Games Workshop has revealed Gotrek Gurnisson’s stats and abilities. This Duardin is the new definition of Murderball in age of Sigmar.

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Hopefully by currently you recognize who Gotrek is indigenous Warhammer. The best monster slayer ever from the World-that-was is back and kicking in the Mortal Realms. And also by “kicking” we typical kicking everyone’s butt! If girlfriend don’t believe in Gotrek, you will – examine out his stats:

via Warhammer Community


For starters, his basic stats room somewhat usual – a 4″ Move, 4+ Save, 10 Bravery and also 8 wounds – he’s got the stats the a tougher hero, no huge deal! other than it doesn’t end there. His weapon, Zangrom-Thaz, is among the ideal ones in the game. Hitting and Wounding top top 3s v 6 attacks – already great. -2 Rend and 3 damages a pop? Okay, currently you’re simply talking crazy. However wait, there’s more…


Avatar the Grimnir basically provides him multi-damage assaults as the only ever takes 1 wound every attack, order or ability. Furthermore, if an capability would slay him, that takes 1 mortal wound instead. I m really sorry Nagash, even your Hand of Dust only causes 1 mortal wound! in ~ the exact same time, he’s acquired some deployment constraints which average you need to deploy him and he can’t be in reserve. Darn.

Krag Blackhammer’s understand Rune is what takes the from “okay he’s crazy” every the method to “straight-up bonkers!” Re-rolling hits and wounds on a 3+/3+ weapon that kicks out the damages like Zangrom-Thaz? get ready to go to Murder-Town. Oh and also if you happen to role an unmodified 6 to hit, you obtain a BONUS D6 mortal wounds – friend know, just cuz.

Did you prefer the sound of all the Murder-Balling? well guess what, many thanks to Unstoppable fight Fury, he it s okay to strike TWICE in a round. And if you were thinking “oh well, I’ll simply keep shooting him v mortal wounds… somehow” well, inspect the details of the Shoulder key of Edassa. Due to the fact that Gotrek has actually a 3+ save against every wound or mortal wound assigned come him.



Does the have any kind of flaws?! correctly – 2 that really stand out. First off, he’s obtained a lack of vital words and also basically will certainly only ever be taken together an ally – that means he won’t ever get the services of Fyreslayer lodges or cool stuff like that (not that he needs it). Secondly, he’s only got a relocate stat of 4″ and can never be redeployed. If you deserve to stay far from him, you’ll live a lot longer.

The last thing isn’t so much a weakness as it’s a reality – he prices 520 points. That’s slightly an ext than a 4 minutes 1 of your points in a 2000 list. Now, is he precious 520 points? Yeah. It becomes a question of “can you knife his clues back” and if girlfriend can get him in there, odds space you can. Oh, and if your mission is Duality that Death, well, you might have simply auto won that game.

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Games Workshop go a “What if” post where they played out a bunch of fights v Gotrek. Now, they did actually role dice – so there was probably some luck involved, but Gotrek controlled to perform quite a bit of damage to part pretty big named characters. I won’t spoil it here, but click that link if you want to read about the fights. One of them connected all 4 greater Daemons vs Gotrek…


Gotrek is for sure insane ~ above the tabletop. If you watch him throughout from you, my advice: pat the objective and RUN indigenous Gotrek.