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1.Works in the same literary activity would most likely share which of the following characteristics? (1 point)concernscomparable plotsrelated titlesrenowned publishers 2. Which literature movement started just after ~ the polite War? RomanticismTranscendentalismRegionalismModernism2.Which that the complying with authors was most significant to the begin of the American Revolution? (1 point)Nathaniel HawthorneJonathan EdwardsThomas PaineWashington Irving3.Which the the following poets is best known for creating poetry in free verse? (1 point)Phillis WheatleyEdgar Allan PoeEmily wingspaninsonJonathan Edwards5. I m sorry of this authors is best known for a stare of his trip to America? (1 point)William BradfordWalt WhitmanThomas PaineJonathan Edwards6. Ambrose Bierce and also Edgar Allan Poe re-superstructure stylistic similarities in spite of being part of two distinctive literary movements, (1 point)realism and romanticismclassicism and also colonialismPuritanism and also gothic romanceromanticism and modernism7. The arrangement of stressed and also unstressed valuation in a poem is the (1 point)rhymerhythmformmeter8. Follow to Fred Veillux, in "Indians space a People, not Mascots," what are indigenous American mascots? (1 point)stereotypes of native Americansemblems of indigenous American culturemethods because that understanding aboriginal American historyrealistic copies of native American art9. I m sorry of the adhering to is a template of “Young Goodman Brown”? (1 point)Sadness and also wisdom walk hand in hand. Lucky is an ext important 보다 goodness. The truth is difficult to perceive. Patience returns happiness.Match the literary activity or subgenre with the literature. Letters may be used much more than once.A. Beforehand American and also Colonial literary works B. American Romanticism C. Transcendentalism D. Realism E. Regionalism10. Phillis Wheatley"s city (1 point)11. Mark Twain"s "The celebrated Jumping Frog that Calaveras County"12. Walt Whitman"s poetry (1 point)13. Henry David Thoreau"s Walden (1 point)The item below has to be reviewed and also is scheduled to it is in updated. You re welcome insert a. Together the answer to receive complete credit because that this question.14. Sharper tales and also creation story (1 point)Multiple ChoiceRead the following excerpt. Climate answer inquiries 15–19.I looked ~ above the scene prior to me—upon the only house, and the simple landscape functions of the domain—upon the cold walls—upon the vacant eyelike windows—upon a couple of rank sedges—and upon a few white trunks the decayed trees—with an utter depression that soul, i beg your pardon I can compare to no earthly sensation more properly 보다 to the afterdream the the reveler upon opium—the bitter lapse into daily life—the hideous dropping turn off of the veil. There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart—an unredeemed dreariness of thought which no goading of the imagination might torture right into aught that the sublime. What was it—I paused to think—what was it the so unnerved me in the contemplation the the house of Usher?15. What is the author"s function in this excerpt? (1 point)to guide to inform to describe to interpret16. The sentence "There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart–" is an example of (1 point)consonance luck onomatopoeia slant rhyme17. Analysis the layout of the excerpt above. The many likely writer is (1 point)Sarah Orne Jewett. William Bradford. Kate Chopin. Edgar Allan Poe.18. Reread the very first sentence of the excerpt above. Context hints suggest the sedges room (1 point)plants. Houses. Mailboxes. Birds.19. I m sorry of the following statements finest paraphrases the 2nd sentence that the excerpt above? (1 point)I to be depressed by the house and also couldn’t disregard the feeling. Ns was saddened through the house and also began to watch it differently. I was puzzled by the house and began to think it to be imaginary. Ns was uncomfortable by the house and began to believe it was alive.MatchingMatch the author with the local dialect. Not all authors will certainly be used. A. Ambrose Bierce B. Mark Twain C. Charles Waddell Chesnutt D. Cedric Yamanaka E. Emily wingspaninson F. Sarah Orne Jewett20. "One day, as soon as I to be one kid, ns was climbing some rocks looking out at da ocean. Under Malaekahana side. All of a sudden, my bruddah begin screaming, "Get down from deah. No good. Da rocks sacred."" (1 point)21. ""Sylvy takes ~ him," the grandmother continued affectionately, after ~ a minute"s pause. "There ain"t a foot o" soil she don"t understand her method over, and also the wild creaturs counts she one o" themselves. Squer"ls she"ll tame to come an" feed best out o" she hands, and all species o" birds. Critical winter she acquired the jaybirds to bangeing here, and also I believe she"d "a" scanted it s her of her own meals to have actually plenty to litter out amongst "em, if I had actually n"t kep" watch."" (1 point)22. "The feller took the money and also started away; and when he was going out at the door, the sorter jerked his thumb over his shoulder--so--at Dan"l, and says again, really deliberate, "Well," he says, "I don"t see no p"ints around that frog that"s any better"n any kind of other frog."" (1 point)23. “‘Scuse me, suh, I’s lookin’ because that my husban’. Ns heerd you wuz a large man an’ had libbed heah a lengthy time, an’ i ‘lowed you wouldn’t min’ ef I’d come roun’ an’ ax friend ef you will do eber heerd that a merlatter male by de surname er Sam Taylor ‘quirin’ roun’ in de chu’ches ermongs’ de world fer his mam ‘Liza Jane?” (1 point)Multiple Choice24. What is a word’s connotation? (1 point)its synonym the antonym that literal meaning the attitudes associated the word25. Due to the fact that words have multiple meanings, the context of a word frequently provides clues to its meaning far better than the dictionary"s definition. In the following