As much as I want to prefer this hidden-camera premise -- which actually appears to have actually a much more intriguing show locked inside it -- it's daunting to ignore just how conspicuously manipulated the action feels. It's not simply that the contestants space actors with minimal credits -- duh -- but that they're therefore obviously actors, which ultimately undoes a promising concept.

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As much as I want to choose this hidden-camera premise — which actually appears to have a much more intriguing display locked within it — it’s complicated to ignore exactly how conspicuously manipulated the action feels. It’s not simply that the contestants space actors with minimal credits — duh — yet that they’re for this reason obviously actors, which ultimately undoes a promise concept. Ashton Kutcher has end up being a prolific truth TV producer, but closely following “Opportunity Knocks” — one more slightly tweaked gameshow, the one for alphabet — perhaps he and his partners need to let advance plans rattle around in their heads a trifle longer.

Hosted through Joe Rogan (whose stint on “Fear Factor” seems like only yesterday), the “Candid Camera”-like series employs hidden cameras to monitor a player assigned come conduct miscellaneous stunts, from questioning an unsuspecting family members to pose with her come convincing a guy she’s never met to participate in a wedding ceremony. That very first salvo, special Shalisse Pekarcik, is amusing, if only due to the fact that it’s reasonably fast-paced as a half-hour format and tests how influential a quite woman have the right to be, also when communicating with finish strangers.

The no-brainer wrinkle — one that would invest the show with unanticipated if welcome sociological heft — would certainly be to comparison how well men (or less attractive women) fare by comparison. Instead, the 2nd installment attributes Craig Scime, who’s even much more blatantly doing improv shtick as he tries to coerce strange males to cave out with him or civilization on the street to provide mock testimonials about their own alien abductions.

Everything about the show screams small potatoes — including the $5,000 payday for efficiently fulfilling a challenge — which would certainly be good if the execution didn’t feeling so stilted. Together is, this lightweight diversion returns a few amusing moments thanks to the assortment of people the 2 actors encounter (good come know: tourist will carry out just around anything) frequenting well-trafficked locales like Hollywood Boulevard and the Santa Monica pier.

CBS is cram the regimen on Saturday night, wherein it’s unlikely to carry out serious service but also can’t inflict any damage. The dead is that a an ext ambitious production could actually have yielded a an ext viable (or at least less cynical) finish product.

At this suggest nobody really expects truth TV to be totally real (witness all the play-acting that goes into MTV’s “The Hills”), but it have to be much more authentic 보다 a Groundlings sketch. Offered that the idea has actually merit, it’s a legit knock to dismiss “Game show in mine Head” as an additional missed opportunity.

Game show in my Head

CBS, Sat. Jan. 3, 8 p.m.

Production:Produced by cap Trick Prods. And Katalyst movies in association v fox21. Executive, management producers, Jimmy Mulville, Leon Wilde, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke, Michael Binkow; supervising producer, Evelyn Warfel.

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Crew:Music, Tony Phillips; casting, Michelle McNulty running TIME: 30 MIN.Cast:Host: Joe Rogan Music By: