An extremely valuable word in Italian is tutto which equates as everything in English.

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IPA: <ˈtutto>

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Hai finito tutto? Allora puoi andare fuori a giocare.

Have you perfect everything? Well, you deserve to go out and play then.

It might be complied with by the pronoun ciò or quello if the speaker elaborates ~ above tutto through an explanation. For example:

Voglio vedere tutto. = I want to watch everything.


Voglio vedere tutto ciò / quello ! = I desire to see everything <there is to check out in Florence>!

Voglio vedere tutto ciò / quello . = I desire to see whatever <you’ve found>.

Ho messo tutto in valigia. = I put everything in the suitcase.

Tutto can also mean all or whole once it precedes a noun. Depending upon the sex of the noun and also whether that is singular or plural, tutto may change to tutta (fem, sing), tutti (masc, plur) or tutte (fem, plur).

Tutte le persone erano molto contente di vedere lo spettacolo.

All the people were very happy to view the performance.

Ho passato tutto il weekend a pulire la casa.

I invested the entirety weekend cleaning the house.

It can likewise appear in prior of adjectives, once again through the definition all.

Dopo la corsa, sono tutto sudato!

After the run, I’m every sweaty!

Tutti and tutte can additionally mean everyone. Note that in English, the word everyone is singular vice versa, in Italian, it is plural.

Tutti ti vogliono bene!

Everybody loves you!

When tutto is came before by the preposition del, that takes top top the an interpretation of completely or entirely.

Non so not ancora guarito del tutto.

I quiet haven’t completely recovered.

Useful phrases featuring tutto

Tutto is a common word that shows up in many collection phrases and also expressions. Right here are a few that will absolutely come in handy once chatting v your new Italian friends!

nonostante tutto = despite everythingprima di tutto = an initial of all, many of alltutto a posto = all is well, all sortedtutto compreso = all-inclusivetutto qua = that’s it, that’s alltutto torna = it every adds upinnanzitutto (can likewise be 2 words, innanzi tutto) = first and foremosttutto sommato = all points considered

Tutti frutti

Even without discovering the Italian language, you’ve more than likely heard or come throughout the expression tutti frutti, sometimes written with a hyphen in between the 2 words: tutti-frutti.

Curiously, this expression was born outside of Italy. That originates indigenous the ice cream cream containing piece of blended candied fruit. It can also refer come a salad or compote of combined fruit, or even a cocktail of fruit wet in brandy.

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But there could be another reason tutti frutti sounds familiar. That is also a famous rock and also roll song written by small Richard in 1955. Elvis Presley and The Beatles recorded well-known covers of the track as well.

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Idioms special tutto

There are plenty of idioms that attribute the word tutto. Here are a couple of of the most renowned ones!

Tutto fa brodo!

literal : every little thing makes brothmeaning : every tiny bit helps

Essere tutto casa e chiesa / Essere tutto casa e famiglia

literal : come be every house and also church / come be all house and familymeaning : to it is in pious, or to be a family person

Mettere bocca su tutto

literal : to placed one’s mouth ~ above everythingmeaning : to have an opinion about everything

Non è tutto oro quel che luccica

literal : not all that glitters is goldmeaning : not all the glitters is gold

Non tutto il male viene every nuocere

literal : not all evil comes to harmmeaning : every cloud has a silver lining