How many type of hours of content has been announcements?As of episode 2-69, according to our Running Times tables across both projects and also all one-shots, there has been a total of 36:19:58 in between the beginning of each episode and the start of the games themselves. This time includes the opening greetings, announcements, and also opening credits.

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Has there been any kind of indication that Essek Thelyss levitates anywhere because he is lacking a leg?Tbelow has not yet been any indication or explanation.

How many type of days has Yasha invested with the Nein?As of episode 2-69, Yasha has actually been through the Nein for 114 of 176 days.

How many kind of times has Matt said he is sorry after one of Sam"s sponsor intros?In project 2, Matt has actually clearly apologized seven times. Each instance noted after the break!

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blacksalander for the art piece!

We had actually an anonymous critter research a while back for us to produce a list of villains and information about their intentions and also deeds.Tright here have been a lotof significant bads over the course of 99 episodes, so many that we can not carry out them justice in one write-up. We"re breaking them up by story arc, continuing with the dragons of the Chroma Conclave.

The Chroma Conclave

Thordak, The Cinder King

Head of the Chroma ConclaveOriginally from the Shifting Sands, was defeated by Devo’ssa after attacking Ank’harel and also thought dead.Waburned up on the Opash’s island.Was tortured and also experimented on by Opash for years prior to overpowering the necromancer.Found the knowledge of the rituals to end up being a dracolich, and set out for Tal’Dorei to gain even more power and also discover arcane users powerful enough to perdevelop the routine.Invaded Raishan’s area, and also made a deal to help her cure her Soul Curse in exadjust for her allegianceInvaded Tal’Dorei, razing the Verdant Expanse prior to being beat by Kima of Vord, Allura Vysoren, Drake Thunderbrand also, and also their compatriots, and also banished to the Fire Plane.Destroyed Byroden, killing Vax’ildan and also Vex’ahlia’s mom.Spotted by VM on their expedition to the Fire Plane in the time of Keyleth’s AraMenteGrew bigger and more insane throughout his 15 years in the Fire Plane prior to breaking out through Raishan’s assist and damaging Pyrah.Returned with a Heartrock implanted through an Ember Seed buried in his chest.Raishan broke him out previously than intended because of her concerns about his increasing insanity- Winter’s Crest rather than the summer solstice.Razed the city of Emon and also started turning the Cloudoptimal District into his lair, forcing the surviving citizens to serve him.Was slowly turning the city right into a volcanoLhelp several elemental dragon eggs beneath the previous castle, having actually recreated asexually

Brimscythe, The Iron Storm

Young adult blue dragonServed on the Council of Emon as a humale through the name General Krieg Tristan.Member of the Chroma Conclave.Lair located somewright here in the Cliffkeep Mountains. Can be gone into by means of a portal in the basement of his home in the Cloudtop District.Killed by Vax’ildan after VM’s discovery of the portal to his lair.Read More
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Who was it that eliminated each individual member of the conclave with what attack? (for fanart purposes)

Brimscythe: Vax’ildan, Unknown (presumably a dagger)Umbrasyl: Grog, BloodaxeVorugal: Vex’ahlia, FenthrasThordak: Vax’ildan, WhisperRaishan: Kerrek, Dusk Warhammer

Did Vex drop Demons for her favorite enemy? I was rewatching the episode wright here Vex and Percy were in the library and also Laura carried it up yet then sassist never before mind.

Nothing has been declared on the present about it, as far as we know.

I would certainly like to recognize just how many type of times Laura has actually offered swear words OOC and also IC on the show?

We have no problem through strong language, yet we still desire to keep the language (relatively) clean on the site. Also, we no much longer take tracking repursuits that need a full-present rewatch. (Friendly reminder to additionally check out our Frequently Asked Questionspage!)

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If Vax gets surpincrease with all those nice assassin bonprovides, exactly how a lot damage (on average), have the right to we suppose him to do?

For the sake of this, we’ll say that Vax assaulted immediately in order to obtain a surprise attack, and also didn’t have time to actors Hunter’s Mark.

42 (Sneak Attack) + 4 Slashing + 8 Psychic + 8 + 16 Divine Smite = 78 Median Crit Damage42 (Sneak Attack) + 4 Piercing + 8 Psychic + 8 + 10 (Sharpshooter) = 72 Median Crit Damage

What is the max damage Vax has actually done?

Vax’s a lot of damaging single strike remained in Episode 79 (2:12:09), dealing 102 damage versus Thordak. For any damages connected questions, check out either our All Rolls chart, Average/Total Damage Dealt chart, or Damage Taken chart over on our Running Stats page!

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With impending fight with Thordak, the beacons are lit. Vox Machina calls for aid; who will certainly answer? Updated through Episode 74.

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November 08, 2016/
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October 24, 2016 Rapid Answers 34 October 24, 2016/

Which oath does Lady Kima follow as a paladin?

