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Oh, mmm, I recognize a place, ain't nobody cryin'Ain't nobody worried, ain't no smilin' facesMmm, no no, lyin' come the racesHelp me, come on, come onSomebody, help me now(I'll take it you there)Help me, y'all(I'll take you there)Help me now(I'll take it you there)Oh(I'll take you there)Oh, oh, mercy(I'll take you there)Oh, let me take it you there(I'll take it you there)Oh, oh, permit me take you there(I'll take you there)Play your, play her piano nowAll right, ah, do it, do itCome on nowPlay on it, play on it
Daddy, daddy, daddyOoh, Lord, all right nowBaby, straightforward nowNow, come on, tiny ladyAll right, dum, dum, dum, dumSock it, sock itAh, oh, ohI recognize a place, y'all(I'll take you there)Ain't no one cryin'(I'll take you there)Ain't nobody worried(I'll take it you there)No smilin' faces(I'll take it you there)Uh, uh(Lyin' come the racesI'll take it you there)Oh, no, oh(I'll take you there)Oh, oh, oh(I'll take you there)Mercy now(I'll take it you there)
I'm callin', callin', callin' mercy(I'll take you there)Mercy, mercy(I'll take it you there)Let me(I'll take it you there)Oh, ohI'll take it you there(I'll take it you there)Oh, oh, oh, ohWanna take you there(I'll take you there)Just take it me through the handLet me(I'll take you there)Let me, permit me, permit me lead the wayOh(I'll take you there)Let me take you there(I'll take you there)Let me take it you there(I'll take you there)
Ain't no smilin' faces(I'll take it you there)Up in here, lyin' come the races(I'll take you there)You oughta, you gotta, gotta come allow me, allow me(I'll take you there)Take you, take you, take it you over there(I'll take you there)Ooh, oh, oh, all right(I'll take it you there)Oh, oh, all right(I'll take you there)Oh, oh(I'll take you there)Mmm, ah, oh, yeah(I'll take it you there)Whoa(I'll take you there)Let me lead the way(I'll take you there)

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