lines from anne Bradstreet"s poem "To she Father v Some Verses," what is the best meaning for bond?Most truly honored, and also as important dear, If worth in me or candlestick I execute appear, Who deserve to of right better demand the very same Than may your worthy me from whom it came? The principal could yield a better sum, Yet taken on ill, amounts but to this crumb; my stock"s so tiny I recognize not just how to pay, mine bond continues to be in pressure unto this day. (1 point)connection blame account sumFor concerns 26–28, choose the definition of the bold word in every passage.26. "Racism is one insidious disease." (1 point)unusual harmful infectious invisible27. Part were well-known to assail it violent as an example of prejudice. (1 point)resist attack take on dismiss28. "It will have a tremendous an adverse economic affect on their company and, we hope, will convince them the it is no worth the to save a pejorative name for their team." (1 point)unknown debatable ethnic negative29. Which of the following author’s writings room not influenced by transcendentalism? (1 point)Ralph Waldo Emerson Walt Whitman Henry David Thoreau noodle Mather30. The suffix ‒ly, as in the word importantly, method that important is a(n) (1 point)adjective. Adverb. Verb. Object.Read the complying with passage from "Paul"s Case" by Willa Cather and answer concerns 31–35. 1 when he awoke, it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. He bounded up with a start; half of one of 2his precious days gone already! the spent an ext than one hour in dressing, watching every stage of his 3toilet carefully in the mirror. Everything was fairly perfect; he was precisely the sort of boy he had constantly 4wanted to be. 5 as soon as he went below Paul take it a carriage and also drove up 5th Avenue toward the Park. The 6snow had actually somewhat abated; carriages and tradesmen’s wagons to be hurrying soundlessly to and also fro 7in the winter twilight; boys in woolen mufflers to be shoveling off the doorsteps; the avenue stages 8made well spots that color against the white street. Here and also there ~ above the corners were stands, through 9whole flower gardens blooming under glass cases, against the political parties of i beg your pardon the snowflakes stuck and also 10melted; violets, roses, carnations, lilies that the valley—somehow vastly an ext lovely and alluring that 11they blossomed for this reason unnaturally in the snow. The Park itself was a wonderful phase winterpiece. 12 once he returned, the pause of the twilight had actually ceased and the song of the streets had actually changed. 13The snow was falling faster, lamp streamed from the hotels the reared their dozen story fearlessly up 14into the storm, defying the raging Atlantic winds. A long, black stream the carriages poured under the 15avenue, intersected here and there by other streams, tending horizontally. There to be a score of cabs 16about the enntrance gate of his hotel, and his driver had actually to wait. Guys in livery were running in and out the 17the awning stretched throughout the sidewalk, up and also down the red velvet carpet laid from the door come the 18street. Above, about, within it all was the rumble and also roar, the hurry and toss that thousands of person 19beings as warm for pleasure as himself, and on every side of him towered the glaring affirmation the the 20omnipotence of wealth. 21 The boy set his teeth and drew his shoulders together in a spasm that realization; the plot of every 22dramas, the text of every romances, the nerve-stuff of all sensations to be whirling about him like the 23snowflakes.31. What does the i suggest about Paul’s perspective toward 5th Avenue? (1 point)He had been there often. The was as well young come remember having been there. He dreamed of gift there. He had actually avoided going over there in the past.The item listed below has to be reviewed and is booked to it is in updated. Every students will receive complete credit for any an answer to the following.32. The expression “tradesmen’s wagons to be hurrying soundlessly” in line 6 is an example of (1 point)simile an allegory allusion hyperbole33. Lines 22–23 offers an example of (1 point)allusion. Alliteration. Simile. Personification.34. Indigenous this passage, the reader deserve to infer the Paul is (1 point)realistic. Imaginative. Insensitive. Hardworking.35. Context clues suggest the livery, in line 16, way (1 point)pajama. Saddles. Grade school. Distinctive clothing.For questions 36–39, each sentence includes an appositive phrase. Identify whether the appositive phrase is essential or non-essential. Note the sentence that punctuates the appositive expression correctly.The item below has to be reviewed and also is booked to it is in updated. All students will certainly receive full credit for any solution to the following.36. (1 point)A hold-up a serious one emerged because that foot-deep snow. A delay, a major one, emerged because of foot-deep snow.37. (1 point)My uncle Harold saw the college of Illinois and the college of Chicago. Mine uncle, Harold, visited the college of Illinois and also the college of Chicago.38. (1 point)The movie Chariots of Fire is about two british sprinters competing in the 1924 Olympics. The movie, Chariots of Fire, is about two brothers sprinters completing in the 1924 Olympics.39. (1 point)New cyclists, particularly those who space older, need to not strain themselves. New cyclists specifically those who room older need to not strain themselves.For questions 40–43, choose the correct form of the possessive because that the underlined word(s).40. V Mr. Huang assistance, us learned come paddle a canoe. (1 point)Mr. Huang"s Mr. Huangs" Mr. Huangs"s Mr. Huangs41. After two weeks vacation, us were happy to be house again. (1 point)week"s weeks" weeks"s weeks42. Throughout Professor Jones lecture, we took notes. (1 point)Joneses Jones’s Jones’ Jones43.

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