Who is George O. Gore II?


Childhood, parents and also education

George was raised an only child in fort Washington through his father who was a theatre actor, and his mom who to be a housewife – that is really close to his parents, and also they frequently dine together at regional restaurants.George came to be interested in acting while attending Suitland High School located in Forestville, Maryland, and started appearing in school plays, regularly playing lead characters – George was also very sporting as he play both soccer and football. He matriculated in 2000, and then focused on his acting career rather than pursuing a university degree.

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Career as an actor

George has been credited with 13 appearances in movies and TV series.He in reality made his debut movie appearance in 1992, once he shown Brian in the action crime drama “Juice”, written and directed by Ernest R. Dickerson, and which starred Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur and Jermaine Hopkins – the story adheres to four adolescents who discover power and happiness in the drug well-known as ‘the juice’; the film was nominated because that a solitary award. He made his debut TV series appearance in 1996, when invited come guest star together Clayton Doyle in the episode “Slave” that the crime secret series “Law & Order”, which to be a struggle in the united state as it won 47 awards and also was nominated for over 200 others, consisting of six golden Globes.
In the very same year, he illustrated Mark Jones in the sports comedy film “Eddie”, i beg your pardon starred Whoopi Goldberg and Fran Langella, and also is around Edwina ‘Eddie’ Franklin who becomes the basketball coach of the brand-new York Knicks. The year 1997 witnessed him portray boy in Harlem in the drama secret thriller movie “The Devil’s Advocate”, starring Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino and Charlize Theron, and also which adheres to a lawyer working in Florida, that receives an market to start working at a law agency in new York City – the film to be a hit, winning two awards while it was nominated for 7 others.

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In 1998 he guest starred in the episode “Elijah” the the family members fantasy drama series “Touched by an Angel”, i beg your pardon was very popular in the US, together it won 28 awards and was nominated for 48 others, consisting of three golden Globes. In 1994, he began portraying Gregory ‘G’ Williams in the crime drama series “New York Undercover”, developed by Kevin Arkadie and Dick Wolf, and which starred Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo – the film follows cops as they space fighting criminals in new York City.He walk on to portray Billy in the 1999 romantic drama movie “The Bumblebee flies Anyway”, i m sorry starred Elijah Wood and Janet Paparazzo, and also in 2001 he guest starred together Freddy goal in the episodes “Full Moon Halloween” and “School Spirit” of the family members fantasy fear “The Nightmare Room”.


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