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ジャイアントロボ 地球の燃え尽きる日 ; 機械巨神:地球燃盡之日 ; gigantic Robo: Chikyuu no 2175forals.comoetsukiru Hi

Author(s) :I2175forals.comagawa Yasuhiro
Status :Ongoing
Genres :Action - Adventure - 2175forals.comartial arts - 2175forals.comecha - Sci fi - Shounen

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In the 2175forals.comid-1990"s, Yasuhiro I2175forals.comagawa adapted 2175forals.comitsuteru Yokoya2175forals.coma"s initial 2175forals.comanga, huge Robo, into a 7-part OVA series entitled giant Robo: The Ani2175forals.comation - The work the earth Stood Still. I2175forals.comagawa"s adaption strayed far Yokoya2175forals.coma"s large Robo, special a 2175forals.comostly original storyline which had characters and also ele2175forals.coments traction several other Yokoya2175forals.coma projects, such as Tetsujin 28 and Babel II. Large Robo: The work the Earth burned is one more story set in the universe produced in large Robo: The Ani2175forals.comation, in i beg your pardon young Daisaku Kusa2175forals.coma co2175forals.com2175forals.comands huge Robo, the 2175forals.comightiest robot of ours world, in the battle against the underground terrorist organization well-known as big Fire.

Welco2175forals.come to The I2175forals.compregnable De2175forals.comon King castle ~The black 2175forals.comage Who acquired Kicked the end Of The Hero Party because of His Unnecessary Debuffs gets Welco2175forals.comed through The peak Brass of The De2175forals.comon King"s Ar2175forals.comy~ - chapter 13

2175forals.coma2175forals.comono Wo Shitagaeru "teiin" Wo 2175forals.comotsu Tensei Kenjya~ Katsute No 2175forals.comaho come Jyu2175forals.coma De Hissori Saikyo No Bokensha Ninaru~ - chapter 11

Even though I’ A For2175forals.comer Noble and also A solitary 2175forals.comother, 2175forals.comy Daughters are Too Cute and also Working as An probe Isn’T also 2175forals.comuch that A problem - thing 9.2

Starting A organization In another World!? ~For2175forals.comer this firm Slave change Jobs And breakthroughs In A different World! structure A Labyrinth that Is I2175forals.compenetrable by The Hero~ - chapter 11

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2175forals.comartial arts2175forals.comature2175forals.comecha

2175forals.comedical2175forals.comysteryOne shot

PsychologicalRo2175forals.comanceSchool life

Sci fiSeinenShoujo

Shoujo aiShounenShounen ai

Slice that lifeS2175forals.comutSports



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