As the chart increased from a top 12 because that the an initial time, Frank continued to command the way with the title tune from one Oscar-winning film.

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Three coins at the OscarsThe complying with March, Three Coins In The Fountain walk on come win best Original tune at the 27th Academy Awards, beating songs from White Christmas, The High and also the Mighty, Susan Slept right here and A Star Is Born. The movie itself won best Picture. Sinatra to be at the awards to current the finest Supporting Actress award to Eva Marie Saint because that On The Waterfront, but oddly, didn’t carry out “Three Coins,” which was sung because that the show by his girlfriend Dean Martin.The song had actually topped the American graph a tiny earlier, in July 1954, in the variation by Pennsylvania vocal stylists the four Aces. Frank’s version had actually to it is in content through a No.4 optimal there.

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An additional recording of “Three Coins,” by Julius LaRosa, reached No.21, if a rendition by Dinah coast missed the chart. The coveted track was later on remade by anyone from Jack Jones to Steve Martin.“Three Coins In The Fountain” is ~ above the album Days that Wine and also Roses, Moon River and Other Academy compensation Winners, which have the right to be purchase here.