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Every week, the cast and also that ABC’s Taiwanese American family members comedy, Fresh off the Boat, is acquisition behind the scenes. For each episode, one member is recapping, share thoughts on what go down, and walking us through the ins-and-outs the the show. This week, writer Rachna Fruchbom bring us right into the season 3 episode, “Sisters there is no Subtext.”

Hi! I’m Rachna Fruchbom and I’m a writer top top Fresh off the Boat. If you’re worried about my qualifications come talk about this episode, don’t be: I have a sister and also not to brag, but I lik2175forals.comise know what subtext is. I guess what I’m speak is, please protect against questioning me. Just kidding, I recognize you to trust me implicitly due to the fact that I’m a comedy writer you’ve never met.

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Anyway, this main we find out a little an ext about the Huang’s family and also neighbors. Currently that the show is a couple seasons in, we gain to add more layers to our an additional characters, which is a most fun. First, Jessica’s sister, Connie, concerns town with big dreams about going to arts school. Louis is compelled to challenge his fear of spiders and also Jessica is required to concern why she’s so down on artistic pursuits… or is she? That’s what us in the biz speak to a teaser. Friend probably currently that, but it help me feel like you’ve learned something from reading this, so simply let me have actually it. Jessica also gets to sing a bunch. Gain excited because Constance Wu can SING. (And Susan Park, who plays Connie, was nervous around singing yet spoiler alert: she crushed it.)

In the various other story, Honey and Marvin have to face the reality of their large age distinction when castle visit a Lifestyle neighborhood for senior Citizens through Eddie, Emery, and Evan. Beam Wise and Chelsey Crisp space a true delight and also our boys are adorable as constantly — maybe even a small too adorable, together Emery and also Evan quickly discover. A to mark of the illustration is a funny treadmill stunt with Chelsey that we were all nervous about and then finished up acquiring in one take… or go we?*