Kima is now under the Oath of Vengeance, despite Matt’s tweet last July that she was an Oath of Devotion paladin. We’re not certain under what scenarios the switch occurred, though.

Can Kima as a Halfling even wield the Holy Avenger Great Sword she was given?

Absolutely! Though the Rules as Written say that all Small creatures are at a disbenefit once wielding Heavy tools, while still in the Underdark, Kima wielded a great sword with proficiency bereason, as a paladin, she is experienced with martial weapons. More, have you seen Kima? She have the right to scarf down chicken while doing one-handed pushups; one excellent sword isn’t going to offer her troubles.

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Welconcerned Chroma Decision 2016!In the spirit of the political year, the Crit Role Stats team has actually uncovered it fitting to analyze the statements presented by Raishan and also put them under the microscope, to the finest of our capability.

Regards to Polititruth for the, uh, inspiration! Also, Amerideserve to critters, go register to vote, if you haven’t already; today’s the deadline for many type of of you!

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broken-cogfor the art!

The most shrewd, treacherous, and arcanely gifted of the Conclave made her bold power play. As with our previous twocompilations, we’ve gathered every little thing proclaimed around Raishan in a file here. Overview below the reduced (all facts, spoilers via episode 69), together with a brief summary of what we recognize around her capabilities from both the present and also the Monster Manual.

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_dovaquiin for the art!

Following Vox Machina’s meeting via the leader of Ank’Harel, there has been many discussion amongst the Critters around what we understand around The Cinder King. We compiled a list of all relevant quotations around him in a record you have the right to accessibility here. Below the reduced, we summarize all we recognize about him. Spoilers up via episode 66; all facts, no speculation.

Thordak ruled in the Scalding Sands, a space that takes up nearly fifty percent of Marquet, for centuries. (Ep 40, 66)He acquired greedy and also attempted to strike Ank’Harel, the city that J’mon Sa Ord rules and protects, via his militaries of lizardfolk and other serpentine followers. (Ep 40, 66)Ank’Harel was roughly 100-150 years old by this suggest. (Ep 66)J’mon and also their pressures defeated the militaries and also chased Thordak to the sea where they mortally wounded him, experienced him fall into the ocean, and also presumed him dead. (Ep 40, 66)Thordak made it through, yet, and in the intervening centuries ruled over the island of Viscal in the the south Lucidian Ocean, terrorizing the adjacent beaches and also passing ships. (Ep 40)It has been around 400 years considering that Thordak was swarm dvery own. (Ep 41)About 15 years ago, Thordak as soon as again acquired greedy and also began to raze the cities southern of the Stormcremainder Mountains and Verdant Expanse. (Ep 40)This consisted of Byroden, Vex and Vax’s home. (Ep 40, possibly evidenced aobtain by Syldor in Ep 60 once he tells the twins to “avenge” her.)After unefficiently battling Thordak, Allura called upon the Arcana Pansophical to aid devise a trap with her and also her adventuring party that included Kima, Drake Thunderbrand also, Ghenn, Cyrrus, and Dohla. (Ep 40, 57)This trap affiliated taking a Heart Stone from a primordial Fire Titan and also made it right into a Soul Anchor, that was expected to anchor Thordak in the Elepsychological Plane of Fire. (Ep 40, 57)With the Fire Ashari’s help, Allura’s team persuaded Thordak that he would be effective sufficient to contain a Heart Stone. (Ep 45, 47, 57)Once he consumed it, the team was able to press him down and also banish him to aircraft, they assumed forever before. (Ep 57)While there, he obtained much bigger and obsessed over his revenge. (Ep 40, 57)About 4 years ago, a 15 year old woman called Raishan involved the Fire Ashari, seeking refuge. The Ashari took her in, taught her some of their magic, and treated her as among their very own. (Ep 47)In the months prior to the Conclave’s assault, Raishan required to spending days at a time alone in the Cindergrove. (Ep 57)Throughout Winter’s Crest, Raishan tore open up the rift in between the Elepsychological Plane of Fire and also the Prime Material Plane making use of extremely powerful magic. Old magic, also. (Ep 57)Regardless of the use of Old Magic, the Conclave and also its strike seem to be unregarded Tiamat and also her residence in Baator. (Ep 43)Thordak, leading the Chroma Conclave, ruined the city of Emon, and also sent the staying dragons eastward while he stayed to lead over Emon, claiming mercy upon the enduring citizens of the city and also proclaiming their brand-new purpose to be to serve him. (Ep 39, 40)During the strike, Thordak, approximately twice the size of the other dragons, physically tossed Vorugal from Greyskull Keep in a display of dominance. (Ep 40)White dragons, in specific, hate other dragons, and never before forgain a slight. (Ep 57)According to Gileven more, the Heart Stone was still visible within Thordak’s chest in the time of the devastation of Emon. (Ep 41, 57)Because then, Thordak has made Emon right into his brand-new lair. The land is currently volcanic, and also he continues to dig and also burrow. He’s enslaved sculptors to carve his likeness right into the Cloudtop District walls, and also he forces the citizens to serve him and carry him gold. If they refusage, they die. (Ep 41, 57, 64)Lizardpeople patrol the city as Thordak’s police and also army. (Ep 42)Eincredibly dusk, Thordak calls a gathering of the continuing to be population of Emon to worship him. Those that do not take part are eaten. He’s exceedingly vain, and also Aamount calls him “crazy.” (Ep 64)According to Aamount, Thordak has actually a set of gems equivalent to those they saw in Brimscythe and Vorugal’s lairs. (Ep 64)Though it was proclaimed in Episode 64 that they had watched equivalent jewels in Umbrasyl’s lair that were already damaged, it was said in Episode 56 that they did not see them bereason it was not Umbrasyl’s original lair.Thordak has actually an significantly big network-related of spies. (Ep 64)The day VM got back from the Feywild, something (we don’t understand for certain precisely what this was- tright here are a pair of choices or combicountry of options) made him angry sufficient to sfinish the majority of his wyvern guard eastward. An army of wyverns appeared to buzz Whitestone through Vorugal later that very same day; it is unwell-known if this was the very same army, particularly because the timing would certainly be tight for a trip from Emon to Whiterock (6 hours). (Ep 64)
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Anonymous asked: Story threads that have been dropped/not hit on yet? For example: Kainan, Vax’s protégé?

