Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois on august 9, 1968. In the years since, she has actually lived quite the life—moving v her family from Chicago come Puerto Rico come London to cool Rapids, Michigan, before returning come Chicago to to visit DePaul University. Despite she’s ideal known for playing Dana Scully top top The X-Files, Anderson has shown a bevy of interesting and bold characters, including Stella Gibson ~ above The Fall, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier top top Hannibal, and also Blanche DuBois in Broadway and London theatre productions that A Streetcar called Desire. Below are 11 facts around the Emmy-winning actor.

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1. Gillian Anderson"s an initial theater job introduced her career.

After graduating native DePaul University, Gillian Anderson moved to brand-new York City in 1990. She auditioned for the duty of Evelyn in Absent Friends, i m sorry Mary-Louise Parker was originally cast to play however left to star in Grand Canyon. Anderson read twice because that the part, and also director Lynne Meadow made decision to give the early-twentysomething—and inexperienced—Anderson a chance.

“When Lynne had actually my resume in she hand and also said, ‘Is this every you"ve done?’ i didn’t understand what she meant,” Anderson told The New York Times in 1991, in she first-ever interview. “I assumed I had actually done a lot. Yet once ns was hired, a big fear that mine was letting Lynne down. She was taking a large risk, and also I didn"t want her to uncover out she’d make a mistake.”

2. Gillian Anderson"s high school classmates voted she both "Most Bizarre" and "Most most likely to be Arrested."

In 2012, Gillian told Out Magazine just how her sense of style and relationship condition upset human being when she was a teenager. While attending high institution in grand Rapids, Michigan, she claimed she date a mrs and additionally somebody who was a many older 보다 her. “Everything the that kind of anarchistic mindset brings—the inappropriate actions it leads to—was just how I decided to it is in in the world at the time, i m sorry was, girlfriend know, no what civilization did,” she said.

3. Gillian Anderson is bidialectal.

As Stella top top The Fall, Anderson most likely surprised some fans in speaking in her indigenous British accent. Anderson told The Guardian it’s much easier for she to speak with an American interval in the U.S. And then speak with her brothers lilt when she’s in the UK. “I was in Los Angeles recently with a couple of Brits and also I thought, i’m going to see what it’s choose to talk amongst Americans v a british accent, and I felt therefore uncomfortable,” she said. “It felt so disingenuous, and I maintained thinking they have to think ns a complete tw*t. But when i’m here, it’s virtually impossible for me to preserve an American accent.”

4. Gillian Anderson "struggled" to find Dana Scully again once The X-Files came ago in 2016.

After one eight-year break from play her most iconic character—The X-Files movie to be released in 2008—Anderson went back to the function of Dana Scully in the 2016 show revival. “I struggled in the an initial week,” she told Net-A-Porter. “I to be trying to find the Scully of the past, quite than accepting time had actually passed. She and also Mulder no together and she’s carved out a people for herself, in medicine, working through a particular disease, through children, assisting surgeons. You acquire the feeling that she goes to work, she goes to her apartment, and also that’s her life. Over there is something lacking and, the course, the point that’s absent is Mulder.”

5. Gillian Anderson and also Jamie Dornan didn"t get to spend a many time with each other on The Fall.

The cat-and-mouse relationship in between Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson and also serial killer Paul Spector climaxed when the two finally shared a lengthy scene with each other in the last episode that The Fall"s 2nd season, in 2015. “After the an initial series people would come as much as me and also say, ‘I love The loss ... What’s Gillian Anderson choose to job-related with?’” Dornan called The Independent. “And I’d say, ‘I’ve no idea.’” going forward, the actors obtained to act in much more scenes together. Offscreen, though, they no spend much time together, since of scheduling conflicts.

“I observed her 3 times during the first series: the read-through, one minute we had actually in the corridor that the police station, and also then someday in the make-up trailer when she was functioning in the morning and also I was functioning in the afternoon," Dornan explained. "Generally it to be either a ‘Jamie day’ or a ‘Gillian day," and also Gillian has actually a young family members as perform I, so any time off ns wasn’t in Belfast, i was back with mine family. We didn’t view each other at all till we did all this push together and also getting to know each various other in the share interviews.”

