At the begin of thing 3, Prompto will certainly make a request around riding a chocobo. Following this quest will take it you to a Chocobo short article in Duscae.

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Join the Hunt


The owner of the Chocobo write-up will phone call you the chocobos space unavailable for rent due to the fact that of Deadeye. Join the hunt for Deadeye i beg your pardon is licensed has been granted A Behemoth Undertaking.


After beating Deadeye and completing the hunt, chocobos will certainly be obtainable for rent. Each day that rental expenses 50 Gil.

How to Ride and also Call a Chocobo

Call Chocobo


To call your chocobo, press R2 like how you open up the items menu, switch categories using the Dpad to the Whistles category, then select "Call chocobo".

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Riding the Chocobo


To ride the chocobo, go close to it then push as soon as prompted.

Chocobo Controls

Control duty
Dismount (hold)
L2 Halt
R2 Trot
Left stick Move
Right stick Move camera
Touch pad Main menu
OPTIONS button Pause menu

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