There"s only two main left of obstacles to complete, so be certain to obtain these done before the end of the season. This week finally has the cars the Epic has been hyping for weeks now, therefore be sure to run in one come get around the map quickly! currently that we"ve obtained that the end of the way, we"ll be taking a complete look at how to complete and also solve the Season 3 mainly 8 obstacles in this guide.

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All main 8 challenges in Fortnite Season 3


This week, you"ll it is in searching and also collecting various items, acquiring eliminations, perfect time trials, and also finally gaining drive part cars approximately the island. Here"s a look in ~ the challenges you will have to complete:

search 7 Chests in ~ Frenzy farms Get 3 Eliminations at salty Springs complete the boat time trial in ~ Motorboat Mayhem journey a vehicle from retail Row to satisfied Park in less than 4 minutes collect 500 timber from Holly Hedges Deal damages to adversary from within a car Deal 10,000 damage to adversaries from inside a car (Team Challenge)

Each difficulty will reward you 35,000 XP towards your fight Pass. However, the brand-new team based obstacles will give you a chuck 80,000 experience! These can be done jointly by people in your duo, trio, or squad. You can even jump into a Team Rumble enhance with arbitrarily fill and also get credit as soon as your teammates complete parts of the challenge!

This will have been post early, so friend will uncover that these difficulties release at 6:00am PT top top Thursday! Be sure to examine out information for every little thing going on in the brand-new battle happen in ours Fortnite thing 2: Season 3 Guide!

Week 8 Cheat Sheet

Here"s a look at every one of the locations you"ll should go in one map! credit transaction to flapjack626 top top Reddit for the image!


Week 8 difficulties Guide

Just like the previous season, make sure you do any henchmen, marauders, or vault based obstacles in common modes due to the fact that they won"t show up in Team Rumble! all maps shown below were sourced native

Search 7 Chests at Frenzy Farms

Frenzy ranches is a pretty good chest spot, so girlfriend shouldn"t battle too much completing this one. Team Rumble is always the ideal for arsenal challenges, for this reason head over there if you"re having actually trouble.


Get 3 Eliminations at braided Springs

Not lot to this one, however if you"re struggling head to Team Rumble to get the 3 eliminations because the circle will certainly drop here sometimes.

Complete the boat time trial at Motorboat Mayhem

This was a difficulty previously, so I"m expecting they changed the route of the moment trial come something new. Hop into one that the many boat spawns around the area, sit at the beginning area close to the optimal of the island and also then walk through all of the timers as easily as girlfriend can!


Drive a vehicle from retail Row to satisfied Park in much less than 4 minutes

Our an initial real car difficulty is lastly in the game. This doesn"t seem favor it will be also difficult, you"re just going to need to acquire the auto spawn very first before other human being snag them. You will desire the Whiplash if you have any kind of kind of choice, that"s the sports car and also is the faster of the bunch. Ns don"t recommend using the boost, the draws a ton of fuel and also you might run out prior to you get to satisfied Park. Don"t gain out of her car, it shows up the an obstacle timer end if girlfriend do! carry out NOT journey on grass or off-road, your automobile will go a entirety lot slow if friend do. I"ve drawn a course on exactly how you should follow the road.

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Collect 500 lumber from Holly Hedges

Well, this could be one of the easier difficulties ever placed on the list! Holly Hedges has actually a fair amount that trees bordering it, therefore you have the right to hack those down. You"ve additionally got every one of the hedges together well. If the isn"t enough, simply start hacking under houses!

Deal damage to foe from inside a vehicle

It doesn"t specify an quantity of damage, so it"s possible you simply need to deal damage once and also you"ll be done v it. This should count because that cars, helicopters, and also boats!

Deal 10,000 damages to adversaries from within a automobile (Team Challenge)

With every one of the brand-new cars scattered roughly the map, it shouldn"t it is in too lot of a problem to discover a vehicle and also dish out some damage. This is walking to be far much easier to perform in squads, because as much as I"m aware, cars carry out not generate in Team Rumble. This is a bummer, yet hopefully the changes. You can still do damages with boats or in a helicopter, so take into consideration those choices as well. You deserve to find boats in Team Rumble, so friend might be able to get several of it excellent there.

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