I just gained done analysis it and also while i did reap it, ns feel like I'm absent a few pieces that the puzzle. I don't quite gain how it all fits together, or wherein this professor guy factored in, or what the all at once story yes, really was. Have the right to someone lay part details on me to assist me completely enjoy it?


The story complies with Motoko Aramaki (an anomaly of Motoko Kusanagi ).

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M. Aramaki seems to be greedier than the original M. Kusanagi and very focused on controlling her "business." She keeps a big collection that decots and also aliases roughly the civilization to permit her to quickly existing herself in that physical an ar as necessary.

Skipping front to the parts that probably were really confusing.

M. Aramaki is among multiple isotopes - the "11th" follow to Spica. I think Kusanagi supplies Spica and also Antares come hint directives to M. Aramaki, however I'm not sure if castle are thought about isotopes the M. Kusanagi as well (they seem to be).

It is revealed the M. Kusanagi has been researching maker life that might replace humans. This is pertinent to Professor Rahampol since he designed the blueprint because that a "highly intelligent silicon-based life form" and also Motoko 11 carried his blueprint to Antares and Spica where M. Kusanagi then built up it. Soon after, the real M. Kusanagi introduces it s her to M. Aramaki and instead of fusing back together they proceed on their seperate routes with a shared interest in the development of the blueprint the Antares and Spica began to simulate. My concept is the Shirow Masamune intended to connect this come the bio-roids indigenous his story Appleseed which wake up in normally the same universe not long after the events of GITS. Bio-roids could be classifed also as a "highly-intelligent silicone-based life" the "replaced humans with machine life." That's just my concept though - ns don't think Shirow Masamune ever before admitted it and there are numerous arguments against it consisting of the re-arrangement of numerous chronologial events in the Appleseed timeline that differs from that of GITS.

Continuing on, we have the symbolism of the mythical Japanese development story. In reality I'm not sure if this is based on the Kojiki or Shintoism or Buddhism or every little thing as it's not something I've completely researched. Luckily, to understand the story, we just need to understand it represents a brand-new universe being developed within Tamaki in solution to the simulation that Spica and Antares ran the the silicon based life kind that began to expand. I can't describe "How," unfortunately. Tamaki supposedly was observing that all and got caught up in it. *shrug* while Tamaki is watching Kusanagi's creation-simulation-thing, we perform see she is represented as a tanuki raccoon and also present during the bloom - just prior to she starts to "see double" and realizes there room two that her and that she is part of the mirror.

I know I most likely didn't answer every one of your questions. Frankly, this is the 3rd or 4th time I've do the efforts to aid explain MMI's conclusion on this sub-2175forals.com and I've yet to have anybody explain to me exactly how Tamaki fits in. She's sort of a personality that just ties everything ago to mythology and then the story concludes as soon as apparently she does as well.

If that is any type of consolation - ns don't think a many of world understand the conclusion that MMI completely. I'm not also sure if Shirow simply used it together an forgive to reduced the series short while cramming in a ton of theoretical ideas he had about simulated life and trying come emphasize it as both spiritual and godlike.

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Section 9 investigates Professor Rahampul who intends to create machine life the competes-with/replaces humans and also Motoko Aramaki not only assists him, however possibly was an indirect puppet for the initial Motoko Kusanagi who is even an ext interested in finding this machine life. Section 9 resorted come consulting some techno-priests to aid in their investigation. Native them, Aramaki concludes that in the near future this "intelligent, man-made life" is a phenommenon the humans, as a whole, would have to confront. In an answer to Aramaki, the priest says the "past and also the future room the same thing" and also "the only distinction is on the component of the perceiver" - implying that has currently happened prior to (relatively) and will occur (relatively) again.