About What it Is to Burn

"What that Is to Burn" is the debut single and location track off the album What the Is to Burn by the U. S. Post-hardcore tape Finch. It was released together a solitary in 2003 and also was featured in the pilot episode of One Tree Hill. A demo version of the track was exit on the Drive-Thru documents compilation CD Welcome come the household in 2001.

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Today"s on fireThe skies is bleeding over me, and also I to be blisteredI walk this lines the blasphemy, every dayAnd stillLike a bad star, I"m falling much faster down to herShe"s the just one that knows, what the is come burnI feel diseasedIs over there no sympathy, from the sunThe sky"s still fireBut i am safe in here, native the people outsideSo tell meWhat"s the price come pay because that gloryLike a negative star, I"m falling quicker down come herShe"s the only one that knows, what that is come burnToday is fine, and she burnsToday is fine, and also she burnsShe burnsLike a bad star, I"m falling quicker down come herShe"s the just one that knows, what the is to burn

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