Three common characteristics of hunter-gatherer societies were _____.A.smaller-sized communitiesage and gender divisionsB.little knowledge of plants and also animalsC.moving about a expertise of tools and also fire
Three common qualities of hunter-gatherer cultures were _____. A.smaller-sized areas age and gender departments B.little knowledge of plants and also animals C.moving about a lot of knowledge of tools and fire
User: Three common characteristics of hunter-gatherer cultures were _____.A.smaller-sized communitiesage and gender divisionsB.little expertise of plants and animalsC.moving about a understanding of tools and also fire The prize is A and also C- smaller sized communities, gender divisions and also moving about a lot.

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Expert answered|mythmoh|Points 5089|User: Agrarian societies were based around _____.A.iron tool and also farming..So B.AgricultureExpert answered|mythmoh|Points 5089|User: The age in which early on humans made devices is referred to as the _____.A.Paleolithic AgeB.Early contemporary AgeC.Bronze AgeD.Iron Age
The Mongol Empire promoted the intercultural exchange of ideas, technology, and science.A.TrueB.False
The Mongol Empire supported the intercultural exchange that ideas, technology, and science. TRUE. User: trip stations throughout the Mongol realm were supplied by court messengers and also A. Actors B. Vendors C. Doctors D. Peasants (More)
The age in which at an early stage humans made tools is referred to as the _____.A.Paleolithic AgeB.Early modern AgeC.Bronze AgeD.Iron age
Prehistory deserve to be explained as _____.A.what occurred last yearB.what happened numerous years agoC.the time prior to the usage of written documents


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