Trips to Clemson, Georgia Tech and also Gainesville, a Friday road video game at Boston College, and home games against Miami and Louisville to mark the Florida State soccer team"s 2015 schedule, which was released through the Atlantic shore Conference on Thursday.

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Life after ~ Jameis Winston on the football field will start for FSU once the Seminoles will open the season hosting Texas State on Bobby Bowden field in Doak Campbell stadion on Sept. 5.

FSU"s yearly tilt through the Florida Gators highlights the Seminoles" mediocre non-conference schedule which additionally features residence games versus USF throughout Week 2 ~ above Sept. 12 and versus Tennessee-Chattanooga ~ above Nov. 21. USF announced via Twitter the Seminoles and also Bulls will kickoff at 11:30 a.m. ~ above ESPN.

Jimbo Fisher and brand-new Gators coach Jim McElwain will have actually their very first game as rival coaches on Nov. 28 at Ben Hill Griffin stadium in Gainesville.

The Gators will be looking for their first win versus FSU because Nov. 24, 2012, the last video game FSU lost before winning 29 gamings in a row and being removed by Oregon in the semifinals of the inaugural college Football Playoff critical season.

After FSU master USF, the Seminoles will begin their ACC slate six days later on with a road video game at Boston college on top top Sept. 18.

The Seminoles" bye week this season will certainly be on Sept. 26 adhered to by a road video game at Wake woodland on Oct. 3.

FSU will hold two quarterbacks it had actually troubles defending top top the roadway last season in Miami"s Brad Kaaya on Oct. 10 and also N.C. State"s Jacoby Brissett top top Nov. 14.

Kaaya torched the Seminoles for 240 yards and two touchdowns in the very first half critical season in sun Life Stadium, help UM get out to a 16-point lead prior to FSU won the video game 30-26.

The Canes will be in search of their first win in and also overall versus the Seminoles due to the fact that their labor Day tilt in 2009. FSU has won the last five games between the two teams.

The Seminoles to win the Wolfpack 56-41 last season after rolling by as many as 17 points during the game. Brissett completed 32 the 48 passes for 359 yards and also three touchdowns throughout that game.

FSU will visit Georgia technology in a rematch of critical season"s Atlantic coast Conference Championship video game on Oct. 24, and host Syracuse on Oct. 31.

Sean Maguire will be among as countless as 6 quarterbacks vying because that the FSU beginning job this season, and could look for his 2nd win against Clemson as the Seminoles visit death Valley top top Nov. 7.

Maguire started in place of a exposed Winston against Clemson critical season, and also helped FSU success in overtime.

In all, FSU will have only five road gamings this season, and also will leave the state that Florida only four times total.

If the Seminoles success the Atlantic department this season, the ACC title game will it is in on Dec. 5 at bank of American stadion in Charlotte.

This season"s university Football Playoff will decided by semifinal gamings at the Orange bowl (Miami Gardens) and also Cotton bowl (Arlington, Texas) top top Dec. 31.

The nationwide championship game will be played on Jan. 11 in Glendale, Arizona.

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The 2nd game the the season could be Fisher"s 60th victory as a head coach. The is at this time 58-11 in his career.