Send me the pillow the you dream on Don’t you understand that ns still care for you? Send me the pillow that you dream on So darling, I deserve to dream on it, too

A 1949 Song, A 1957 Hit

“Send Me the Pillow girlfriend Dream On” has come to be a traditional for the Nashville sound. Originally country, this has been spanned by various artists and made a crossover in pop, bluegrass, and also jazz.

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Hank Locklin originally penned and recorded this song. He an initial released the in September 1949. Unluckily, that didn’t fight the charts. Persistent to make it work and also not believing in offering up, Locklin re-released the tune in December 1957. Interestingly,“Send Me the Pillow you Dream On” ranked no. 5 onBillboard‘s chart of “Most played C&W by Jockeys.” Additionally, the crossed over to the pop charts briefly.

Most notably, in the 1960s, the tune was a struggle forThe Browns,Johnny Tillotson, andDean Martin.

The Story

In the late 1940s to the early 1960s, express one’s love and also feelings to another person shown up through a song. That explains why love song thrived during that time. Hank Locklin’s “Send Me the Pillow girlfriend Dream On” is obviously one of them.

In the song, the guy is a jilted lover speaking to his ex-girlfriend.He has actually been wait to hear from her however has finally given up.Now, he hits upon a kind of lull for himself singing,

“Send me the pillow the you dream on/So, darlin’, I can dream on it, too.”

Since unrequited love is choose a typical theme of love song before, this Hank Locklin’s track is no various at all. Locklin’s construction of his song was much more than art; it was a novel.

A Much-recorded Song

Covered by miscellaneous artists of various genres,“Send Me the Pillow girlfriend Dream On”went on to end up being a much-recorded song.

In 1960, country act the Browns special Jim Edward Brown extended the song in the pop genre that gone into both the pop and country charts. Two years later, Johnny Tillotson likewise performed his version. It became the best pop hit reaching the peak 20, still on both pop and also country charts.

However, the many unusual version of the track came in early on 1965. In 1964, Dean Martin had actually boosted his careerby recording a variation of the conventional “Everybody Loves Somebody” in one Ernie Freeman arrangement that made that sound prefer a pop/rock & role song.Martin followed with much more songs in a comparable style: “The Door Is Still open to my Heart,” which in reality was an old absent & roll song, and also the 1940s pop traditional “You’re nobody Till someone Loves You.”“Send Me the Pillow girlfriend Dream On”is additionally one of them. He recorded and released his variation the adhering to year.With 3 consecutive height 40 popular music hits, Martin’s producer, Jimmy Bowen, to be on the lookout for one more song he can work the exact same treatment on.

A music company veteran, Bowen was familiar with “Send Me the Pillow friend Dream On.” He and also Freeman settled on it as the fourth of Dean Martin’s singles in the absent & role waltz style. That hit the pop optimal 20, the fourth appearance the the track in the singles charts in seven years. Though Martin’s version did not cross end to the country charts, that demonstrated that his easygoing style was proper to the nation material, and Bowen would increasingly pick country songs because that him come cover in the future. Notwithstanding its substantial pop success, “Send Me the Pillow girlfriend Dream On” has actually remained a country standard recorded mostly by nation artists end the years.

Watch and also listen come Hank Locklin’s power of his 1957 hit below.

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