WARNING: shitposting Incoming.. Spvpmode only. Use ranks S-D, S being best/meta, and also F being pure shit. Describe if you want.

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Rank S


Rank A

SpellbreakerHolosmithDaredevil/Core D/p

Rank B

DragonhunterCore WarriorS/D thiefSoulbeastDruudCondi mes

Rank C

ScrapperReaperBurn guardianPP thiefScepter EleStaff DaredevilHerald RevCondi thiefCore guardianGS Mesmer

Rank D

WeaverVentari RevCondi warriorCondi thiefcondi EngiCore Necro

Rank F

Everything else/rest of core/HoT specs

Pretty great list, would relocate druid as much as A as spellbreaker nerfs have provided it a nice solid function again. Also no proviso why you put core P/D in A tier even if you expected core D/P ns haven"t really checked out it so no idea why it would certainly be the high. Additionally GS mirage is at the very least B tier, Zeromis winner the NA monthly utilizing it so it can"t be the bad. Also weaver must be c tier though there are a bunch of distinctive builds human being are using through it for this reason lumping them all together probably isn"t wise.

I would placed soulbeast 1 rank reduced that druid, so, location C. Also you have condi thief provided twice, should be simply in C. Likewise ventari rev is tho in C. Scrapper in D because he"s clearly worse than ventari rev. Also core ranger = soulbeast.


DD/core P/D is location A? Wat?

I wouldn"t rate druid so low. They room actually pretty an excellent to troll on point in 1v2.

Generally i would certainly specify which construct you mean. Over there are various DH builds, as well as different s/d build etc.


Condi Chrono (Dont speak to it Mes) and also S/D thief belonging on A tier.

Weaver belong on B Tier in addition to Core Ele.

Mirage is maybe A tier however at the optimal of the list, heavy A+. Popular develop Struggles through Explosives Holo and also can"t match Scourge/Firebrand in teamfighting.

Druid is viable side node, top top the A tier due to mobility and sustain.

I’m guessing the you mean D/P and not P/D because that daredevil, yet I wouldn’t put core thief top top the very same level.

I’m surprised by how few D/P thief’s ns see, but my guess is the this is largely because of how many human being have adopted Deadeye just since it’s new or since the spammy condi and also S/P build are easier to learn. D/P tends to play pretty in different way than most PvP build from a strategy perspective and there’s not a lot of guides for brand-new players to discover this.

Lol this ranking is in reality pretty accurate. Herald rev is actually c rank ffs. I like exactly how the only revenant builds space c and also below. Its therefore funny due to the fact that this course was complained around the many at the begin of HoT. Then Anet had actually to nerf that 2 year straight

"To bring it in heat with other classes"

DH sucks. The core radiant build on meta fight is superior for Guardians however neither would certainly be greater then B.

GS Mes, burn guard, and condi thief have to be at least B imo.

You can"t disregard those specs when they room in a team fight uneven u desire to acquire 100-0d in a single combo. They space also good 1v1. Those were some of the strongest specs easily pre POF

Ragion.2831 said:Lol this ranking is actually pretty accurate. Herald rev is actually c location kitten. Ns like just how the just revenant builds are c and below. Its for this reason funny due to the fact that this course was complained around the many at the begin of HoT. Then Anet had actually to nerf that 2 year straight

"To lug it in heat with various other classes"

People don"t like acquiring spawn camped ebg. That"s the just reason I have the right to see because that its nerfs. Season 1-4 once the majority of the nerfs occurred it was never even the height 3 performing specs.

Dahkeus.8243 said:I’m guessing the you average D/P and also not P/D for daredevil, but I wouldn’t placed core thief ~ above the very same level.

I’m surprised by how couple of D/P thief’s ns see, however my assumption: v is the this is largely since of exactly how many people have embraced Deadeye just due to the fact that it’s brand-new or due to the fact that the spammy condi and also S/P build are simpler to learn. D/P often tends to beat pretty differently than most PvP builds from a strategic perspective and there’s not a most guides for new players to discover this.

I expected D/p guys. Its mobility is unparalleled and will constantly make that a peak tier spvp class.

