1.For every of the adhering to assets, show which of the financial aggregates (M1, M2, M3) has them:

a. Currency

b. Money market mutual funds

c. Eurodollars

d. Small-denomination time deposits

e. Large-denomination repurchase agreements

f. Checkable deposits

2. Why are revisions of monetary aggregates less of a problem for measure up long-run movements of the money supply 보다 they room for measure up short-run movements? 3. Would certainly a dollar morning be worth an ext to friend today when the interest price is 20% or when it is 10%?


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Joseph M reply on march 12, 2021
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1a.currency....M1 B.money industry mutual funds... M2C.Eurodollars ..M3 D.small denomination time deposits...M1E.large denomination repurchase agreement...M2F.checkae store M12.in the long...
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