LOS ANGELES (2175forals.com) - Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s ex-fiancee filed a lawsuit on Thursday accusing him of humiliating she after your breakup through posting online a copy that a sonogram from when she to be pregnant through twins and also saying she had actually an abortion.

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U.S. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (R) sits v Shantel Jackson (L) courtside in ~ the NBA basketball game between the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles December 30, 2011. 2175forals.com/Danny Moloshok
The lawsuit filed by Shantel Jackson, 29, in Los Angeles remarkable Court came little an ext than a week prior to the undefeated welterweight’s Sept. 13 rematch versus Marcos Maidana.

Mayweather, 37, who served two month in prison in 2012 for residential violence against another ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris, and verbal threats versus two of your children, is widely pertained to as the world’s ideal pound-for-pound boxer. He has actually held multiple people titles.

The legal action brought by Jackson, which says Mayweather violated she privacy, attacked her and virtually imprisoned her at his las Vegas home, endangers to distract from the athlete’s go back to the limelight.

The previous model and actress met Mayweather in 2006 as soon as she operated as a hostess in Atlanta, and they later began dating and were engaged, her attorney, Gloria Allred, said a news conference in Los Angeles.

Jackson stood by him with the domestic violence case and also visited the in jail. Then after he was released in respectable 2012, the physically struck her, Allred said.

During the on-again off-again relationship that followed, Mayweather sent out a exclusive jet to carry Jackson from Los Angeles, wherein she lived, to join him in las Vegas and also showered her with Hermes handbags, the lawyer said.

At one point, when Jackson was in Los Angeles and refused to move to las Vegas, Mayweather composed on Facebook and also Instagram that they damaged up due to the fact that she had actually an abortion and he to be “totally versus killing babies,” and also he post a sonogram of the pair fetuses he fathered, according to the lawsuit.

“I have been embarrassed and humiliated an ext than ns can ever before imagine through Floyd, whom ns once called my best friend and fiance,” a tearful Jackson told reporters.

Allred decreased to to speak if Jackson had an abortion, yet acknowledged she pregnancy ended in January.

Representatives because that Mayweather did not return calls.

The lawsuit also accused Mayweather that arranging to have actually over $1 million precious of Jackson’s home taken native a storage unit wherein she put such items as bags and shoes.

Forbes ranking Mayweather as among the top-earning athletes the 2014, with estimated income of end $100 million.

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