Mesmer is most likely the class I know the least around so ty Chaith for suggestions.






DruidD/P DaredevilCore Warrior


Core Hammer GuardHeraldWeaver



The reason I put Spellbreaker in S-tier is since theres no course that realiably wins a 1v1 against it.

SScroogeFirebrand (if paired with Scrooge)


ADaredevil, SD ThiefDruidCore GuardChronoSpellbreakerHolosmithFirebrand (if has no Scrooge in team, however that seldom happens)

B and B-ellowEverything rather (?).

Good list for the most component except for a couple of things. Druid is 100% A tier and is a better side node choose over SB, but SB is close and also should stay in A. As for her C list there"s a bunch of things there that have to be in either D or F tier like reaper, herald, and also scrapper. Those 3 space actually just useless in a meta wherein there"s always a scourge every game. I have actually yet to view a no useless rev/reaper/scrapper. Even god tier revs favor toker struggle to perform anything in this meta.

Ragion.2831 said:Lol this ranking is in reality pretty accurate. Herald rev is actually c location kitten. I like exactly how the only revenant builds room c and below. Its for this reason funny because this class was complained around the many at the begin of HoT. Climate Anet had actually to nerf the 2 year straight

"To bring it in heat with other classes"

OP P/P is very effective and also directly counters scourge, a good P/P thief will certainly run whole enemy team with the soil if over there is no heavy reflects / projectile hate up. Also if over there is, you have to be to run DD and also can still decap very well. I put it at the very least rank B through rank A potential.

Also main point D/P is not near DD D/P

I would favor to watch a separation because that condi and also power mirage.


ASpellbreakerCondi mirageDruidD/P DaredevilHolosmith

BPower mirage :DChronoHerald

C and belowEverything else

Unbiased arsenal of rankings based upon different scenarios, if you have actually a problem with any kind of of mine ranking..do allude out why and also I will shot to explain my point:

Above average player

-Team setting- ; -1vs1- ; -Outnumbered-S)Scourge ; Condi Mirage ; Condi MirageFirebrand ;

A)Spellbreaker ; Spellbreaker ; SpellbreakerDruid ; Druid ; DruidChrono/MIrage ( condi ) ; Condi Chrono ; Condi ChronoHolosmith ; Holosmith ; DragonHunterDragonHunter ; DragonHunter ;Herald ; Herald ;S/D theif ; Soulbeast ;

B)Soulbeast ; S/D thief ; SoulbeastCore Guardian ; core Guardian ; HolosmithCore warrior ; main point Warrior ; main point GuardianFresh air ele main point ; Scourge ; main point Warrior

C)Tempest ; reaper ; ThiefRenegade ; Weaver ; ReaperCore Ranger ;Weaver ;

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Posted December 1, 2017


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Posted December 1, 2017

S (is because that Scourges)

Firebrands through Scourge friends

The remainder (A-F)

Things the have also a little chance of being somewhat fun to play against

I am simply so sick of this created S tier. Every little thing from F come A deserve to still have fun fights, but Scourges (and their support Firebrands) are simply still therefore goddamn monstrously basic to play.

I just did a game closer to silver (QQ Scourges vs power Reaper) and the foe team had dual scourge. They had the cumulative intellect that a rat carcass. Stood tho through hefty channeled damage, were slow on your abilities, sometimes lost 1v1 to a GS reaper...but still, if they target you, it to be 60,000 problem damage in around 3 seconds and also no expect of any kind of boon uptime.

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Posted December 1, 2017


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Posted December 1, 2017

^ There room two issues with scourge. That is very easy to play (put the shade on suggest and push buttons. Congratulations). And it scales very well with strong support (Firebrand is likewise brokenly strong, and also is perfect at spanning scourge"s weaknesses). If anyone were a top tier player and firebrand didn"t exist, scourge would be balanced, together it"s an extremely easy to emphasis down otherwise, through its game-worst accessibility to active defenses. However this is not the human being we live in. Scourge demands some fixes to do it much less faceroll. I"ve said making shades not immediate damage. Make them reactable and also avoidable, and also then we"d be solid.

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