6. Gillian Anderson thinks her honesty is what draws female fans.

Hopper Stone, Lionsgate Entertainment

When mentioning why so numerous women seem to "fangirl" her, Anderson called Net-A-Porter she thinks it"s since she champion women. “I tell world when they space beautiful, i tell other actresses when I think their work-related is remarkable ... So ns think women feel reasonably comfortable in mine presence,” she said. “Also, because I’m no perfect, you know? I’ve got flabby thighs, i’m aging and I’m 5-feet-3-inches. I talk around my failing in contemporary society in terms of gyms or food or whatever. I think yes a polite appreciation that I’m honest.”

As far as her masculine fans go, she think it"s since she played a sex price on The Fall. “For the photo op there to be a line the end the door of men, which has actually never been my endure before," she said. "With women, that feels an ext like the the mix that the human being and also the personalities that ns choose, whereas, on the day anyway, the males were hooking right into a particular character and a specific aspect, which was sex appeal.”

7. Gillian Anderson co-authored a book on women.

In 2017, Atria Books—a component of Simon & Schuster—published We: A manifesto for women Everywhere, co-written through Jennifer Nadel. “It’s a book around facing oneself,” Anderson told The Guardian. “It’s around working through things in one’s very own life in bespeak to it is in of much better service out in the world. And also it’s about the ar of women, too: the reality that there is so lot competition and also judgment and also negativity the end there, particularly on social media, when we have to be turning to each other, helping each other to find our voices.”

8. Gillian Anderson thrives on tension in a role.

“Somebody in ~ one suggest said something about the fact that I’ve ended up with, or have chosen, these duties where that me... Not necessarily against, yet rivaling these characters: the triptych the Mulder, Hannibal, and also Spector,” she said The Telegraph. “That I uncover myself in those situations, those roles. Ns mean, Mulder’s no really a predator, we’re no in that dance, yet there’s tension. Various creates of both intellectual and also sexual tension.”

9. Gillian Anderson doesn"t think Dana Scully is "particularly complex."

Frank Ockenfels, FOX

“I nothing yearn come play Scully in the same means I perform Stella or Blanche ," Anderson told Net-A-Porter. "Part of the is because she is not particularly complex. Human being appreciate the fact and that there are other complexities in the show, but as an actor, i don’t have the exact same passion .” However, she does understand that Scully is a “great character,” and also that “there is a formula and a flavor to <The X-Files> that hasn’t been recreated in noþeles else.”

10. Gillian Anderson has actually been vocal about the unfair push put on females as castle age.

In early 2016, the Daily Mail reported that Anderson had undergone part plastic surgical procedure to her face. Anderson conveniently took to facebook to shoot under the rumors. “If it weren’t so sad, this bollocks would have made my day,” she wrote.

“I’m no necessarily anti-surgery; ns anti the shame the is attached to women who make the choice, correctly or wrongly, in their very own mind," she told The Telegraph in September that that very same year. "I think that unfortunate that there is so much pressure ~ above women, and also yet they room damned if castle do and damned if they don’t. That is heinous. Yet I should say an extremely honestly that ns am lucky. In a few years there might be miscellaneous I discover intolerable, and I’m not going come say i wouldn’t buckle. Ns hope that I would certainly be comfortable enough with myself no to, but I have to permit for the truth that i am one actor, and also there is vanity in me.”

11. Gillian Anderson turn David Duchovny"s Hollywood go of call ceremony right into a mock funeral.

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In January 2016, David Duchovny obtained a star on the Hollywood go of Fame. Anderson didn’t to visit the ceremony however sent a morbid message, pretending his job was actually a funeral. “He to be a quite man,” she wrote. “A kind man. Rather smart. He liked avocado and pilates. Actor, writer, friend. That will constantly be mine shining star. May his spirit be forgiven and rest in peace.”

“I mean, it’s such a monster thing, anyway, that whole idea that a star top top Hollywood Boulevard,” she told The Telegraph. “It is akin come a gravestone!” two years later, in January 2018, she ultimately got her own star.