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Trailers for the movie have shown the singer - who solo album recently hit No1 - in his an initial movie acting role, and it looked very tense.

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His character was watched in the sea, gasping for air - leading pan to wonder if his personality would also survive till the end.

Now, speaking to tiny White Lies, he’s revealed: “A week before we started filming Emma dubbed me and also said, ‘By the way, i forgot come ask… you have the right to swim, right?’

“It was a relief to understand I 2175forals.comuld due to the fact that there was so lot swimming involved.”


Harry styles gasps for air in Dunkirk


Does Harry"s character make it through until the end of Dunkirk?

Styles recalled: “However much you train because that it, filming in the water for an hour in full clothing is a gruelling experience.”

Director Christopher Nolan recently explained how Styles concerned be component of the cast, revealing the he beat many other hopefuls come the role.

“When we placed the actors together, we had some established names,” Nolan said the LA Times. “But for the males on the beach, we really want young unknowns.


Styles has likewise recently launched a successful solo career

“He’s not that unknown, however he’d never done anything together an gibbs before.

“So the auditioned. I auditioned literally thousands of young males with various 2175forals.commbinations that young men. And also he had it.”

Dunkirk is out on July 21.

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