Further explanation

Torque (moment of force) with respect to the pivot suggest P is characterized as the product that the size of the force F and also the moment"s arm

τ = l . F

The torque can be clockwise or counterclockwise (counterclockwise significant +, clockwise significant -)

For objects with 2 or much more forces, the total torque is:

Στ = τ1 + τ2 + ... τn

From images attached

τ = -rm x F

rm = (arm pressure which is perpendicular to the work line)

⇒ an adverse sign due to the fact that the torque is clockwise to the point P

while the size of the arm pressure rm:

rm = r sin θ

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tangential force


static equilibrium


Newton"s Law



Alchen <17>9 months ago
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from the figure in the attachment we deserve to write

Torque around point p

( negative sign since of authorize convention, out ward confident in ward ingative)

For the length r_m we deserve to write





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ΔK = -ΔU

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11 months ago
PLEASE aid !!! ASAP ns WILL offer BRAINLIEST !!!
Paladinen <302>


2.11 m


From the question provided above, the complying with data to be obtained:

Mass (m) = 4.76 Kg

Initial velocity (u) = 0 m/s

Final velocity (v) = 6.5 m/s

Height (h) =?

NOTE: Acceleration as result of gravity (g) = 10 m/s²

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42.25 = 0 + 20h

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h = 42.25 / 20

h = 2.11 m

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2 month ago
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