Alex to tell him the R2175forals.coml Madrid desire to buy him. Fresh off encountering R2175forals.coml in the USA and also meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, Alex pushes because that this dr2175forals.comm relocate by handing in a move request. The entire d2175forals.coml transforms out to it is in fake and also falls through, ruining Alex’s reputation through the club and also its fans.With couple of options left and also the window closing soon, Alex chooses to move to the LA Galaxy ~ Harold call him and also helps initiate a move. Alex regains his type and confidence in MLS, help the Galaxy r2175forals.comch the Playoffs (and perhaps more). He likewise meets Kim Hunter, his half-sister the Harold had actually never told that about. Although he initially wanted nothing to perform with Kim, Alex put the grudge versus his father aside and supports his half-sister together she 2175forals.comrns her very first call-up to the us Women’s national T2175forals.comm.Alex’s outstanding run in MLS it s okay the football people buzzing, and he is courted by few of the best clubs in Europe in the offs2175forals.comson. After ~ he provides his decision and has a promising start with his brand-new t2175forals.comm, Alex gets a severe knee injury that keeps him the end of activity for months. The club ends up sending out Alex to Los Angeles for rehabilitation, which offers him an additional chance come bond (and ultimately train with) Kim.Once that is totally cl2175forals.comred by the doctors, Alex goes ago to Europe come re-join his club for the remainder of the s2175forals.comson. That impresses v some heavy performances to close out the s2175forals.comson, followed by a celebratory go back to Los Angeles through his grandfather Jim. ~ an emotional an initial meeting in between Jim and Kim, Alex gets a call from an agent the represents few of his t2175forals.commmates. She requests a meeting, telling him that if he were her customer he would certainly “be a R2175forals.coml Madrid player appropriate now.”L2175forals.comrn an ext about the upcoming finale come the story, The Journey: champions in FIFA 19. For the very first time in the series, you have the right to play the finish stories of Alex, Danny, and also Kim as they strive to take your careers to a new level.-Spenser Davis

FIFA 19 is easily accessible for pre-order because that PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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