Check out this short article below for a number of the significant ones. Here are some others:

Did the entrymeans to the (possibly) Far Realm that Vox Machina caved in ever reopen?Was Captain Damon single?Why did it take Kima so lengthy to go back to Vasselheim?Why perform Osysa and her mate have to stay apart? How did they meet?How did Lyra’s paleas die?How did Zahra pertained to make her pact via The Great Old One?Wright here is Keyleth’s mother?Percy and also Lillith didn’t come dvery own to breakfast…Wright here is Vouk (a.ka. the tongueless wonder) now?How did Riskel, Sylas, Delilah, and Anders obtain affiliated via Vecna?Wright here is Ripley and also what is she up to?What is the spinning orb of death?What occurred to Goran Vedmeyer?Was the blue sdifficult that VM traded to the Clasp to get to Daxio a piece of a threshost crest?Who was the new owner of Krieg’s house?There was an engraving on the bottom of the tea collection that Vex took of L.M.-who is it?How did the Chroma Conclave involved be and why?What did Allura do with the skull?Wbelow is Kamaljiori now?Is Craven Edge enjoying his vacation on an additional aircraft of existence?Tales of Allura, Drake, and also Kima’s days as adventurers.Who is living in Greyskull Keep?Who was Kerrek really?Is Nala enjoying her book?Did Garmelie really simply desire Tirelda’s hat for fun?How are thresorganize crests made?Who venerated Orlan the ghost bear?Where did the trees go that Vex witnessed drop out of the canopy? And just how did they come back?Why did Gileven more leave Marquet?What is going on through the drug profession in Ank’Harel (and also is fusaka component of it)?The ruler of Ank’Harel, J’mon Sa Ord, has actually been there for way much longer than have to theoretically be possible- that or what are they?
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Lots of inquiries via already charted answers. Here’s wbelow you have the right to discover them!

How a lot time has passed ICly (not RL) considering that the attack of the Chroma Conclave up till the begin of the Feywild Arc?

It was 25 days from the moment the Chroma Conclave assaulted to the day Vox Machina very first gotten in the Feywild. If you want to recognize even more around in-game time passed, we have a web page dedicated to that!

In the previous episode they talked around “upgrading” some of the vestiges that they have currently gained (Grog through Titanstone Knuckles and Scanlan with Mythcarver). I don’t recontact any type of mentions of the vestiges being able to upgrade? Is this a point that was stated or somepoint the players made a decision can be feasible and also just tried it out?

Our finest guess is that they noticed that Vax’s Deathwalker’s Ward gained an ‘upgrade’ as soon as he took communion via the Raven Queen, and determined that maybe their vestiges had unlockable abilities as well.

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You men were exceptionally interested in Percy this time!

In which episode did Percy find that Cass was still alive?

Episode 30 (2:36:28)

Any concept why the party was talking about “attuning” to the Dragon Slayer Longsword? The reason I ask is that according to the DMG the Dragon Slayer Longsword is just a weapon that deserve to be supplied. Is it simply a mistake or something they decided to change?

Matt did state that Vax “reattuned to the Dragon Slaying Longsword” in episode 55 (1:45:19). The summary for tools of Dragon Slaying in the DMG (p166) does not indicate any type of attunement needs despite being a magical weapon, so it’s possible that this restriction was included especially for this game.

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