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Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:17 pm
Gold classic Collection
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Back in 2007 ns picked up seasons 1-3 and loved the set! certain the lack of extras made it weak, but it was nice to have a favorite cartoon that mine on dvd. Its to be years now and also still no seasons 4-6. Everyone have any type of information on this?

Back in 2007 ns picked up periods 1-3 and also loved the set! certain the absence of extras made the weak, however it was nice to have a favourite cartoon the mine on DVD. Its to be years now and still no periods 4-6. Everyone have any information on this?
No, the remainder of the periods will never gain released. It"s time to offer up hoping. If you want the remainder of the illustration you can either watch them on YouTube or download them native torrents. I understand the top quality is not great but you don"t have actually much that a choice. The very same goes for all "Disney Afternoon" TV series.
I doubt the will ever before come out uneven Disney does something comparable to Warner archive or Shout! Select. I have actually a thread around the death of the Disney Afternoon DVDs. ... Sc&start=0
While I recognize it is an up hill climb and also may no happen, don"t provide up expect yet. We have a group on facebook that is functioning with an additional web site (Save Disney the is responsible for a fourth season the "Kim Possible." we hope to to acquire the word out much and vast to every fans of Disney tv computer animation to tell Disney what they think.Personally, I"m in high hopes that they monitor Warner Bros. And also do the DVD on need thing. I"d fairly they made pressed discs and also sold castle via their movie club, however I"ll take it what I have the right to get.If you want to watch this happen, join us. The an ext people we have actually writing Disney, the far better our odds are.!/pages/Disney ... 4670763548
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