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Many type of of’s cities and towns have actually a colorful nightlife, via numerous bars and also clubs. A number of these cater especially to LGBT crowds for all or part of the week. Here are 5 of the finest spots in the state for gays and also lesbians to hang out and have actually a fun and also relaxing night.

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Triangles66 Sugarhollow RoadDanbury, CT 06810(203)

Triangles explains itself as being three bars in one. The main bar is located by the big dance floor, which is open Friday and also Saturday nights. It likewise has actually an outdoorpatio bar in the time of warm weather months, anda billiards lounge open up eextremely night, 365 days a year. Triangles has actually no shortage of special occasions, from transgender parties one Saturday a month to women nights on the 3rd Friday to a male revue every Thursday night.Sunday nights are for karaoke, and Monday is Broadway night where customers deserve to belt out their favorite present tunes.

Partners Cafe365 Crown St.New Haven, CT 06511(203)

Open seven days a week, the two-story Partners always has something going on. Male dancers perform on Mondays, dance parties through plenty of drink specials are organized on Fridays and also the initially and also third Saturday of each month feature leather parties set to dark residence music. Partners additionally has actually occasional Ladies Nights and Latin Nights. A pleasant, laid-back staff and also plenty of parking make it an attrenergetic New Haven destination.

Frank’s Place9 Tilley St.New London, CT 06320(860)

Frank’s Place might be one of the friendliest and inviting bars in the state. Whether you’re gay or lesbian – or straight – the staff and regulars at Frank’s go out of their means to make you feel at residence. There’s plenty of entertainment from karaoke Wednesdays to triby means of Thursdays to drag shows on the first Saturday of the month. Dance to residence music spun by DJ Crash on Friday and also Saturday nights (the dance floor also has a stripper pole), shoot a game of pool or chill out on the outdoor patio in the summer.

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168 York Street Cafe168 York St.New Haven, CT 06510(203) 789-1915www.168yorkstreetcafe.comThis cafe has been a fixture at Yale University for decades – it is just one of’s oldest gay bars. It likewise boasts of being the just gay-owned drinking and dining facility in New Haven. 168 York Street entertains patrons with guests favor blues singer Faye Green and drag queen Robin Banks and also even holds outdoor barbeques eextremely Sunday in the time of the summer. Also popular is its Beer Bash, eincredibly Thursday and also Sunday from 9 p.m. to midnight, when all domestic and also imported beers are discounted. 168 York Street isn’t just a great night spot either; it’s also famed for its Sunday brunch, hosted weekly from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Trevi Lounge548 Kings Highmeans CutoffFairfield, CT 06824(203)

Trevi Lounge is one of the newest gay and lesbian bars in the state, opening in December of 2012.It distinguishes itself by having actually, in addition to a main bar and also dance floor, an elegant piano bar through stained glass home windows. But there’s nothing pretentious about Trevi, which creates a fun vibe by throwing holidaycelebrations and hosting weekly watching parties for shows favor “Amerideserve to Horror Story” and “The Walking Dead.” Ladies night is on the second Thursday of each month, and also there’s never a cover charge.

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