The new season is collection to premiere comes year, 2022. With only six episodes, there room a the majority of questions about what the present will it is in like and how it will compare to previous seasons. The stakes are high together this can be the last time we see FORGED IN FIRE ~ above TV!


FORGED IN FIRE is an American reality series that airs on background Channel. That chronicles the forging process of modern-day knives from start to finish. Constant episodes space one hour long and also consist mostly of footage taken end a two-day period, v occasional updates following up ~ the early stage filming date. The an initial eight seasons concentrated on bladesmiths developing custom knives, if the nine season expanded scope to encompass survival equipment.

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The film crew for FORGED IN FIRE SEASON NINE will certainly be return to the Horseshoe bending Ranch in Arizona, where they filmed previous periods of their show. Filming is supposed to begin next month, yet there may not it is in a release date until summer 2022 at this point.


The present follows the an initial six bladesmiths in a compete to develop one of 4 iconic edged weapons: sword, dagger, bayonet, or tomahawk. The final three contestants will create these item from raw materials and also then judged on their workmanship and also creativity. In Season Nine, they’ll accomplish their judges, Scott Sloane and also J. Neilson hall from the phibìc American Bladesmith society (NABS), that will be joined by a 3rd judge to be announced in ~ a later date.


In its 9th season, FORGED IN FIRE increases the series’ focus to encompass gear for outdoor adventures and builds of all sorts of tools that might be offered in everyday life. The score is not just making a tongue but also the skill and knowledge to use it.

THE certification CAST:

The cast for Season Nine functions six bladesmiths with extensive knowledge that metalwork, including swords, daggers, bayonets, and also tomahawks.David Baker: a student of the late bladesmith stack FisherJessie Clark: an military veteran who served in Afghanistan as part of operation Iraqi Freedom, wherein he conducted explosive ordnance handle (EOD) operationsDoug Marcaida: armed with 30 years suffer as a bladesmith, this contestant ended up being a family members name on the very first season that Forged in Fire when he was crowned champion (he later also won Season Two)David Schmidt: an experienced bladesmith, designer, and teacher with over 30 year of endure working in precision metal fabrication industries. He specializes in hand forging and heat-treating knives, swords, axes, and also other edged weapons.EXPECTATIONS:

The Forged in Fire finale is a battle between two of the world’s most experienced bladesmiths. Doug Marcaida, who has won Season One and also Season Two, returns to compete against David Schmidt, winner that Season Three and Season Four.

The judges are trying to find “superior skill in forging, heat-treating and finishing a blade.” In various other words, they’ll be evaluate which contestant can create the ideal knife from scratch with just a hammer and anvil by hand.

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Fans are currently signing petitions in wishes of gaining Season ripe picked up, however for now, they’ll have to wait and see if there will certainly be a Season Nine.” The Forged in Fire finale is more like the town hall an illustration of Chopped than it is American Idol,” states The wall Street Journal. It appears that this present has found its location on the TV landscape.