I have an image like this? go anybody have any idea how can I gain the orientation of each object? I understand that the objects space not suitable to assign any type of orientation yet at least I learn how have the right to I execute that? Actually, I likewise want to remove some that the objects which have a strange shape.

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I provided this inquiry to practice some of my image processing skills (still in at an early stage stages the exploration).
Here"s what ns did step-by-step come compute the orientation of every object and to compute the linear equation the the major axis of each object.
I download the image and named it "bwimage.png" (also attached, exact same image). The an outcome is presented in a figure below where the major axis of every object is attracted through the center allude (and prolonged a bit).
stats.EndpointX = stats.Centroid(:,1) + <-1,1>.* (stats.MajorAxisLength/1.6 .* sqrt(1./(1+stats.Slope.^2)));
stats.EndpointY = stats.Centroid(:,2) + <-1,1>.* (stats.Slope .* stats.MajorAxisLength/1.6 .* sqrt(1./(1+stats.Slope.^2)));
The orientation of each object is save on computer in stats.Orientation. The slope and also intercept of each significant axis is save on computer in stats.Slope and stats.Intercept. The finish points of every line segment draw is stored in stats.EndpointX/Y. And the center points of each object are stored in stats.Centroid.



Actually, you are right. Girlfriend divide several of the objects to 2 or three. Probably the continuity issue.

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The variety of objects is determined from within regionprops. You deserve to read the documentaiton because that that duty to make adjustments come suit her needs.
"The duty ismember is advantageous with regionprops, bwconncomp, and also labelmatrix for creating a binary photo containing only objects or regions that meet specific criteria."
"The functions bwlabel, bwlabeln, and also bwconncomp every compute associated components because that binary images."
You deserve to modify mine algorithm by using these various functions to isolation objects according to your needs.
ps, my recent update to mine answer was simply to boost some the the comments; none of the password was changed.
The structure (or table if you ask for table output) returned by regionprops has actually a field referred to as "Orientation" which is the edge of the significant axis of an ellipse fitted to the object.