A few years ago State farm yard Insurance released among my favorite commercials of all time. It functions two young women in a apparel store looking at purses. One of the young ladies sees a purse that she loves, yet isn’t sure if she has actually the money come afford it. So she recites the famous jingle, “Like a great neighbor, State farm is there.” she State farm rep, Anthony, shows up out of thin air to tell her the her State Farm policy saved she $150. Based upon that information, she decides she deserve to afford the purse.

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Her friend, on the various other hand, walk not have actually State Farm. She cannot summon her agent by reciting the jingle. Rather she renders up her own words to the song of the jingle and says, “I don’t have State Farm, however insurance discover me money!” instantly an old paris fisherman appears with a disagreement attached to the hook at the finish of his fishing line. Together he dangles the dollar over her head, he says to the young lady, “I obtained you a dollar.” She lunges to grab the dollar and also he pulls it away like the experienced fly fisherman that he is, and says, “Oh, you almost had it. Friend gotta be faster than that.”

If you have seen this commercial, ns imagine friend chuckled as you recalled the details. If girlfriend are like me, you may have actually looked it up on YouTube to watch it again for a great laugh. The funny thing about this advertisement is the the paris fisherman is claimed to be the antagonist that the story, however he is everyone favorite. Many memes and gifs have actually been produced in his honor in the years because this advertising aired. His feeling is what makes the advertisement memorable.

As we take into consideration the story that Peter and also John in acts 3 & 4, it appears to me the God protects God’s blog post in the same means the paris fisherman protects his money. Peter & John have actually healed the crippled beggar at the gate referred to as Beautiful and have now drawn a crowd of people to share the refreshing blog post of repair in Christ with our repentance. They remind the crowd of the experiences and also prophecies the the ancestors. They repeat the crowd that Jesus, the messiah, became a blessing to his civilization by turning them from your wicked ways, because they have failed come love their next-door neighbors as themselves.

Peter and also John’s message was life changing, which do the facility uncomfortable. The priests, the captain of the temple and the Sadducees accosted Peter and also John hoping the jailing them would certainly arrest the advancement of their message. But God protects God’s post the same means the paris fisherman protects his money. The writer states in action 4:4, “But countless of those who heard words believed…” that didn’t issue than Peter and John to be being arrested. They had actually already completed what was required in the moment. The Saducees assumed by arresting the men, they could arrest the message, however God said, “Oh, you virtually had it. You gotta be faster than that.”

It sound a lot favor the establishment’s effort to quiet Jesus by weaponizing law enforcement versus him and brutalizing the on a torture machine called a cross. Together we deserve to see over 2000 years later, we space still talking around Jesus’ message. It no Jesus they were trying come kill. It to be Jesus’ message. However God protects God’s article the means the paris fisherman protects his money. God stated to those that wanted come arrest the development of Jesus’ movement, “Oh, you almost had it. You gotta be quicker than that.”

Be encouraged today the God will protect what God has actually placed within of girlfriend the same way the fly fisherman defended that dollar. Life will inevitably ar some insurmountable obstacles in your way. People may try to silence her voice. Others may question her credibility. Some will lunge at her gift in an effort to undermine your power. Yet God will always keep you out of their reach. The world needs the love, compassion, justice, kindness and also courage God has actually put inside of you. Everytime evil forces attempt come silence your message, God will pull it ago out of their reach and also remind them, “Oh, you nearly had it. Girlfriend gotta be faster than that.”

If God’s defense isn’t love, then i don’t understand what is.

As we go into this final week of arrival --the love week-- I desire to invite us to meditate ~ above the final verse of the development hymn “O Come O Come Emmanuel.” may we rejoice in the reality that oh my gosh love triumphs over the brokenness that this world.

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O come, desire of nations, bind

In one the understanding of all mankind

Bid Thou ours sad departments cease

And it is in Thyself ours King that peace

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel

Shall come to thee, O Israel

*This devotional originally appeared on the blog because that the McAfee school of Theology.