God Friended Me Season 1 illustration 12 Review: prepared Player Two

Pria, girlfriend disappointed me. 

I hope she was going to be a genuine addition to the team and another source to help them locate Henry, however I to be mistaken.

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The minute Rakesh"s computer crashed, i knew it wasn"t a coincidence. Pria was acting shady, and also she didn"t it seems to be ~ surprised through the sudden black color screen. 

The trio seemed to trust her simply because she looked innocent, yet I would imagine the someone that close come Henry would likewise be an skilled hacker.

Their biggest mistake was no Googling her in advance!

Given the she"s a technology billionaire and connected come Simon Hayes, I"m suspect they would certainly have identified a entirety lot simply doing research.

What"s even much more frustrating is the Priya used Rakesh"s work to discover Falken and didn"t tell them whereby he was! 

Sure, she promised to "let castle know" when it to be official, but she could very well go off the grid.


And while Pria alleged she had actually nothing to carry out with the God Account, somehow, someway, Simon Hayes purchase IdentitySeal. 

So, one of two people he is the human behind the God Account and also thus, found out that they to be closing in top top him, or Pria educated him. 

Maybe Simon Hayes is also trying to uncover the God Account aka Henry?

Realistically, if Simon to be behind the account, why would he select Miles? just how would he recognize everything about his life?


Despite getting an ext answers to the "who," we"re still doing not have on the "why" i m sorry I believe is the biggest piece of the puzzle. 

Harlem Episcopal has been at the facility of almost every solitary friend inquiry Miles has actually received. Why is that? 

There to be to be something the made whoever is behind the God Account deem miles worthy.

Still, it gave me a heat feeling within to know that while the trio Pria, Henry and also Simon couldn"t adjust the world, Miles, Cara, and also Rakesh are. 

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They aren"t doing that on a an international level, yet they room making a substantial impact locally. They are emotional lives and helping human being feel fulfilled.

We need much more of their compassion and genuine goodness in this world. 

And it"s not just the requests benefitting indigenous it. Miles, Cara and also Rakesh" resides are so lot happier now that they"ve started these missions. 

I"d even go together far as to say they room the modern-day versions that Pria, Henry, and also Simon.

Did predictive analytics probably predict this would be the outcome?


Or are Simon and also Henry working together to check the God Account prior to rolling the out right into the world?

There space so many promising opportunities for this storyline.

While recognize the person behind the God Account is still on the forefront of the series, I enjoyed the friend pointer of the installment the most. 

It was risky of Cara to assume Heidi wanted to find her parents since it"s such a perceptible topic. 

But Cara of all human being knows a thing or two about wanting to discover a bear parent and also she oversteps she bounds therefore delicately friend can"t it is in mad in ~ her. 

Miles: therefore we are all looking for Henry Chase?Pria: ns mean, maybe that"s why we"ve been brought together. To discover him.

When Heidi referred to as being left in ~ Miles" father"s church a "crazy coincidence," I wanted to tell her there is no such thing once it pertains to the Finer family. 

It was terrible to discover out Heidi"s parents passed away after she gained her hopes up to satisfy them. 

But sometimes, it"s not around the end goal but much more about the silver- lining. 

She didn"t find her parents, however she uncovered out why they offered her up and that they love her. 


She acquired enough funding for she GoFundMe and because of that, she was rejoined with she long-lost sister, a sisters she didn"t even know she had, and also a hearing disabled niece who would one day advantage from the device. 

It to be a heartwarming means to turn approximately the story. God Friended Me never ever leaves us hanging for as well long. 

And the lesson: never provide into setbacks because everything happens because that a reason. 

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All of that sweetness was topped off with a heartwarming date of birth party for Cara.

Cara to be pushing Heidi to take a leap that faith, and that"s specifically what she had actually to do with her birthday.

It provided to remind she of gift abandoned, however that"s no the situation anymore since her relationship with her mother is much better than ever. 

And best of all, the writers ultimately put an finish to the love triangle in between Cara, Nia, and also Miles.

Most civilization don"t favor love triangles, so every I can say is say thanks to god (account) that they nipped it prior to it ended up being too overbearing. 

Nia to be great, but it walk feel favor Miles was stringing her in addition to only one foot in the water. 

She deserved much better and after ~ seeing mile go the end of his method to litter Cara a party, she knew it. 

And I"m happy it to be an amicable split. 

They weren"t with each other long sufficient for Nia to be jealous, and also she didn"t really have any reason to be jealous.

Sometimes, you just know that someone is destined to be with one more person, and that"s okay.

At this point, mile is the just one who hasn"t involved terms with his feelings. 

Maybe Nia"s decision will be the press that that needs?

How many times go Cara need to lay it out for him? She"s not precisely subtle by saying, "this is specifically where I want to be," when he asked around her helping v friend suggestions. 

While a connection with Cara may be tricky because they room both so invested in the God Account, the great thing is the she"s not going to it is in upset that it bleeds over right into his personal life or that he makes it a priority. 

I"m also thrilled the the series didn"t forget around Jaya. I can"t wait because that her and Rakesh to be reunited.

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The trailer because that God Friended Me Season 1 episode 13 furious Miles getting multiple friend proposal in one day. And by multiple, I typical 76.

Do friend think the God Account has gotten been hacked? since the beginning, the sole mission to be to assist people. Obviously, the God Account knows the it"s a three-person show and also they don"t have the manpower to help much more than one person at a time. 

So why would certainly the account suggest so many civilization at once? that seems like a brand-new entity has actually taken over to shot to sabotage Miles. 

What are your thoughts?

This was more than likely the many exceptional episode in God Friended Me Season 1. And that is coming from a series that just delivers extraordinary and also feel-good moments. 

Let us recognize in the comment below. And make certain you"re caught up -- watch God Friended Me online now!