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Is it for sure to have actually a Gen 4 top on a Gen 3 lower?Are there any issues and how is the Gen 3 and Gen 4 frame (frame only, not parts) different?

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No. No for a G17gen4 upper onto a G17gen3 lower. The recoil spring area of the G17Gen4"s on slide is too huge for the Gen3"s frame.
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*"s a pic reflecting the difference in short article #5.
Ok, for this reason the top (frame) I have is plainly a Gen 3, but the serial # (according to glock when I inquiry them) is a Gen 4?! The upper has been having actually serious malfunctions lately.
Feel free to begin from the beginning and also develop a perform of questions. Images can additionally help.What friend (VANESSA) is call an "upper" is unclear to those of us who have read & comment so far. "Upper" isn"t usually supplied in describing a semiauto handgun, but if who does use that terminology, climate I"d translate it together the on slide assembly. I think of the "frame" as the receiver or the lower section of the semiauto handgun.The initial question was answered. The comment in post #5 seem come be acquisition this thread in one entirely different direction, however they"re statements and also not questions. Feel complimentary to elaborate.

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(former) Glock & 1911 Armorer; usually carrying a Glock, yet sometimes, instead, some other brand. LEO, currently retired.Glocks at this time owned: G43, G26gen3, G19gen5, G17gen5, G34gen4, G23gen3, G30SF
The OP walk not show up to have enough familiarity v Glocks to understand what even significant sub-assemblies room called. This could become a very frustrating thread for knowledgeable respondents.
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